Suggested Activities 18th-22nd May

It’s Active Week!!! A lot of subjects and topics this week include some “Active Work”. Try and get involved in as many activities as you can. Keep Active all week!!!! 






  • Do Unit 5 ‘A Bleak House’. Complete all the activities for this unit.  


  • Continue with the next week of Spellcheck.  



  • Follow this link. Go to primary level 6th class Word Wizard English online text book.  

Do as many activities as you can from Unit 10 Page 55 – 60 








  • Cliceáil ar an leabhar ‘ Léigh sa Bhaile’/ Click on the book ‘Léigh sa Bhaile’   


  • Déanaigí leathanaigh 12 ‘An Comórtas Cócaireachta’ agus 13 ‘Ag Glanadh an Tí’/ Do pages 12 ‘An Comórtas Cocaireachta’ and 13 ‘Ag Glanadh an Tí’.  


  • Cruthaigh cluiche nua le imirt in ngrúpa nó leat féin. Scríobh na rialacha agus na teagascha síos chun go mbeadh duine eile in ann é a imirt/ Create a new game that could be played in a group or independently. Write down the rules and the instructions of how to play as Ghaeilge so that somebody else could play it.  



  • Follow the link- Lean na treoracha (Follow the activities) Cruthaigh treoracha nua agus cuir ceist ar duine éigin iad a leanúint. Make up your own routine with instructions in Irish and ask somebody in your family to try and follow them.  



  • Follow the link. Déan iarracht YOGA a dhéanamh.  




  • Continue Mental Maths 



  • Do pages 110 and 111 on the subject of Data.  


  • When you are finished think up data of your own that you could create a graph with. E.g. how many hours of homework you’re doing? How many movies you’ve watched? Which video games have you been playing? Use any type of graph or chart to display your data. 




  • Follow this link. Click on Super Sleuth 6th class General ebooks Students online text book. Try the activities in Unit 6 Revision 1 Page 28- 31 




  • Follow this link. Try some of the sudoku games and activities 



  • Maths trail –Get Active!!!! 

 Find and draw an example of each of the following in your environment 

  • Scalene triangle 
  • Right angled triangle 
  • Isosceles Triangle 
  • Equilateral triangle 
  • Acute angle 
  • Obtuse angle 
  • Perpendicular line 
  • Parallel line  






  • For Active Homes’ Week pick a county in Ireland. Research how far that county is from Blanchardstown. Try to walk that distance over the course of the next month. If you are unable to go out walking. Try to download the app at This should only be done with a parent’s permission. This will track your steps. 10,000 steps are about 8 Kilometres. See if you can reach your target by the end of the month.  





  • Sir Roger Bannister in 1954 was the first person to run a mile in under four minutes. Research this achievement and then see can you find any information on any other famous physical achievements. Choose one and write a short report on it.  




  • Calories are widely misunderstood by people. These are a unit of measurement for how much energy we get from a certain food. The problem from calories is when we eat more energy then we need or we eat overly sugar or fatty foods. Research what a calorie is and create a poster to explain it to kids. Try to encourage healthy eating.  





  • Design a poster to display on a window of your house to encourage people to take part in Active Home Week. Try to catch the person’s eye and get them more active. Display your work on Seesaw if you like.  




  • Choose a song that would be good for a ‘wake up, shake up’. Write a few sentences about why it would be good on Seesaw. Try to do a little Wake up Shake up every morning to get you going during Active Home Week. Share your experiences on Seesaw.  




  • Draw up a menu for a café/restaurant wanting to promote healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. Pick a name for your café that lets customers know they can pick healthy options in your café/ restaurant. Try and think of different nutrients that people need in a balanced diet e.g. carbohydrates, vitamin c, iron, protein etc. Try and research what foods are packed with vitamins and minerals and choose which ones to include in your menu. You can take a picture of your menu and upload to See Saw if you like.  



Grow In Love  


PE/Active Homework:  


Cycle your BIKE                                                          10 minutes kicking a BALL           

10 minutes Jumping Jacks                                            Draw your own HOPSCOTCH and play           GO NOODLE 10 minutes                                             20 SIT UPS  

Go for a WALK                                                         15 minutes Active HOUSEWORK  

Play SIMON SAYS with your family                       CRAB WALKS 1 minute 

SKILLS Practice (any sport) 10 minutes                 Create your own OBSTACLE Course SKIP 10 minutes                                                       Make up a DANCE to your favourite song 

DANCE to three of your favourite songs                  RUN 5 minutes 

20 SQUATS – rest – 20 more if you can                   Walk the DOG with a family member 



Follow the link and try the workout video with Joe Wicks 



Ms O’Shaughnessy’s Maths group: 

Hi girls, I hope you are all well and enjoying the good weather. Hopefully it will last so that you can get out and about for Active School’s Week this week. In the meantime, if you are stuck for something to do, you can try some, or all of this work! Well done to everyone who uploaded some of their work on Seesaw, it’s great to see it and to be able to respond to it. If you have any questions about this week’s work, you can ask me on Seesaw and I will help you out: 


Last week we focused on calculating the Selling Price after a profit or loss had been made. This week, we are going to look at VAT. 


Learning objective:  We are learning how to calculate VAT: 

Do you remember what VAT stands for? That’s right; it is short for Value Added Tax, a special type of government tax added to the prices of some goods and services. VAT is calculated as a percentage (called the VAT rate) of the original amount due for the goods or services. Ireland’s standard VAT rate is currently 23%. 

Often the VAT will already be included in the cost of an item or service; however you may sometimes have to add it on. 

  1. Calculate the total bill for each of these subtotals if they exclude VAT at 9% (i.e. you must calculate the VAT and add it on). You can check your answer using a calculator


Ex: Subtotal: €160, VAT at 9%. €160=100%, 1%= €1.60, 9%= €1.60 x 9= €14.40. Therefore total is, €160 + €14.40= €174.40 

Note: You may also choose to do it using the decimal method: 100%+9%=109%=1.09. €160 x 1.09= €174.40 


Now try these: Below is the subtotal (add VAT at 9%) 

  1. €90
  2. €150
  3. €400
  4. €1,000
  5. €1,800

Now try these: Calculate the total bill for each of these subtotals if they exclude VAT at 13.5%. You may use a calculator if you wish. You may find the decimal method easier to use for this exercise. Round your answers to the nearest euro. See the example above.

  • €86
  • €248
  • €561
  • €1,348
  • €2,795
  1. C.Work it out: Use your calculator to work out the VAT rate being charged on the following: If you need help, just ask! 
  2. Subtotal: €124, Final bill: €139.50
  3. Subtotal: €475, Final bill: €574.75
  4. Subtotal: €345, Final bill: €376.05
  5. Subtotal €524, Final bill: €644.52





Maths language revision: 

Can you explain the following terms? If not, look them up. You might like to add them to a “dictionary” (back of your copy, A4 page etc). Be as specific as you can when giving your definition. 

  1. Directed number: 
  2. Divisor: 
  3. Double: 
  4. Equals: 
  5. Equation: 

Challenge time: 

An apartment block has 100 apartments.  

Leah delivered a leaflet to every second apartment (numbers 2, 4, 6 etc.).  

Flora delivered flowers to every third apartment (numbers 3, 6, 9 etc.).  

Pat delivered pizza to every fifth apartment (numbers 5, 10, 15 etc.) 

  1. What was received by apartment number: 13? 14? 15?
  2. What was the lowest apartment number to receive all 3 items?
  3. What was the highest apartment number to receive no delivery?
  4. Name an apartment that received flowers and pizzas but not a leaflet.

 How are you getting on with the puzzle books? Continue choosing a challenge each day if you can.

Challenge of the week (only if you have time on your hands, it’s just to stretch your brains!): Visit the website  You can also access it via the Maths Ireland website at   

Choose one activity daily from one of the puzzle books. Book 6 is for age 11+ but you may prefer to start with Book 5 or 4 as they are quite tricky. Record your rough-work. You might like to take a picture of your work and upload it to your Seesaw account. 


Look out on Seesaw for another challenge! 


 Ms O’Shaughnessy’s English group:   

If you are in my English group, have a look at these activities. Do the activities that apply to you. Not all of the suggestions will apply to each girl that comes to the group so if it doesn’t make sense to you, don’t worry! I put an activity up on Seesaw last week which you might like to look at if you get a chance. Also, if you would like to upload any of the work you have done for my group, I’d love to see it. 


  • Continue with My Read at Home Book (MRAH) if you have it – Read one each day and answer questions orally. Some of you may have different books and that’s ok, just read the one you have! Look up any words that you don’t know or that you find interesting and add to your copies. You can also find the books online at the following links: (Bk 6) 
  • (Bk 4).  

MRAH Book 6:  

Monday: p.86 Weird Life Among the Ocean Smokers 

Tuesday: p. 87 Application Form 

Wednesday: p. 88 The Real Robinson Crusoe 

Thursday: p. 89 The Future is Now 

Friday: p. 90 Around the World in One Day 

Activity A: Re-read the text The Future is Now. Are you surprised by some of the changes? Write out your predictions for what life will be like in 50 years time. (Approximately 1 ½-2 copy pages) 

Activity B: If you could go to any place in the world for one day, where would you go and why? (Approximately 1 copy page) 


 MRAH Book 4:   

Monday: P. 84 J.K Rowling 

Tuesday:  P.85 Titanic 

Wednesday: P. 86 Troy 

Thursday: P.87 Three Sisters 

Friday: P. 88 The Giant Under the Yard 

Activity A: Choose one of these options: 

  • Have you read any of the Harry Potter books or seen the films? Can you tell me about one of them? Write approximately one page telling me about it. 
  • List making- can you list all of the Harry Potter books? 


  • Sketch a picture of the Titanic and draw a word map of words that you associate with it: Ex: unsinkable, lifeboats etc. 

Activity B: Continue with English workbook if you have it- do one page a day (this applies to some girls only)  

For all girls attending the group: Word of the Day- look up the word and add to your dictionary  

 (This can just be a page at the back of your copy). Use the word in a sentence:  

  1. Monday:  gibberish
  2. Tuesday: hypocritical
  3. Wednesday: quota
  4. Thursday: terrain
  5. Friday: civic


Please see Seesaw for an optional, extra English activity.