Suggested Activities 11th-15th May

Hi girls! We hope that everyone is keeping well and enjoying some of our home learning activities. We were delighted to see so many of you taking part in our SEESAW activities through the app. If you have not logged onto SEESAW yet, don’t worry, a new code will be sent to your parent’s phone so you can log in and try the activities for this week. Have a great week everybody! 

Ms. Dudgeon, Mr Maguire 


Mental Maths: (Continue with the following weeks activities Monday to Friday review, including problem solving section) 

Problem Solving: Try some of these word problems at home: 

Q1. There are 34 bananas in a box. How many bananas are in 6 boxes? 

Q2. Mum divided a pizza into 10 equal slices. Mark ate 3 slices. What fraction of the pizza was left? 

Q3. There were 240 passengers on a train travelling to Galway. At Ballinasloe, 79 people got off the train and 38 got on the train. How many passengers were on the train then? 

Q4. There are 9 sheep in a field. How many legs are there altogether in the field? 

Q5. A Basketball costs €8. In my purse I have €5, €1 and 20c. How much more do I need to buy the basketball? 

Hit the button: Click on the following link to practise halves, doubles, times tables and division facts! 

Tables: x9, x10 

Money Activities:  

-There are 8 coins in total. Draw and label each coin in your copy.  

-Sound of number: Choose one coin. Each clicking sounds is worth that coin e.g. 5c. As your partner clicks their fingers, you could in your head how much money is being counted. i.e. if you hear 4 clicks it will be worth 20c; 5c+5c+5c+5c=20c 

-Party Planners: Pick up a catalogue from your local supermarket. You are planning a birthday party for your friend. You have a budget of €100. Write a list of what you will buy for the party. Remember not to go over budget! 

-50 cent challenge: List as many ways as you can to make 50c.  

Addition and subtraction of money: (Page 145 & 146 in Busy at Maths book) Have a look at the 3rd class online Busy at Maths Book on the following link>> . Click on ‘Parent/ Student Resources’, then click on ‘Student Resources’. Following this, you will see a list of options such as class level, subject, etc.  

Click on Primary > 3rd Class > Maths > Busy at Maths > Busy at Maths- 3rd Class > Online Book. You may be asked to put in your name and address to access the book. Once the cover comes up, enter Page 145& 146 in the top right-hand corner. Try these sums in your copy.  


Spellcheck (Complete blocks 1-4 and linked activities for the next week). Parents can test their children on the words if you wish.   

Poetry: A Poetry Challenge for the week: (A wonderful collection of poems can be found on  

Complete this poetry challenge for the coming week: 

Monday: Find a poem you like with a colour in the title 

Tuesday: Find a poem you like with a number in the title 

Wednesday: Find a poem that reminds you of summertime 

Thursday: Find a poem that makes you happy 

Friday: Choose your favourite poem from the week. Write the poem’s title and poet. Explain the reason why this is your favourite poem.  

*Extra Task Linking Maths Topic: Have another look at your favourite poem. Imagine each word costs 10c. You have €1 in your purse. What words would you buy? Remember: Choose what words are the best, in your opinion.  

-Now its your turn. Have a go at writing your very own poem. Be creative and remember there’s no wrong way to write a poem. Some poems rhyme and some don’t. Some tips for writing poetry can be found through this link 


Describe a setting 

Choose one story that you have read in the last week. You may choose a story from your ‘Talking Horse’ if you wish. Describe in full one of the settings in your story. (The place where the story happens). Write at least one page describing what you can see, feel, hear and touch if you were in the story. Remember: Adjectives are an excellent way to create a clear image in the readers head.  

Key Questions: 

-How/ What would you feel/touch/smell/hear if you were in their setting? 

-How can I make this sentence better? 

-What word can I use here? 

-What punctuation do I need to use in my sentences? 


Reading & Writing: Check out your class SEESAW for a reading and writing activity this week. This app can be downloaded on a mobile device and log in using an email address and your child’s unique access code. (If you have already signed up to SEESAW you do not need the access code.) 


Handwriting Book: Pick one page each day. Take your time with this. If you have finished this book, then well done! Make sure you keep up that lovely handwriting when you are completing your other activities.  



-Léitheoireacht: Bun Go Barr 

-Page 112 & 113 of your Bun go Barr: Have a look at the picture and read all the labels. Make a list of all the new words from the picture. Write 5 sentences about what you bought in the shop: 

Cheannaigh mé………(I bought) 

For example:  

Cheannaigh mé leabhar sa siopa scoile.  

Cheannaigh mé peann luaidhe sa siopa scoile. 

-Have a look at the story ‘Sa Siopa Scoile’ (in the school shop) in your Bun go Barr (page 114). Read the story through carefully. Try your best with one activity on the following page 

-Page 116- Airgead (Money). Write the labels for the different coins in Irish on the same page you did your coins in Maths. If you know the coins in any other languages, then write those too! 

Spellings: Sa Teach Pick two each day to learn: 

Halla (hall), cistin (kitchen), gairdín (garden), sa bhaile (at home), seomra suí (sitting room), seomra codlata (bedroom), cófra (cupboard), conchró (kennel), staighre (stairs), fuinneog (window),  



Create a timeline: Gather pictures from different stages of your life and order them (with your parents’ permission! If you do not want to use real photographs you could draw a picture of yourself.) Write the age that you were at the time under each picture. Write about what you were doing under each picture or where you were e.g. If it was a holiday or a special occasion. We would love to see these fabulous projects. If you like, you can post pictures onto SEESAW or send to our school email , with your parent’s permission.  


Point to remember: Timelines are made in chronological order. This means the events are in the order of the time in which they happened.  


Music: Listen to Jack Ryan’s Polka on the following link 

-Notice how there are four different colour balls on the stave. Choose a colour and clap to the beat when it reaches your colour. You can try this at home with your family if you like. Give each person a different colour.  

Dabbledoo is an excellent online music resource. They are offering free access to all parents for the duration of school closures. Just click on the following link and enrol in the course to access their many free resources. >> 

They are offering a free four-week plan for all the family to enjoy! 


Be sure to check out the ‘Extra Challenges’ section of the school website under the tab ‘Learning from home’ to see some really fun extra challenges made by some of the teachers! 😊  


Watch our very own Ms.  Ní Chíosain on Home School Hub on RTE 2 every day from 11a.m to 12p.m.  


Section B 

Please consider doing some of these activities also……. 

  • Build an obstacle course (if you have space!) 
  • Make dinner together  
  • Play hangman 
  • Paint a butterfly 
  • Put on a sock puppet show 
  • Build a fort 

Ms O’Shaughnessy’s Maths group:  

Hi girls, how are you getting on? I have been looking at some of your work on Seesaw and I’m so impressed. If you get a chance to do any of the work below, you could also add it to Seesaw so that I can see and correct it. 

This work is optional so only do it if you have time on your hands. If you can’t do any part of it, do not stress, just do your best!  

Table Challenges: This week you are focusing on the x9 and x10 Tables. Do any/all of the following activities (you could choose one per day). Remember, you can extend the x10 tables beyond 120 for an extra challenge:

a. How quickly can you say the multiples for each Table? Ex. 9,18,27,36 etc. Time yourself. Can you improve on your time each day? Practice saying them and writing them down

b. Can you say the multiples backwards with and without a multiplication square/ table book? Again, time yourself, can you improve on your time? Practice saying and writing them. 

c. Multiplication tennis-if you can find someone in your house to play with, play multiplication tennis. Use a table book or your homework journal or write out the multiples to help you. Start on a particular multiple and “bat” the numbers forwards and back: Ex: Person A says “20”, B says “30”, A says “40” etc. Change the number that you start on. For an extra challenge, ask person B to say the multiple that comes before Ex: A says 60, B says 50.

d. Write out the multiples for the x9 and x10 tables. What is the biggest 3 digit number you can make? __ _ _. What is the smallest 3 digit number you can make?

Target Numbers:

Make these numbers in as many different ways as possible. Do one each day. Try and use at least 3 of the operations-addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Ex: 35= 5 x 7, 30 +5, 40-5 etc. This could be a nice little activity to show me on Seesaw. 

Monday: 11 

Tuesday: 48 

Wednesday: 63 

Thursday: 39 

Friday: 75 


When thinking about fractions, think of yummy things like pizza or cake or chocolate. You are going to share them because they are yummy! You will split your pizza/ cake/ chocolate into equal parts and these parts will change depending on the number of people you are sharing with. Remember, the parts have to be equal as you must be fair when sharing your food!!! 

Answer the following questions: 

  1. You order pizza on Saturday evening. 3 of your friends call over for a sleepover. How many parts must you split the pizza into? What is this fraction called? (Don’t forget to give yourself some!!). You might like to draw a little picture of this to help you. 
  2. Your Domino’s pizza arrives split into 4 equal parts. However, there are only 2 people sharing the pizza. How many slices will you each get? What fraction of the pizza will you eat? 
  3. It is your birthday and your family have made you a delicious chocolate cake with strawberries on top! There are 9 people at your birthday party. How many slices of cake must you cut? What is this fraction called? If you were being really greedy and wanted to eat half of the cake, how many slices would you get? 
  4. You have bought a lovely bar of Dairymilk chocolate with your pocket money. You were really looking forward to eating it on your own but your B.F.F calls over. How many pieces will you give her (you decide)? What fraction of the total amount is this? 
  5. Teacher organises a “ Pizza party” upon your return to school. There are 7 slices of pizza on one tray. That is ¼ of the total amount of pizza. How many slices of pizza are there altogether?   

Look out for an extra little activity on Seesaw! 


Ms. Mc Keon’s  English Group 


Monday  Setanta p.64      

Tuesday:  Green Fingers p.65 

Wednesday Frogs p.66    

ThursdayOops p.67    


Read each story twice. 

 Write the answers to the questions in your copy. 

Choose one or more of the following activities to do. 

  • The story of Setanta is a very famous old Irish story. You’ve probably heard it before. 

Tell the main points of the story in a few sentences and draw pictures to go with your story. 

  • Do you know anyone who has green fingers?” What do they like to grow? 

Maybe you could plant some seeds and look after them. You might have green fingers yourself! 

  • The story on p. 66 describes the life cycle of the frog. See can you draw pictures showing the life cycle of the frog. The pictures on p. 66 will help you. 
  • Find as many mistakes as you can in the signs on p. 67. Design your own funny road sign. 



I know most of you have signed up for Seesaw. You could record yourself reading one of the stories above , or a page from another book for me  and post it on Seesaw. I would love to hear you reading. 

You could also post  some of the work you have done I would love to see it. 


 Ms. Tiernan’s Group:

  •  Check out SEESAW for a fun activity!