Suggested Activities 23rd March-3rd April


  • Recognise 1, 2, 5 and 10c coins
  • Use different coins to make totals of 1c 2c 3c 4c 5c
  • Play shop and use coins to buy different items which cost 1c 2c 3c 4c 5c
  • Practise counting 1-10 (up and down)
  • Using household objects practise counting groups of up to five objects e.g. spoons, crayons, pegs etc.


  • Keep completing one letter per day in phonics books
  • Keep practising letter sounds/name of letter daily
  • Go over The Lost Ball readers as normal
  • Word families -at words (hat, rat, bat, fat, cat) and -an words (man, can, tan, fan)
  • If possible, read Zac the Rat story–learn-to-read


  • This is our leprechaun song, you could practise singing it at home:


  • Continue with the Pre-Writing Book
  • Sing the alphabet song and point to the correct letter of the alphabet as you sing (adult could write the alphabet clearly for this activity)
  • Practise singing nursery rhymes together.

Please consider doing some of these activities also…

  • Play a board game
  • Play a game of cards
  • Draw/paint a picture
  • If you like please keep a little diary of all your activity – we would be delighted to see this diary when we return to school.