Suggested Activities 18th-22nd May

Hi girls! We hope that you and your families are all keeping well. If you haven’t seen it already make sure to check out our Communion videos on the school website. We hope that you all got to do something nice to mark the special day. There is also a nice Communion related art activity for you to get involved in this week. 

Well done to all the girls that have signed up to Seesaw. We are really enjoying seeing all the excellent work you have been doing at home. If you haven’t signed up yet, please do. The code will be sent in a text to your parents phone. 

Have a good week. 

Ms. Kilroy and Ms.Cusack 


Spellcheck: p. 74-75  

The Green Genie: Extinct P36-39. 

Handwriting: p. 38-39 

Reading: Keep up your reading log and read any other books you have at home. Do 5 jumping jacks before you start your reading everyday this week. 

– Logon to for free access to Children’s Newspaper Ireland. 

– Levelled Readers for Junior infants – 2nd 

Collins Big Cat Ebooks and worksheets (levels 1-7) are now available online at the following link: 

Login on the teacher portal with the following: 

Password: Parents20! 

– Keep a diary of what you’re doing every day! This will be so interesting in 20 years time! 



Cúla4 ar Scoil on TG4 @10am every morning, or even watch a cartoon as Gaeilge  

Cúla4 app- You can download it for games on the different themes. 

Laethanta na Seachtaine: Revise your days of the week. Write the daily news each day. 

An Luan, An Mháirt, An Chéadaoin, Déardaoin, An Aoine, An Satharn, An Domhnach. 

Mar Shampla: 

Inniu an Mháirt   (Today is Tuesday) 

Inné an Luan   (Yesterday was Monday) 

Amarách an Chéadaoin (Tomorrow will be Wednesday) 

Tá an aimsir grianmhar/ fliuch/ scamallach/ te. 

Ag Siopadóireacht/Shopping 

Parents can download Bua na Cainte to use at home. Go to Username: trial Password: trial. We are following the 2nd Class programme and are working on the topic of Siopadóireacht at the moment. 


Mental Maths: p. 66 + 67 

Tables: Revise -9 and -10 

Try running on the spot while practicing your tables this week. 

Busy at Maths: Weight p. 104, if you have a balance at home you can do p.105, for p.106 and 107 you will need to use your kitchen scales. Remember to estimate first. (g=gramme, kg=kilogramme, 1000g=1kg, 500g= 1/2kg, 250g=1/4kg) 


– Have a look on the school website for some Active at Home activities . Try out Ms. Kilroy’s Solo Challenge. 



Watch this powerpoint about the signs of summer. 

Then go on a senses summer walk (even a walk in your garden). Write down all the summer things that you can hear, see, smell, taste and feel. 

I can hear . . .  

I can see . . .  

I can smell . . .  

I can taste . . .  

I can feel . . .  

You can draw a picture to go along with this too. 


-Making a lava lamp- Try doing Mr Mc Crudden’s science experiment in the ‘Extra Challenges’  section on our school website. It’s a lot of fun! Don’t forget to write down your predictions and results 


– There is a lovely “Paint and Post” activity for you to enjoy this week. You are asked to paint or draw a picture entitled “Me and Jesus”. You can write a short prayer on the page too if you like. When you are finished, sign the picture with your first name and email it before May 29th and it will be posted on their website. See Seesaw for more information. 



Grow in Love: To access- go to 2. Sign in using the following details: Email: Password: growinlove 

Select 2nd Class/P4 

Theme 6: At Mass, we give thanks and we receive Holy Communion; Lesson 3: At Mass, we receive Holy Communion 

  • Watch Mass Institution video  
  • Watch Mass receiving Holy Communion video  
  • Complete sequencing the mass activity 


Home School Hub on RTE 2 every day from 11a.m to 12p.m. Watch our very own Ms Ní Chíosain! 




If you go to Ms. Kelly:  


*Please only complete these activities if you get a chance to do so *  


Hi girls. How are you all keeping? I see some fantastic work every day on Seesaw. Well done and keep it going!  


  •  This week is Active HOME Week. I know you all are very active girls. I hope you can exercise every day. Make sure to always include lots of fun exercises and active schoolwork during the week. Look at the school website to get some ideas and see the teachers in action! Enjoy the fun! 


  • This week I want you to read a selection of recipes for yummy smoothies. I have added a picture of the recipes to Seesaw.  You can find the instructions on page 7 of the online book: 


  • Maybe you might get an opportunity to make one of the smoothies with your parents. 


  • Draw a picture of your creation and draw the different ingredients needed to make it. 


  • Maybe write a list of the ingredients and find out the names of the ingredients in your own language.  


  • I would love to see a picture of your tasty smoothies and creative pictures and words. Add a picture to Seesaw and tell me all about the process! Enjoy and keep healthy and safe! 

 Bye for now! Ms. Kelly 😊  





If you go to Mrs Kearney/Ms. O’Connor/Ms.McKeon: 

Hi Girls,  

We hope you are all well. It’s great to see all the wonderful work some of you are doing on Seesaw.  

Keep up the great reading . Remember you can practise your reading and then record yourself on SEESAW so we can hear the great work you are doing.  

This  week is Active Home week so we hope you enjoy doing the activities on the website and have lots of fun being active.