Suggested Activities 27th April-1st May

Hi girls! We hope that you all had a nice break over the Easter Holidays. Hope you enjoyed all the chocolate. We are excited for the term ahead! Hope you are enjoying the sunshine. 


We hope you are keeping safe at home. Remember to keep washing your hands. Below is some work for you to work on this week.  Try your best with it and we’ll be in touch with you again soon. Stay safe.


Ms. Kilroy and Ms. Cusack. 



  • Spellcheck: p. 66 + 67 
  • The Green Genie: p. 20-23 
  • Handwriting: p. 66-67 
  • Reading: Keep up your reading log and read any other books you have at home. 
  • Write about something nice you have done with your family since we have been off school. This could be Easter Sunday/ nice game you played/ walking in the sunshine etc. 
  • -Listen to a David Walliams story at this website. He reads a story a day. 
  • Keep a diary of what you’re doing every day! This will be so interesting in 20 years time! 



Cúla4 ar Scoil on TG4 @10am every morning, or even watch a cartoon as Gaeilge.  

Cúla4 app- You can download it for games on the different themes. 

Laethanta na Seachtaine: Revise your days of the week. Write the daily news each day. 

An Luan, An Mháirt, An Chéadaoin, Déardaoin, An Aoine, An Satharn, An Domhnach. 

Mar Shampla: 

-Inniu an Mháirt   (Today is Tuesday) 

-Inné an Luan   (Yesterday was Monday) 

-Amarách an Chéadaoin (Tomorrow will be Wednesday) 

-Tá an aimsir grianmhar/ fliuch/ scamallach/ te. 

An Teilifís– Have a look at the different types of TV programmes at this link: 

Write and draw your favourite TV programme. 

For example: Is fearr liom clár grinn. 



Mental Maths: p. 60 + 61 


Tables: Revise -3 and -4  


Busy at Maths: Length p. 92 + 93 .Using the tip of your finger measure some items in your house. For example, television, table, bin. Remember to estimate first 


There will be an activity on Seesaw for you to try 😊 


-Search “P.E with Joe” on YouTube for a fun indoor PE session with the Body Coach. 

-This week is Active Home Week. More information on 



The Titanic 

-Fill out a KWL chart K(What you know about the Titanic), W( What you want to know), L (What you have learned) 

Watch this video Titanic-Facts for kids 

-Write 5 facts that you have learned.  




Make the Titanic out of junk art materials. You can use milk cartons, cereal boxes, butter tubs. Anything in your home! 



Grow in Love- 2nd Class-Theme 6-Lesson 1- Do this in Memory of Me 

To access- go to 2. Sign in using the following details: Email: Password: growinlove 


Listen to the story of the Last Supper. Draw a picture of the Last Supper. 


Home School Hub on RTE 2 every day from 11a.m to 12p.m. Watch our very own Ms Ní Chíosain! 


If you go to Mrs Kearney/Ms. O’Connor/Ms.McKeon:  


Do a little bit of reading every day if you can. Read to your little/big brother or sister.  


Play ‘schools’ and take turns being ‘teacher’. Use the words  in your folders. 

Write some words on pieces of paper and play the word game that you play in a small group in class. 


If you can , click on this link and you can play a memory  game to help you practice your sight words. and click on Dolch Word Pre-Primer Memory Game 1. 

If you know all those words , keep going and Click on Memory Game 2 etc. 


Practise counting forwards and backwards. 

Start at 25. Count to 48. Count back from 48 to 25. 

Start at 17. Count to 34 . Count back from 34 to 17.   

Start at 56 . Count to 75. Count back from 75 to 56. 


Play the game Think of a Number. You need 2 or more people to play. One person thinks of a number and writes it down but doesn’t show it. The other players guess the number by asking questions. Is it bigger than 30?  Is it less than   60?Is it between      ……and    ……..Take turns to choose the numbers. 


Have a games night: if you have a board game at home play it with some of your family.  


If you go to Ms. Kelly: 

  • Please only complete these activities if you get a chance to do so * 


Days of the Week: 

  • Listen to the days of the week song. 

  • Play a game to find the days of the week. 

  • Write the days of the week in English, Irish and your own language. 


What day comes before Tuesday? 

How many days are in the week? 

How many days are in the weekend?  

How many days do we come to school? 

What days comes two days after Wednesday? 

  • Now make up your own questions and ask someone in your house.  


  • Can you match the correct words to the clothes? 


  • Help to dress Teddy. Can you describe his new outfit? 


  • What is your favourite thing to wear? Draw a picture of you wearing your favourite clothes. Label the picture and write a sentence about it.  


 If you go to Ms. Kelly: 

Hi girls. Hope you are all keeping well. I really miss seeing you all. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine! Hopefully see you soon. 

*Please only complete these activities if you get a chance to do so * 

Months of the Year: 

  1. Listen to the months of the year song.
  2. Play a game to find the month ‘after’.
  3. Play a game to practice your calendar knowledge!
  4. Say the months of the year out loud in English and your own language. Can you record yourself saying the months of the year in English and in your own language?
  5. Write out the months of the year in English and in your own language. Make some nice designs! If you write them twice you could cut them up, turn the upside down and play a memory game with them!


What month is your birthday? 

What months do we come to school? 

Which month is your favourite? Why? 

Which month do we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? 

Which month do we celebrate Halloween? 

Now come up with some of your own questions!