Supporting Pupils with Special Educational Needs: Resources to support continued engagement with learning

NCSE resources

 The NCSE website outlines a wide range of resources suitable for children with
special educational needs. The site has a new dedicated resource section to support
home learning during this time. The site contains a section for teachers and a
section for parents and guardians.


 The resources are prepared by teachers (NCSE advisors), visiting teachers,
behavioural practitioners, SLTs and OTs. There are also links to many useful
educational websites to direct parents and guardians and teachers towards further
online supports. There is a short section on useful apps for home use. The app
section is currently updated twice a week.


 NCSE’s network of advisors also remain available to schools and teachers via
NCSE’s online application form. They provide support and advice by telephone and
email to support teachers of students with SEN. The form is available here.


 Special Education Needs Organisers (SENO’s) and Visiting Teachers for students
who are deaf/hard of hearing or blind/visually impaired continue to maintain contact
with schools and parents by telephone and by email. Their contact details are
available at NCSE Regional Services Contact List.


NEPS resources


The National Educational Psychological Service (NEPS) website provides valuable
advice for schools and families on topics such as wellbeing, distance learning and
provision for student routine and structure.


 NEPS has provided resources on literacy, transition planning etc. in the Guidelines,
Tips and Handouts for Parents and Teacher section of their Resources and
Publications webpage.


Autism-specific resources


Middletown Centre for Autism hosts twice weekly webinars from in-house and
international speakers. There is online learning for teachers and parents and
guardians on the virtual learning environment and there are online resources
including videos on how to use autism specific strategies. The website has social
media links (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter) for tips on helping children
and young people manage during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Other useful resources
Teenage Resource
Life Skills Resource
Building Capacity Resource
Best Practice Resource
Sensory Processing

AsIAm’s website contains explanations on the COVID -19 situation for students with
ASD through the use of social stories. There are resources for learning at home and
also an article from psychotherapist Michael Ryan on how to manage the emotional
issues during the current situation.