Budding Archaeologists in Second Class

On Monday, November the 20th, the girls in Second Class were treated to a fascinating trip back in time. Mark Kelly, an archaeologist who works with the Heritage in Schools Scheme paid a visit to the school and brought with him a wonderful selection of ancient artefacts for the girls to learn about. The girls got to handle a sword that would have been used in a Viking battle; they found out how Bronze Age spoons were made; they felt how heavy armour for a battle was; the list goes on!!
The part of the workshop that was most interesting for the classes was the mini-dig that they all had an opportunity to participate in. The girls had a chance to see what it might be like to dig down into the ground to find ancient objects, with some of them finding artefacts such as arrow heads, coins and even an old pipe made out of a bull’s horn!!
It really was a terrific learning experience for the girls of Second Class and, who knows, we may see someone from the group go on to become an archaeologist! 

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