Recommended Books for Children 4-8 Years

Dear Parents,

Below is a recommended list of books for children aged between 4 and 8 years old. This is a wide age range and not all books will be suitable for all children in this age group. Some will be too easy and some too hard for your particular child. We would encourage you to look at the books on the list if you are buying a book for a birthday or Christmas present (or if a generous aunt or uncle asks for a gift suggestion!) Please encourage your child to read as many books as she can. There are, of course, many others available. This is merely a list of suggestions. One note of caution is that some of these authors have also written books for adults so it is important that you check that the book is suitable for your child.


Author Title
Ahlberg, Allan My Biff the BoxerHighly recommended series
Alborough, Jez Where’s My Teddy?
Birney, Betty The World According to HumphreyTrouble According to Humphrey

There are many more titles in this series

Boland, Gerry Marco MoonwalkerMarco Master of Disguise
Browne, Anthony The TunnelSilly  Billy

Willy the Champ

Butterworth, Nick One Snowy NightAfter the Storm

There are many other titles by this author

Donaldson, Julia The Highway RatSuperworm

There are many other titles by this author

Durant, Alan Brown Bear Gets in Shape
Fine, Anne Bill’s New FrockThe Hunting of Pip Parker

Friday Surprize

There are many other titles by this author

Gravett, Emily Wolf Won’t Bite!
Hanford Martin Where’s Wally?Where’s Wally Now? Etc.
Jeffers, Oliver How to Catch a StarLost and Found

The Way Back home

Kerr Judith Mog the Forgetful CatThere are many others in this series
King-Smith, Dick The StrayThere are many more titles in this series
Lean, Sarah A Dog Called Homeless
Lyons, Fergus Muckeen and the Big FreezeThere are many, many more titles in the O’Brien Pandas series
Morpurgo, Michael Snow Tales: Snakes and LaddersMr Skip


This author has written many more wonderful books for this and older age groups

Murphy, Jill Peace at LastFive Minutes Peace
Norag, Carl Big Bear Little Bear
O Brien, Joe Alfie Green and the Conker KingAlfie Green and the Sink Full of Frogs

There are many more Alfie books

Pope Osborne, Mary The Magic Tree House Series
Rayner, Shoo Olympia Run Like the WindOlympia Swim for Your Life
Simon, Francesca Horrid Henry Reads a BookThere are many other titles in this series
Stanton, Andy What’s For Dinner Mr Gum?Mr Gum and the Cherry Tree

There are other titles in this series

Stephens, Helen How to Hide a Lion
Taylor, Seán Small Bad Wolf
Terry, Michael Rhino’s Horns
Thomas, Valerie and Korky Paul Winnie’s Dinosaur DayThere are other titles in this series
Tomlinson, Jill The Cat Who Wanted to Go HomeThe Penguin Who Wanted to Find Out
West, Colin Moose and Mouse


Remember, too, that children of all ages love non-fiction books and there are many titles concerned with sports, hobbies, art, etc. which might be of interest to your particular child. Please do not forget to continue reading to your child in your home language and to encourage those who can read in that language to do so as often as possible. Finally, do not overlook the wonderful facility of Blanchardstown Library which is the largest library in Ireland and right on our doorstep. Books are expensive to buy but joining the library is free and children can borrow up to six titles at any one time. Blanchardstown Library is for adults too! The important thing is to Get everyone reading!!! Happy reading!