Suggested Activities 20th-24th April

Hi girls, we hope you are keeping well. Here is suggested work for the week April 20th – 24th  




– Continue to practise division and multiplication.  

– Play Bang! and tables games on 


Mental Maths (Ms Shine’s class): 

– next unit. 



– page 110 and 111 

– page 112 – Q 1 addition of weight 


Points to remember:  

– 1 kg = 1000g 

– 1/2 kg = 500g 

– 3/4 kg = 750g 

– 1/4 kg = 250g 


– Write out above units on a flashcard to help you when doing this unit. 

– Remember the rules of place value when adding weight ie units under units, tens under tens and so on. 



– Aonad 2: Am Dinnéar. Please read and revise this chapter. 

– Write a list of 10 questions (as Gaeilge) about the chapter. 

– Write a list of 10 questions and ring your friend for a cómhra (conversation) to practise your Irish. For example:  

  • Conas atá tú?,  
  • Cad a rinne tú inniu? 
  • Cé atá in éineacht leat sa bhaile? ( Who is at home with you? ) 
  • Cad a ith tú don dinnéar inné? 
  • An raibh tú ag féachaint ar an teilifís? (Did you watch tv yesterday ) 
  • An bhfáca tú Ms Ní Chiosáin ar an teilifís? (Did you see……….) 
  • Cén clár teilifíse is fearr leat? ( what is your favourite tv programme? ) 
  • An ndeachaigh tú amach ar siulóid inné? (Did you go for a walk yesterday?) 
  • Cad a chonaic tú? 
  • Cé a bhí in éineacht leat? ( Who was with you?) 
  • Conas a bhí an aimsir? 


Reading Zone:  

– Read Unit 24 The Golden Harp a number of times. 

– Do the questions for Unit 24. 



– Unit 28 



Geography: JAPAN 

– page 78 and 79 

– Read about 1) Volcanoes and Earthquakes, 2) Tokyo and 3) Japanese Food. 

– Research interesting facts about the above  three topics and record in your copy. 


Our GAA Coach has some great videos for practising skills on the St. Brigid’s GAA Club Facebook page. Give them a go! 

Other Suggestions: 

  • Homework Hub – RTE 2 at 11am. 
  • – Activities online to go with Homework Hub. 
  • Youtube – PE class at 9am with Joe Wicks 
  • Suggested class novel: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (if you have a copy of this at home then great, if not the audiobook can be found on Youtube chapter by chapter). 
  • Write a letter to a grandparent, aunt or uncle in Ireland or far away telling them about your experience at the moment and ask them to reply. 
  • – log on and complete their school-at-home activities. 


If you go to Mrs. Kearney/ Ms. O’Connor: 

  • Do a little bit of reading everyday. Read to your big/little brother or sister. 
  • Play some games at home like cards, UNO, snakes and ladders and I spy. 
  • Practise counting forwards and backwards and skip counting also 2s all the way to 10s. 
  • Test yourself by writing down simple sums and timing yourself doing them. 


Ms O’Shaughnessy’s Maths group: 

  1. Complete any of the worksheets that I gave you when we split up ( there were a lot). Do one per day. If any of them are too difficult, don’t worry, just move on to the next one. 
  1. Revise the following Tables:
    Monday: x 2,  Tuesday x4 , Wednesday : X8 , Thursday: x5,  Friday: x10.
    For each of the Tables, complete the following activities ( For Fun, no stress!):
    a. Table Challenge each day: How quickly can you say the list of multiples for each Table? Ex. 2,4,6,8 etc. Time yourself! Can you improve on your time?
    b. Can you say the multiples backwards, starting with the highest? Ex. 24,22,20 etc.
    c. Write out the multiples for your daily table. What is the biggest 4 digit number you can make? What is the smallest 4 digit number you can make? 
  1. Target Numbers: Make these numbers in 5 different ways using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
    Ex: 24: 12 + 12, 12 x2, 48 divided by 2, 28-4, 6 x4.
    Monday: 50
    Tuesday: 72
    Wednesday: 33
    Thursday: 64
    Friday: 100 
  1. Problem-solving: Do one a day
    a. There are 4 hours in a day, how many hours in a week?
    b. A prize of €45 was shared between 3 people. How much did each person get?
    c. When I rolled 2 dice, I scored 13. Do you think this is? Possible or Impossible?
    d. The Dublin to Cork train had 405 passengers on board when it left Dublin. 129 people got off in Limerick and nobody got on. How many people were left on the train?
    e. Find the next number in this pattern: 236,226,216, _____ 


Ms O’Shaughnessy’s English Group: 

  1. Read one text from your My Read At Home Book 4 each day and answer the questions orally. Are there any new words/ words of interest? Look up their meaning. If you do not have the book home with you , you can access the link at P.65 A Greek Myth
    Tuesday: P. 66 First Man on the Moon
    Wednesday: P. 67 The Wind
    Thursday: P. 68 Muhammad Ali
    Friday: P. 69 Rooftop Rendezvous 
  1. Staying on the subject: Making lists can be very useful to help us gather our main ideas. Under these headings , write 10 words that have something to do with the task. Write numbers next to your words to show what order they could be done in:
    a. Monday: Packing for a trip away:
    b. Tuesday:  Making a ham and cheese sandwich:
    c. Wednesday: Getting ready for school:
    d. Thursday: Getting ready for a day at the beach:
    e. Friday: You are going to give a demonstration to your class. Your demonstration can be about anything you want ex. how to make a milkshake, how to ride a bike, how to plait your hair. Write out the following procedure/ demonstration:
    1. I am going to demonstrate how to…
    2. Write notes/ keywords to show the order of your demonstration…
    3. What items could you bring to school to help with your demonstration?
    4. Write the steps involved in your demonstration.  
  1. Word Fun: See how many words you can make from these letters. Set a timer for 5 minutes to challenge yourself.  Too easy? Shorten the time!
    Monday: c ,a ,s, I, t, m, e, n, o, b.
    Tuesday: u, d, f, I, h, a, p, r, i, w.
    Wednesday: e, g, j, i, k, v, o, t, y, b
    Thursday: m, e, s, r, a, d, d u, r, h
    Friday: g, o, j, a, w, n, i, y, l, d 




If you go to Ms. Kelly: 

* Please only complete these activities if you have the time to do so * 


Months of the Year: 


> Play the below game online. Type in the name of the month which comes two months after. 


> Write the months of the year in English, Irish and your own language. Can you see any connections in the languages? 




I hope you had a nice break over Easter. How did your family celebrate Easter? Do you have any special traditions which are different to Ireland?  


> Write a short summary of your Easter tradition and translate it into your own language too.  




This could be your chance to learn a new language! 


> Create a language grid and write in the different languages including Japanese. Build it up with as many phrases as you can. 

> I would love to see the language connections between all of the languages. 


English  Irish  Home Language  Japanese 
What is your name?       
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Thank You