Suggested Activities 27th April-1st May


-Mental Maths: (Continue with the following week’s activities Monday to Friday review, including problem solving section)


-Puzzles: Click on the following link [] and try the following puzzles in your copy:

  • How many siblings?
  • Handshake puzzle
  • How old is Lucy?
  • How many texts?
  • World cup puzzle

Try to figure these out in your copy before you look at the answer.


-Tables: x5, x6


-Length Investigation:

  • If you have a ruler at home: Choose 10 items around your house and investigate their length. Write a list of the 10 items you will measure. Write down an estimated length for each item. Then get measuring! Don’t forget to start on 0 cm on your ruler.

*This short video will remind you how to measure using a ruler>>

  • If you don’t have a ruler at home: Choose a different unit of measurement to use! For example; You can measure how many spoons long your kitchen table is/ or how many hands long your radiator is. Choose 10 items you will measure and record what unit of measurement you will use i.e. spoons, hands, pencils long etc. Then get measuring! Don’t forget to record your answers!

Points to remember:

1m = 100cm

1km= 1,000m

-Addition and subtraction of metres (m) and centimetres (cm) worksheet: Have a look at the 3rd class online Busy at Maths Book on the following link>> . Click on ‘Parent/ Student Resources’, then click on ‘Student Resources’. Following this, you will see a list of options such as class level, subject, etc.

Click on Primary > 3rd Class > Maths > Busy at Maths > Busy at Maths- 3rd Class > Online Book. You may be asked to put in your name and address to access the book. Once the cover comes up, enter Page 121 in the top right-hand corner. Try these sums in your copy.


-Addition and subtraction revision: (Number families)

Start off simple by choosing numbers up to 10. Then work your way up to numbers up to 100. You can try this with subtraction also.



Please note: Parents should have received a text via the school with a unique code for the platform ‘SEESAW’. Download this app on a mobile device and log in using an email address and your child’s unique access code. There is a fun online activity for you to try at home. Leave a comment telling your teacher how you got on doing the activity!



-Spellcheck (Complete blocks 1-4 and linked activities for the next week). Parents can test their children on the words if you wish. 

-Reading: Continue to read for 15 minutes every day. This is an excellent opportunity to practise your reading!

-Book Report: Choose one book which you have read this week and complete a book report. Outline the following: The name and author of the book, what happened in the book, did you enjoy the book and explain your reason why. Complete your book report with a picture of something that happens in the book.

-Handwriting Book: Pick one page each day. Take your time with this. If you have finished this book, then well done! Make sure you keep up that lovely handwriting when you are completing your other activities.

-Conjunctions: (a conjunction is a word that joins two sentences together.) For example: I am going to the restaurant. I am hungry. >>> I am going to the restaurant because I am hungry. Now, the word because has linked the two sentences together.


*Have a look at this short video to explain this further>>

*Write 10 sentences using any of the following conjunctions: and/ or/ so/ but/ because


-Poetry/ Dánta:


Titeann an bháisteach


Ar dhíonta na cathrach

A leithéid de thrup!


A leithéid de thrup!




-The poem above is depicting ‘An Bháisteach’, which means ‘the rain.’ Read the poem and re-write the poem into your copies. Imagine the sounds of the rain ‘Plip-plopití-plup’. (Tarraing Pictiúr) Draw a picture of how you imagine this rain would look and write 3 sentences underneath to describe the weather as Gaeilge. Don’t forget to use your briathar and Bun go Barr to help!

Mar shampla: (For example)

  1. Féach amach an fhuinneog.
  2. Tá sé ag cur báistí.
  3. Go bhfóire Dia orainn!


-Spellings: Ag comhaireamh (counting people). Pick two each day to learn:

Duine (one person), beirt (two people), triúr (three people), ceathrar (four people), cúigear (five people), seisear (six people), seachtar (seven people), ochtar (eight people), naonúr (nine people), deichniúr (ten people).

*Tune into TG4 each morning at 10am for ‘Cúla24 ar scoil’ and some fun Irish lessons!




-P.E: Lets get active with Joe Wicks- Complete one of these 5 minute workouts a day!



Dissolving skittles experiment: Give this fun science experiment a try at home >>>

Key word you are learning is ‘dissolve’. What does this mean?

Question: What do you think will happen when the warm water is added to the skittles? Predict and record what you think will happen before. Record your results.

Make sure you get help from a parent!



Try some yoga with Adriene at home. At a time like this, it is so important to take a moment to reflect, relax and yoga is an excellent way to do it!

-Reflect on the image below with a parent:–gCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAD


Don’t forget to tune into RTÉ’s SchoolHub everyday from 11am to see our very own Ms. Ní Chiosáin teaching some great lessons!






Section B

Please consider doing some of these activities also…….


  • Stamp with paint and celery
  • Do a puzzle
  • Play hide and seek
  • Go for a walk with a parent
  • Play ‘Simon Says’ nó ‘Deir Ó Ghrádaigh’ (or if you know it in another language.
  • Sketch a picture of someone in your house.

Ms O’Shaughnessy’s Maths group:

This work is optional so only do it if you have time on your hands. If you can’t do any part of it, do not stress, just do your best! I am sticking to the same type of routine this week so hopefully you will be familiar with the games.

  • Worksheets: If you have any worksheets left you can complete them.
  • Table Challenges: This week you are focusing on the x5 and x6 Tables. Do any/all of the following activities (you could choose one per day):

a. How quickly can you say the multiples for each Table? Ex. etc. Time yourself. Can you improve on your time each day? Practice saying them and writing them down

.•b. Can you say the multiples backwards with and without a multiplication square/ table book? Again, time yourself, can you improve on your time? Practice saying and writing them.

c. Multiplication tennis-if you can find someone in your house to play with, play multiplication tennis. Use a table book or your homework journal or write out the multiples to help you. Start on a particular multiple and “bat” the numbers forwards and back: Ex: Person A says “25”, B says “30”, A says “35” etc. Change the number that you start on. For an extra challenge, ask person B to say the multiple that comes before Ex: A says 40, B says 35.

d. Write out the multiples for the x5 and x6 tables. What is the biggest 3 digit number you can make? __ _ _. What is the smallest 3 digit number you can make?


  1. Target Numbers:

Make these numbers in as many different ways as possible. Do one each day. Try and use at least 3 of the operations-addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Ex: 35= 5 x 7, 30 +5, 40-5 etc.

  • Monday: 32
  • Tuesday: 64
  • Wednesday: 35
  • Thursday: 100
  • Friday: 39.
  1. Problem-solving:
  • Monday: There are 24 hours in a day. How many in 3 days?
  • Tuesday: 3 children shared 75c between them. How much did each child get?
  • Wednesday: There were 63 children in St Michael’s Youth Club. The leader divided them into groups of 7. How many groups were there?
  • Thursday: If ¼ of a number is 6, the number is?
  • Friday: Complete this pattern: 42,36,30 -,-,-


 Ms. Mc Keon’s English Group

  • Keep up the reading, girls. Try and read for at least 15 minutes each day.
  • My Read at Home 3

 If you don’t have the book at home with you go to

Monday: The Chuck Wagon Restaurant p.55

Tuesday: Monsters   p.56

Wednesday: Down by the Sea p.58

Thursday: How to Make a Paper Aeroplane p.59

Read each story twice. Write the answers to the questions in your copy.

Choose one or more of the following activities to do.

  1. Draw a picture of what you think one of the monsters in the story on p. 56 looks like.
  2. Write 5 interesting things you learned in the story Down By the Sea.

Draw pictures of some of the creatures you read about.

  1. Create a Menu for your own restaurant. Include some of your favourite foods. Give your restaurant a name. Decorate the menu.
  2. Make ad decorate the aeroplane following the instructions on p. 59

Ms. Tiernan’s Group:

  • Continue to make your ‘Fashion Magazine’
  • Remember to write your description in your home language as well as English.
  • You can cut out pictures from magazines or draw the pictures yourselves. I can’t wait to see the magazines when we return to school!

If you have some extra time, you can read the following stories from the Read At Home 3 book:

  • Daydreamers pg 1
  • Chickens pg. 2

Read the stories twice and answer the questions. You can get somebody to ask you the questions or you can write the answers on a page.