Suggested Activities 5th-8th May


  • Two Little Frogs – Unit 20 ‘Rumpelstiltskin’ p. 80-83 (Do one page each day)  
  • Spellcheck – Week 29 – Practise 3 spellings each day and have a spelling test on Friday   
  • Reading – 2/4 pages of reader each day and any other books you have at home. Read ‘Rumpelstiltskin’ in Two Little Frogs. Discuss new words and retell the story orally.  
  • Writing – Write about your favourite & least favourite school subject – Why is this so?  What things can you use this subject for?  
  • You can also do the next two pages in your handwriting copy.   



  • Mental Maths – Week 29 p.58 & 59 (Use each question as a teaching point)  
  • Fractions (Half) – Discuss what the word half means (two parts that are equal).Play the game cut the Fruit. Explain to your child that you are going to give her a piece of an apple/orange/cupcake/pizza etc. Cut the cupcake so that one piece is much bigger than the other. Ask your child which piece she would like. More than likely, she would want the larger piece and would feel it unfair to get the smaller piece. Ask your child to think of a fair solution to the problem 
  • Making half- Draw a square, rectangle, triangle and circle on a piece of paper. Ask your child to find as many ways to fold the 2d shapes into two equal parts, ask her to explore more than one way of making half E.g. Corner to corner or down the centre. 
  • Sharing Equally – Explain that you have 10 pieces of fruit/marbles/lollipop sticks in your hand and you want to give half to your child and to keep the other half yourself. Share the marbles between you ‘one for you and one for me’ until all the marbles are gone. Ask your child questions such as ‘How many di I get?’ ‘How many did you get?’ ‘Did we get the same amount?’ ‘Did I share the marbles equally?’ ‘What is half of 10?’ 


  • Practise +4 tables (4+1=5, 4+2=6…)  
  • Practise counting in 5’s (0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25…)  



  • Bain úsáid as an app ‘Duolingo’ nó ‘Cula 4’ chun Gaeilge bunúsach a fhorbairt  
  • Do your best to write some simple Irish sentences in your news – Inniu an ______ Inné an _______ Amárach an________. Tá an aimsir gaofar/tirim/grianmhar/fliuch/ceomhar/ fuar/te  
  • Eadaí (Clothes)- Discuss the following vocabulary and draw a picture of each one- Léine ghorm (blue shirt), Carbhat dearg (red tie), geansaí dúghorm (Navy jumper), sciorta bánbearg (pink skirt), brista dúghorm (Navy trousers), stocaí bán (White socks) 
  • Tarraing pictúir: Draw a picture of a person and label the clothes they are wearing. Click the link to help you:   



Visit the School Website ( and practise Mr. McCrudden’s science experiment of making a Lava Lamp. The science experiment can be found in the ‘Extra Challenges’ section of the website.

Draw and a picture and record your results and predictions.  


If you have any pictures of your work, please send them to 


If you have access to the internet (with the supervision of your parents/guardian), use to research some facts on the elephant.   

-Where do they live?  

-What do they eat?  

-What do they look like?  

–How big are they?  

Try making an elephant using a plastic milk carton. 

You can cut it into the shape of an elephant. You could stick paper on/ magazine/newspaper cuttings/ paint. Whatever you like 


Extra Activties 

Home School Hub on RTE 2 every day from 11a.m to 12p.m. Watch our very own Ms Ní Chíosain!  



  • Search P.E with Joe on YouTube for a fun indoor PE session with the Body Coach.  
  • This week is Active Home Week. More information on  
  • Our GAA Coach also has some great videos for practising skills on the St. Brigid’s GAA Club Facebook page. Give them a go!   




Grow in Love 1st Class – Theme 5 Reconciliation – Lesson 3: We celebrate God’s forgiveness in the Sacrament of Reconciliation  

To access  

  1. go to   
  1. Sign in using the following details: Email: Password: growinlove  

Listen to the parable of the Lost Sheep  


Ms O’Shaughnessy’s Group/Ms. McKeon’s Group:  

Hello girls, we hope you are all well and had a good weekend. Here are some activities that you might like to do if you have time. You do not have to do them, only if you want to.  


Reading: My Read At Home Book 1 (Ms O’Shaughnessy’s girls should have this in your yellow folders) or go to 

Read the stories and answer the questions orally (you do not need to write the answers, this reading is just for enjoyment). You may need to ask someone to help you or to listen to your reading.  

Tuesday: p.63 Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows  

Wednesday: p. 64 Jungle Trip  

Thursday: p.65 Thin Ice  

Friday: p.66 Snow Shoes  

Activity: If there is an adult in the house to help you, you might like to make the Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows some day. If you do get the chance to make it, take a picture and send it to the email address on the website.  


We will revise the first 3 groups on Tuesday and Wednesday and introduce a new group on Thursday. If you need more time, don’t worry,just play variations of the games each day until you’re ready to move onto a new group. Do some, or all of the following activities. It can be a good idea to write the letters on a piece of paper or card and cut them out. Some of you may have a little bag of letters in your folders:  

Group 1: s, a , t, i, p, n  

Group 2: c, k (make the same sound), e, h, r, m, d  

Group 3: g, o, u, l, f, b  


Tuesday and Wednesday: Groups 1-3, Revision  

  • See how many different 3-letter words you can remember: Ex: pit, had, get, got. 
  • Can you write them down? 
  • Ask an adult to call out some words and make them with your letters. 
  • Ask an adult to call out some words and write them down without looking at your letters. 
  • Can you make a 4 -letter word? Ex. Hats 
  • Challenge: What is the biggest word you can make?  

Thursday and Friday (New Activity): Group 4: ai, j, oa, ee, or  

This group is slightly more complicated. We will just take one sound per day and finish the rest next week, so on Thursday focus on ai ( Ex: pain) and on Friday focus on the j sound.  

Thursday: ai  

  • How many words do you know that have the ai sound? If you can’t think of any here’s a hint, can you think of any words that rhyme with pain?  
  • Look at Groups 1-3. What letter sounds can you use from these groups to make an –ai word?   
  • Friday: j 
  • How many words can you think of that start with the j sound?  
  • Can you write any of them down?  
  • Do you know any names that begin with the j sound? Can you write any of them down?  
  • Using the other sounds from Groups 1-3, how many words can you make that begin with the j sound?  

Friday-extra challenge:  

  • What sentences can you make with your 4 groups? Ex. I went for a jog in the rain. I had a cat with a hat, it sat on the mat. 
  • Ask an adult to call some sentences out to you and write them down. Draw a picture to go with the sentence. 
  • Look at all the words you made this week. Set a timer and write down all the ones you can remember in 5/4/3 minutes! 

Dolch Sight Words :  

Dolch Words are lists of some of the most common words in the English language. You can visit the following link to play a quick memory game to help your daughter practice the first list of words. If you played Game 1 last week, play Game 2 this week and so on. Try writing the words from the game on flashcards/ pieces of paper and use them for practice. Can you read the word? Write the word? Use the word in a sentence? and click on Dolch Word Pre-Primer Memory Game 1.  


Here are some new games for you to play this week, if you can find someone to play with.  

Visit the website for some good revision games  

Tuesday: The Sound of a Number Game.   

You need: A tin and cubes/ marbles/ coins-anything that makes noise when dropped. How to play: Person A drops coins/ objects into a tin while the child counts silently in their head. You can alternate the person who is “on”.  

Wednesday: Two more than:   

You need: Number cards 1-20 or 1-40, whatever range your child is comfortable with.   

How to play: Pick a number and ask the child to show you the number that is 2 more. Extend the number range 1-30, 1-40 or 20-40 etc if it is too easy. Narrow the number range 1-10, 10-20 if it is too difficult.  

Thursday: Move your counter:   

You need: A “number line” 1-10, 1-20,1-50 or as appropriate. A counter/ marker/ coin/ button.  

How to play: The adult gives instructions ex: “ Put your counter on the number that comes before/ after 10”. “Put your counter on any number greater than 17/ smaller than 20” etc.  

Friday: Stand and sit game.  

You need: Someone to play with, a chair, a number line or Hundred Square or numbers written on card or paper.  

How to play: Choose a sequence to focus on Ex; 10-20, 20-40, 30-50. Start standing up, then sit down for every second number.  

Ex: Number range: 20-40.  

20- Stand up  

21-Sit down  

22-Stand up.  

If you miss a number or do the wrong action you must start again!  




If you go to Ms. Kelly:   

*Please only complete these activities if you get a chance to do so *   


Hi girls. I hope you are all keeping well. I hope last week’s activities were enjoyable. I look forward to hearing all of your home languages when we get back to school. This week we will be focusing on nursery rhymes.  


  • I have chosen 4 nursery rhymes. Read the rhymes, sing the rhymes and say them out loud.   


  • Next I want you to pick your favourite nursery rhyme. It can be a different one to the ones I have picked.  
  • Practice saying it in a funny voice, a happy voice, a sad voice.  
  • Now record yourself saying the nursery rhyme in your best performing voice.  
  • I would love to hear your performances. You can email your performance to;  





Humpty Dumpty  


Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.  
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.  
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again.  


Hickory Dickory Dock  


Hickory dickory dock.  

The mouse went up the clock.  
The clock struck one.  

The mouse went down.  
Hickory dickory dock.  

Hey Diddle Diddle  


Hey Diddle Diddle,  
The cat and the fiddle,  
The cow jumped over the moon.  
The little dog laughed,  
To see such fun,  
And the dish ran away with the spoon.  

Incy Wincy Spider  


Incy Wincy spider went up the water spout.  
Down came the rain and washed the spider out.  
Out came the sun and dried up all the rain.  
So, Incy Wincy spider went up the water spout again.