Suggested Activities 5th-8th May

Hi girls we hope you are keeping well at home! Here is this week’s suggested work: 


  • Tables – continue revising. 
  • See last week’s Maths Matters answers on SEE-SAW. 
  • Maths Matters: chapter 22 TIME: p117, 118, 119 and 120. 
  • Ms Shine’s class – Mental Maths – next unit. 
  • See school website for “problem of the week”.  



  • Spellcheck: unit 30. 
  • School website – click extra challenges – try Ms McGeough’s: “What is it?” 


  • Reading Zone: Unit 26 – Read the chapter and answer the questions in this unit. 


  • Write a story, diary or poem titled “Diary of a Dog in Lockdown”. Log on to SEE-SAW for further details. 
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Willy Wonka shows the children some amazing inventions! 
  • The Everlasting Gobstoppers lasted forever, which was helpful for children with little pocket money. 
  • The Chewing Gum Meal tasted of all three courses but made Violet swell up! 
  • The Fizzy Lifting Drinks were so light that they made the drinker float up to the ceiling. 
  • The Lickable Wallpaper – you could lick it and taste whichever food was printed on it. 
  • Create your own food or sweet invention. Include its ingredients and instructions for creating it. 


  • Cula 4 app – practice your Irish vocabulary on this app. 
  • Look at pg 14+15 of Bun go Barr 
  • Téigh isteach i do sheomra codlata ( go into your bedroom ) agus ainminigh 20 rudaí atá i do sheomra agus déan liosta 
  • Dean ábairtí e.g. Ta leaba i mo sheomra.  Tá an balla buí 
  • Scríobh ceisteanna agus bí ag caint le do chara e.g. An bhfuil lampa i do sheomra codlata? An bhfuil póstaer ar an mballa? 



  • Geography: Unit 16 p93 Energy. Complete exercises. Write a piece on what you are doing in your household to save the planet. 



  • School website – click extra challenges – try Mr Maguires PE Lesson. 
  • Youtube: try some of the “GoNoodle” dances. 



  • Share your project and pictures or any of your work with us… share them on See-Saw for your teacher to see OR if you would like your project or work on the new school website, send them to the school email and we can share them here (if sending by email you consent to work being on the website) 


  • The Body Coach does live PE lessons on Youtube at 9am Monday – Friday. 
  • Don’t forget to tune into Homework Hub on RTE2 with Ms Ni Chiosain if you have time! 
  • RTE2 website has activities based on the lessons. 
  • There is access to all schoolbooks online – for example the 4th class Irish book – ‘Bun go Barr’ – is accessible on 




If you go to Ms. Kelly: 

Hi girls. Hope you are all keeping well. I really miss seeing you all. Hopefully see you soon. 

*Please only complete these activities if you get a chance to do so * 


The Local Community: 

At the moment we are all restricted to staying within 2 kilometers of our houses. Lots of our favourite places are closed like the swimming pool, school and the shopping centre. 

  1. Write a short diary entry about a typical day in your house during this time.  
  2. Draw a map of all the places you can go within 2 kilometers of your house. Draw in where you can go for a walk. Draw the local shop and draw places that are outside the 2km which you plan to visit when things are back to normal again. You can use google maps to help you or 
  3. Discuss with your sisters or brothers or parents what you would like to do when things get back to normal. Where will be the first place you would like to go? Speak in your own home language when making plans. I look forward to hearing them! 


Mrs O’Connell’s Fourth Class: Ms O’Shaughnessy’s Group. 

Hi girls, I hope you’re all well and not missing school too much. Here are some activities for you to do if you want to but there is no pressure. 


Tables-Revision and Games: Revise the following Tables: 

Tuesday: x 12 

Wednesday: x 9 

Thursday: x 7 

Friday: x 3 

For each of the Tables, complete the following activities (For Fun, no stress! These activities stay the same, you just change the Table that you are working on, the aim is to increase the speed in which you answer each week/ day): 

  1. Table Challenge each day: How quickly can you say the list of multiples for each Table? Ex. 12, 24, 36, etc. Time yourself! Can you improve on your time?
  2. Can you say the multiples backwards, starting with the highest? Ex. 36, 24,12 etc.
  3. Write out the multiples for your daily table. What is the biggest 4 -digit number you can make? What is the smallest 4- digit number you can make?


This week we are working on time. This can be a tricky topic. If you need help, try visiting and typing Teaching Clock into the search bar. Alternatively, you could make a clock if you have a paper plate, drawing pin or blue tack and paper or card to make the 2 hands. 

  1. Answer the following questions:
  2. How many minutes in an hour? 
  3. How many hours in a day? 
  4. How many seconds in a minute? 
  5. How many minutes between each number on the clock face? 
  6. How many minutes in half an hour? 
  7. How many minutes in a quarter of an hour? 
  8. How many minutes in three-quarters of an hour? 
  9. How many hours in a week? 


  • A.m. and p.m.: A.m. means ante meridiem (before midday or 12 noon. It is any time between midnight and 12 noon). P.m. means post meridiem which means after midday. It is anytime between 12 noon and midnight.

Say whether these times are a.m. or p.m.: 

  • 5 o’clock in the morning: 
  • 11 o’clock in the morning; 
  • 11 o’clock at night: 
  • 3.30 in the afternoon: 
  • 10.15 at night: 
  • Half an hour after midnight: 
  • Half an hour before midday ( 12 noon): 
  • The time school closes: 
  • The time school starts: 
  •  The time you get up: 


  • How many minutes from: You may need to use the online clock or a homemade one for these. Do not worry if you can’t do them.
  • 3.10-3.15:
  • 6.30-6.45:
  • 5.20-5.30:
  • 5.10-5.40:
  • 8.15-9.00:




Extra work- complete only if you have time to do so 

Problem-Solving/ Practice: 

Tuesday: What is 1/3 (one third) of 90? 

Wednesday: 1 hour 30 m= how many minutes? (Sorry girls, I think I made a typo on this last week) 

Thursday: There are 623 children in St. Michael’s school. 347 of them are boys, how many are girls? 

Friday: Which number is the odd one out and why? 45, 33, 99, 36, 22,77.  




Look out for an optional activity on Seesaw! 

Read the following texts from My Read At Home Book 4 and answer the questions orally. If there are any words that you don’t know, look them up. If you don’t have the book at home with you, you can find it at: ( Bk 4).  

MRAH Book 4:   

Tuesday: P. 75 Robot Kid 

Wednesday:  P.76 Flags 

Thursday: P. 77 Offerings 

Friday: P.78 Caves 

FActivity A: Re-read the text Flags. Can you describe the flag from your home country/ parents’ country? What are the colours? Are there any symbols, if so what do they mean? Is there an interesting history behind the flag? What is it?  

Activity B: If you are using your Seesaw App, why not record yourself reading one of the stories from the My Read At Home book and upload it so I can listen to your reading! 




Spot the ten mistakes in this piece of writing (look out for spelling mistakes, capital letters and full stops). Write it out correctly: 

Jeff and Tom were freinds. They lived in the mountaines. they loved going for Walks in the forest. Sumtimes they would bring a picnic. Their was only one thing they did not like about the forest and that was the bears. one day tom and Jeff were deep in the forest. They were haveing a picnic. Suddenly they heard a very loud growl