Suggested Activities 27th April-1st May

Hi girls, hope you are all well and enjoyed the break over the Easter holidays. Here are some activities for you to work on this week.  

Stay safe. 

Ms Duffy and Mr McCrudden. 


  • Two Little Frogs – Unit 19 ‘Why Zebras Have Stripes’ p. 76-79 (Do one page each day)  
  • Spellcheck – Week 28 – Practise 3 spellings each day and have a spelling test on Friday   
  • Reading – 2/4 pages of reader each day and any other books you have at home. Read ‘Why Zebras Have Stripes’ in Two Little Frogs. Discuss new words and retell the story orally.  
  • Writing – Write about what you did over the Easter holidays. This could be an Easter egg hunt/enjoying the sunshine/a game you played etc. You can also do the next two pages in your handwriting copy.   



  • Mental Maths – Week 28 p.56 & 57 (Use each question as a teaching point)  
  • Investigating heavy and light things at home. Ask your child to estimate (make an educated guess) the weight of a number of items that can be found in the home. If possible use a range of objects of different weights/sizes e.g. stones/magnets/marbles/paper/cardboard/cups etc., to highlight that some small objects can be much heavier than big objects and vice versa.   
  • Weighing two objects. Place a number of objects on the table. Have your child compare their weights e.g. pencil, crayon, lunchbox, schoolbag, paper clip, lollipop stick, book, bottle of water, mug etc. Choose two objects e.g. paper clip and mug and ask your child Which is heavier/lighter? Pick up another object e.g. bottle of water and ask your child to identify other objects from the selection that might be heavier/lighter than the bottle of water.  
  • Practise +3 tables (3+1=4, 3+2=5…)  
  • Practise counting in 4’s (0, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20…)  



  • Bain úsáid as an app ‘Duolingo’ nó ‘Cula 4’ chun Gaeilge bunúsach a fhorbairt  
  • Do your best to write some simple Irish sentences in your news – Inniu an ______ Inné an _______ Amárach an________. Tá an aimsir gaofar/tirim/grianmhar/fliuch/ceomhar/ fuar/te  
  • An Teilifís – Have a look at the different types of television programmes as Gaeilge by following this link 
  • Write and draw your favourite TV Programme. Write what type of programme it is as Gaeilge underneath e.g. Is maith liom cartún.  



  • If you have access to the internet (with the permission and supervision of your parent/guardian, use use to research some facts about zebras e.g. where do they live? what do they eat? how big are they? etc.   
  • Try and follow this Youtube video which will show you how to draw a zebra in simple steps  
  • There is also a science experiment for you to try at home on the school website so make sure to try it out!  



  • Search P.E with Joe on YouTube for a fun indoor PE session with the Body Coach.  
  • This week is Active Home Week. More information on  
  • Our GAA Coach also has some great videos for practising skills on the Extra Challenges section of our website




Grow in Love 1st Class – Theme 5 Reconciliation – Lesson 2: The Lost Sheep  

To access  

  1. go to   
  2. Sign in using the following details: Email: Password: growinlove  

Listen to the parable of the Lost Sheep  


Ms O’Shaughnessy’s Group/Ms. McKeon’s Group:  

Hello girls, we hope you are all well and enjoying the good weather. If you are part of our groups you might like to do some ,or all of the following activities.They are very similar to the activities that you did before Easter. There is no pressure to do these so just do whatever you can!  


Reading: My Read At Home Book 1 (Ms O’Shaughnessy’s girls should have this in your yellow folders) or go to 

Read the stories and answer the questions orally (you do not need to write the answers, this reading is just for enjoyment). You may need to ask someone to help you or to listen to your reading.  

Monday: p.58 The Doctor  

Tuesday: p. 59 Doctor Amy  

Wednesday: p.60 One little Kitten  

Thursday: p.61 Off to the Cinema  

Friday: p. 62 Cheetahs  

Which story was your favourite and why? Draw a picture of your favourite story. ·   


You may have worked on Groups 1 and 2 before Easter. You can take 2 days to revise these groups again. If you need more time, don’t worry, just play variations of the games each day until you’re ready to move onto a new group. Do some, or all of the following activities. It can be a good idea to write the letters on a piece of paper or card and cut them out. Some of you may have a little bag of letters in your folders:  

Group 1: s, a , t, i, p, n  

Group 2: c, k (make the same sound), e, h, r, m, d  

Monday and Tuesday: Groups 1 and 2 (Revision)  

  • See how many different 3-letter words you can make ex: pat, pad, had, hat 
  • Can you write them down? 
  • Ask an adult to call out some words and make them with your letters. 
  • Ask an adult to call out some words and write them down without looking at your letters. 
  • Can you make a 4 -letter word? Ex. hats 

Wednesday and Thursday: Group 3: g, o, u, l, f ,b.( New Activity)  

  • Revise each letter sound  
  • Can you think of any words that begin with each sound?  
  • Can you make any new 3- letter words now that you are working with 3 groups of letter sounds?  ex: get, bet, bat, bad etc.  
  • Can you write them down?  
  • Can you make any 4-letter words? Ex: tick  
  • Write them down.  
  • Ask an adult to call out some words using sounds from the 2 groups and make them with your letters.  
  • Ask an adult to call out some 4 letter words and write them down without looking at your letters.  


  • What sentences can you make with your 3 groups? Ex. I met a man with a hat on a mat. 
  • Ask an adult to call some sentences out to you and write them down. Draw a picture to go with the sentence. 
  • Challenge- look at all the words you made this week. Set a timer and write down all the ones you can remember in 5/4/3 minutes! 

Dolch Sight Words (New Activity):  

Dolch Words are lists of some of the most common words in the English language. You can visit the following link to play a quick memory game to help your daughter practice the first list of words: and click on Dolch Word Pre-Primer Memory Game 1.  

Too easy? Click on Memory Game 2 or 3 etc.  




We will play these games for one more week and introduce some new ones next week.  

If somebody in your house has time to play, play one of these quick games per day!  

Monday: “Blast Off”- play in pairs, or threes/ fours etc. Decide which number will be your “Blast Off” number. Ex: 12. Start counting: Person A says 1, B says 2 etc. The person that says 12 gets to “Blast Off” and win the game. Change the Blast Off number to any number within 30/ 40/50. You can change the starting point too, you don’t always have to start at 1.  


Tuesday: Number Tennis- Needs 2 players. Hold an imaginary bat in your hand. Player One “bats” a number towards player 2. Ex: Player no.1 says “18”. Player no. 2 says “19” and so on. You can change the number you start on. If you miss a number, you’re out!  


Wednesday: What comes next (after)? What comes before? Round 1: Player A says a number and Player B says the number after that: Ex: A says 7, B says 8. You can have ten turns to be “on” (decide the starting number) before swapping. The game should be fast. Change it so that Player B must say the number that comes before. Ex: 7-6.  


Thursday: Counting backwards. Start at any number between 10-50 and count backwards. Look at a number-line/ Hundred Square. Did you miss any numbers? What ones did you miss?  


Friday: Guess my number. A game for 2 or more players. A number line or Hundred Square could be useful. One person chooses a number between 1 and 10/20/30, decide on the range before you begin. It’s a good idea for that person to write the number down but keep it hidden. The other player must guess the number by asking questions. Ex: Is your number bigger than 10? Is it smaller than 20? Is it between 15 and 20? You are not allowed to ask about the number directly (Ex: Is it 12? ) until you’ve asked at least 5 questions.  


New Activity: “Need a Hand with Maths?”  



If you go to Ms. Kelly: 


Hi girls. Hope you are all keeping well. I really miss seeing you all. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine! Hopefully see you soon. 


*Please only complete these activities if you get a chance to do so * 


Months of the Year: 


  1. Listen to the months of the year song. 


  1. Play a game to find the month ‘after’. 


  1. Say the months of the year out loud in English and your own language. Can you record yourself saying the months of the year in English and in your own language 
  2. Write out the months of the year in English and in your own language. Make some nice designs! 



What month is your birthday? 

What months do we come to school? 

Which month is your favourite? Why? 

Which month do we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? 

Which month do we celebrate Halloween? 

Now come up with some of your own questions!