Suggested Activities 23rd March-3rd April


  • Mental Maths: Next Week – Week 25/26
  • Go on a maths trail and look for shapes in the environment
  • Draw and colour all the 2D shapes you find.
  • Draw and colour all the 3D shapes you find.
  • Revise topic on money
  • Counting Forwards (from 1 or from another given number)
  • Count in 2’s/ 5’s/ 10’s etc.
  • Matching number names with numerals e.g. twelve – 12


  • Two little frogs: Unit 17 – The Colours of the Rainbow
  • Just Handwriting: Up to Pg. 30
  • Keep a daily diary/Write your news (Yellow Homework Copy)
  • Spellcheck: Revise all spellings – Have a mini spelling test/spelling bee
  • Practise reading daily – Encourage independent reading
  • Practise tricky words


  • Revise your colours and days of the week as Gaeilge
  • Use the app ‘Duolingo’ to develop basic skills in Irish
  • Do your best to write some simple Irish sentences in your news – Inniu an ______ Inné an _______ Amárach an________. Tá an aimsir gaofar/tirim/grianmhar/fliuch/ceomhar/ fuar/te



  • Make a mother’s day card
  • Go outside and do some physical activity, ask your child to show you our dance ‘Come to me’. We have been learning this dance for Seachtain na Gaeilge
    Science/Geography/History (Optional) –
  • Give your child a choice of projects (about anything!) to choose from and let them create a wonderful project to show their teacher when we get back to school. e.g. favourite animal, country, planets, a famous person in history etc.

Please consider doing some of these activities also…….

Play a board game – snakes and ladders
Play a game of cards – snap, uno, memory etc.
Draw/paint a picture
Do a jigsaw
Write a postcard to a friend/family member in another country!
Design a new cover for your favourite book
Investigate! Do your toys float or sink?
Practise cutting out pictures
Do some gardening

If you would like, please keep a little diary of all your activity – we would be delighted to see this diary when we return to school.
You know your child best – you know what they need and what works best for them so do it your own way. Don’t be under any pressure to complete every single idea that you see. Pick and choose what you think will work best for you and your family.