Suggested Activities 27th April-1st May


-Continue to practice division and multiplication tables 

-Have a look at this site for some Maths games. Choose 4th grade.  

-See-Saw: login and try the weight activity. Send back a photo or a note with your answers. 

-Maths Matters: complete page 112. 

-Page 116 – complete. 

-Ms Shines class – Mental Maths – next unit. 



  • Spellcheck: unit 29 

Reading : 

  • Reading Zone: Unit 25: Read the unit and answer the questions. 
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – continue to read. (reminder: search Charlie and the Chocolate Factory pdf to download the story or search it on Youtube). 


  • Ms Shine’s class: write a haiku of yourchoice.  
  • Mrs O Connell’s class see page 82 of Geography book for Haiku explanation. Write a Haiku of your choice. 
  • Write a diary entry, written by Charlie, on the day that he finds his golden ticket. How would he feel? What sort of words would he use? Try to include some information about what the golden ticket says on the front and back.
  • When you are writing a diary entry, remember to:

describe the places where the events happened; 

-write in the past tense; 

-talk about the important events; 

-use some personal pronouns, such as ‘I’, ‘my’ or ‘me’; 

-talk about feelings; 

-use ‘before’, ‘next’, and ‘after’ to show the order of events. 





  • Ainmnigh 20 rudaí ( things ) atá i do chistin sa bhaile  
  • Scríobh abairtí ( sentences ) e.g. Feicim cuisneoir sa chistin. Tá an oigheann in aice leis ( beside ) an gcuisneoir. Tá cupán agus pláta ar an mbord. 
  • Bí ag caint le do chara ar an bhfón 
  • Chuir ceisteanna ar do cara :Cad atá i do chistin?  Cad atá i do chuisneoir? Cen dath atá ar an urlár? An bhfuil clog ar an mballa i do chistin? An bhfuil aon rud sa chistin a thosaíonn le  ‘d’ ?  ( doirteal ) 


  • Geography: Japan p80, 81 and 82. Read this unit and complete the exercises. 
  • History: Princess Hase of Japan Unit 12. Read this unit (p58 onwards) and complete the exercises 



  • Japanese cherry blossoms: paint/ draw/ sketch a picture. Search images in books/ on the internet that you may have for inspiration. If you are out walking look for cherry blossoms in bloom near you. 



Have a look at the following link:  



  1. Project: Japan – decide what way you are going to present the information – in a scrapbook?, make a slideshow?, make a video of yourself presenting ?, choose one Japanese topic (for example Japanese food/ Tokyo/ etc) or do a project on lots of different things about Japan. 
  2. Eurovision: As the Eurovision will not go ahead this year; we want you to choose a song you know well and re-write the lyrics to make your own song. You can make a dance to go with this song and get the family involved and record if you are able to, it is completely up to you. 

Miss O Connor/Mrs Kearney: 

Have a games night: if you have a board game play it with some of your family.  

If you don’t have a board game you could play The Land of NodThe Land of Nod is a game where you make up the rules. You played it in your class one day. For example: only some people are allowed in the Land of Nod…. mammies and daddies but no sisters and no brothers. So only people with double letters are allowed in. And you can make up more rules like that.  


Mrs O’Connell’s Fourth Class: Ms O’Shaughnessy’s Group. 

You might like to do some, all or none of the following activities. There is no pressure! 


Tables-Revision and Games: Revise the following Tables:  

Monday: x 3  

Tuesday: x 6,  

Wednesday: x9  

Thursday: x 7  

Friday: x 11.  

For each of the Tables, complete the following activities (For Fun, no stress!):  

  1. Table Challenge each day: How quickly can you say the list of multiples for each Table? Ex.3,6,9,12etc. Time yourself! Can you improve on your time?  
  2. Can you say the multiples backwards, starting with the highest? Ex.36,33,30etc.  
  3. Write out the multiples for your daily table. What is the biggest 4-digit number you canmake? What is the smallest 4- digit number you can make? 

Problem-Solving/ Practice: 

Monday: Write down the number that is 18 bigger than 85. 

Tuesday: What is ¼ of 120? 

Wednesday: 1 hour 15 minutes = ? hours 

Thursday: 65+19+15= 

Friday: Find the cost of 9 rulers at 25c each 


Extra challenge-Targetboards: You do not have to do this as they can be tricky but try and find one way of making the number. 

Instructions: There are 9 numbers in each target board. Using the 4 operations, (+, -, * and /)         (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), see how many ways you can reach the target number. You can only use each number once.  

Ex: 9 * 8= 72 + 2= 74 

Monday: Target no: 74 





Tuesday: Target no: 88 


Wednesday: Target no. 48 



Thursday: Target no. 50 

10  25 


Friday: Target no. 52 

13  10 




Read the following texts from My Read At Home Book 4 and answer the questions orally. If there are any words that you don’t know, look them up. If you don’t have the book at home with you, you can find it at:  

Monday: p. 70, Marathon 

Tuesday: p. 71 J.F.K 

Wednesday: p.72 First Trip to the South Pole 

Thursday: p.73 Joker 

Friday: p. 74 Mummy! 

Activity 1: Which was your favourite piece of text and why? 

Activity 2: In the text “First Trip to the South Pole” you read about the Irish explorer Tom Crean. Find out a little bit more about him and write ten interesting facts 





Word Work: Look up one word each day and add to your dictionaries (a copy, page etc). Use the word in a sentence to show what it means. 

Monday: hideous 

Tuesday: athlete 

Wednesday: superb 

Thursday: dreary 

Friday: lilac 



A synonym is a word with a similar meaning to the word that you are using. 

An antonym is a word with the opposite meaning. 

Ex: happy- glad (synonym), sad (antonym).  

Can you think of some synonyms and antonyms for the following words? 

  • Angry: 
  • Sick: 
  • Bad: 
  • Small: 
  • Scary: 
  • Mad: 
  • Clever: 
  • Dirty: 
  • Shy: 
  • Big: