Suggested Activities 20th-24th April

Monday 20th April – Friday 24th April 

Hi girls! We hope that you all had a nice break over the Easter Holidays. We hope you are keeping safe at home. Remember to keep washing your hands. Below is some work for you to work on this week Try your best with it and we’ll be in touch with you again soon. Stay safe. 

Ms. Kilroy and Ms. Cusack. 


Spellcheck: p. 64 + 65 

The Green Genie: p. 16-19 

Handwriting: p. 64 – 65 

Reading: Keep up your reading log and read any other books you have at home. 


Tarraing pictúir: Draw a picture of a person and label the clothes they are wearing. Click the link to help you:  


Mental Maths: p. 58 + 59 

Tables: Revise -1 and -2  

Busy at Maths: p. 124-129 use this link to help you (select 1-100 option) You can colour in the numbers to help you see the pattern when you are counting in 2s, 5s, 10s etc.(If this doesn’t work you can use the 100 square in your homework journal to help you) 


Keep a diary of what you’re doing every day! This will be so interesting in 20 years time! 


Listen to a David Walliams story at this website. He reads a story a day. 


Search P.E with Joe on YouTube for a fun indoor PE session with the Body Coach. 

Our GAA Coach has some great videos for practising skills on the St. Brigid’s GAA Club Facebook page. Give them a go! 

Have a go’-SESE/ ART 

If you have access to the internet ( with the supervision of your parents/guardian), use to research some facts on the elephant 

-Where do they live? 

-What do they eat? 

-What do they look like? 

How big are they? 

Try making an elephant using a plastic milk carton.

You can cut it into the shape of an elephant. You could stick paper on/ magazine/newspaper cuttings/ paint. Whatever you like 😊 

Home School Hub on RTE 2 everyday from 11a.m to 12p.m. Watch our very own Ms  Chíosain! 

If you go to Mrs Kearney/Ms. O’Connor/Ms.McKeon 

 Do a little bit of reading every day if you can. Read to your little/big brother or sister.  

Play ‘schools’ and take turns being ‘teacher’. Use the  words  in your folders. 

Write some words on pieces of paper and play the word game that you play in a small group in class. 

Some of you might like to practise making words . 

Write  out the following letters on small pieces of paper/card and cut them out ( or you might have them in your folders)  : Gp.1 :  s a t i p n          Gp:  c k e h r m d     

How many different 3 letter words can you make from Gp. 1 lettersEg pin, tap. Could you make a 4 letter word?   Could you write a sentence using some of your words? 

How many 3 letter words can you make from group  1 and 2 letters? Could you make some 4 letter words? Eg  mind . Write sentences using some of your words. 

Practise counting forwards and backwards. 

Start at 15. Count to 35. Count back from 35 to 15. 

Start at 28. Count to 41. Count back from 41 to 28.   

Start at 43 . Count to 61. Count back from 61 to 43. 

Play the game Think of a Number. You need 2 or more people to play. One person thinks of a number and writes it down but doesn’t show it. The other players guess the number by asking questions. Is it bigger than 20?  Is it less than   50?Is it between      ……and    ……..Take turns to choose the numbers 

Practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.  

Draw shapes, cut them out and make a shape picture.  

Practice saying the days of the week, the months and the seasons.  

If you go to Ms. Kelly: 

  • Please only complete these activities if you get a chance to do so * 

Days of the Week: 

  1. Listen to the days of the week song. 

  1. Play a game to find the days of the week. 

  1. Write the days of the week in English, Irish and your own language. 


What day comes before Tuesday? 

How many days are in the week? 

How many days are in the weekend?  

How many days do we come to school? 

What days comes two days after Wednesday? 

Now make up your own questions and ask someone in your house.  


  • Can you match the correct words to the clothes? 


  • Help to dress Teddy. Can you describe his new outfit? 


  • What is your favourite thing to wear? Draw a picture of you wearing your favourite clothes. Label the picture and write a sentence about it.