Suggested Activities 18th-22nd May

Hi girls. This week is Active School Week… the focus on the work this week therefore is active! Please share with us on See-Saw whatever you get up to 🙂 



  • Tables – continue revising. 
  • Answers to last week’s questions on time are available on SEE-SAW 
  • See SEE-SAW for some new addition and subtraction of hours and minutes questions. 
  • Maths trail 
  • Create a maths trail around your house. You could draw a diagram/ map and make a list of questions and answers. 
  • How many shapes can you see? 
  • Can you calculate the area and perimeter of different rooms/ your garden? 
  • Use number to count…  
  • Look for different patterns around your home. 
  • Ms Shine’s class – Mental Maths – next unit. 



  • Spellcheck: unit 32 


  • Reading Zone: Unit 28 – Read the chapter about this mountain climber and answer the questions in this unit. 


  • Choose a poem/ page from your favourite book and copy it in your best handwriting. Post this piece to us on See-Saw. 



  • Practice counting in 2s, 3s, 4s. See page 136 of Bun go Barr.  
  • Practice colours. 
  • Test yourself on these. 


Active Schools Week: 

  • How is your food and lifestyle during Lockdown? Are you more or less/ active? Keep a food diary. See how many fruits and vegetables you can eat this week. Compare a week of food and exercise in lockdown to what you normally do during a school week. 
  • See blank Food Pyramid on See-Saw and fill in.  
  • Find your Super Trooper booklet (given to you in school this year). How many activities and challenges you can complete. 
  • See Active Schools Week videos on the website. 
  • Video/ photograph yourself – doing anything active and share with us on See-Saw. 
  • Create an obstacle course. Possible things to include: 
  • Counting, using colours and instructions as Gaeilge. 
  • Use skipping ropes or whatever you may have in your home.  
  • Take a picture of the obstacle course or draw a diagram. Label and write explanation.  
  • Have fun! 😊 


Mrs O’Connell’s Fourth Class: Ms O’Shaughnessy’s Group. 

Hi girls, I hope you’re all well and enjoying the good weather. It was great to see some of your work on Seesaw during the week. You can upload any of this week’s work to Seesaw and I will have a look at it and answer any questions. Enjoy Active Schools Week! 


Tables-Revision and Games: Revise the following Tables: 

Monday: x 12 

Tuesday: x 2 

Wednesday: x 6 

Thursday: x 8 

Friday: x 3. 

For each of the Tables, complete the following activities (For Fun, no stress! These activities stay the same, you just change the Table that you are working on, and the aim is to increase the speed in which you answer each week / day): 

  1. Table Challenge each day: How quickly can you say the list of multiples for each Table? Ex. 8, 16, 24, 32 etc. Time yourself! Can you improve on your time?
  2. Can you say the multiples backwards, starting with the highest? Ex. 36, 33, 30 etc.
  3. Write out the multiples for your daily table. What is the biggest 4 -digit number you can make? What is the smallest 4- digit number you can make?

I would love to hear you reciting some of these challenges on Seesaw! I might even do one myself and upload it for you to hear! 


This week we are continuing our work on time. This can be a tricky topic. If you need help, try visiting and typing Teaching Clock into the search bar. Alternatively, you could make a clock if you have a paper plate, drawing pin or blue tack and paper or card to make the 2 hands. 

  Answer the following questions: Important Dates

  1. What date is your birthday? What season is it in? On what day does your birthday fall this year (2020, it may or may not have already happened)?
  2. Do you know the birthdays of the people in your family? Mark them on your calendar if you have one!
  3. On what date are the following Feast Days?
  • Christmas Day? 
  • Valentine’s Day? 
  • New Year’s Eve? 
  • Halloween? 
  • Christmas Eve? 
  • St. Patrick’s Day? 
  • St. Brigid’s Day? 
  • New Year’s Day? 



Reading Timetables: Read the timetable below and answer the questions: You may find it helpful to use the online clock.

R.T.É 1, Monday 18th May: 

9.00-9.30: The Simpsons 

9.30-10.15: The Morning Show 

10.15-10.30: The News 

10.30-11.10: Sponge Bob 

11.10-12.00: School on R.T.É 

  1. How long is each programme? 
  2. Which programme is the longest?
  3. Which programme is the shortest?


C: Hours and Minutes: You may find it helpful to use the online clock 

  1. It was 4 p.m. David had been standing at the bus stop since 3.30 p.m. How long was he waiting for the bus? 
  2. Gran came to visit at 7.30 p.m. She went home at 9.10 p.m. How long had she stayed? 
  3. Sarah spent 55 minutes hovering the car and one hour and five minutes washing it (It was very dirty). How long did the whole job take? 
  4. Sally had to go to the dentist so she was 1 hour late arriving to school (Scoil Bhríde). At what time did she arrive in school? 
  5. John spent 45 minutes doing his maths homework, 15 minutes doing his English homework and half an hour doing his Irish homework. How long did he spend altogether?   

Extra work- complete only if you have time to do so 

Problem-Solving/ Practice: 

Monday: What numbers come next in this sequence: 200, 190, _______, 170, 160, 150, _______. 

Tuesday: What is 1/10 (one tenth) of 200? 

Wednesday: 2 hours 30 mins. = how many minutes?  

Thursday: There were 60 children at a cross-country race. The teacher split them into groups of 5. How many children were in each group? 

Friday: Which number is the odd one out and why? 12, 42, 60, 8, 48, 54.  



Look out for an optional activity that I will post on Seesaw! 

Read the following texts from My Read At Home Book 4 and answer the questions orally. If there are any words that you don’t know, look them up. If you don’t have the book at home with you, you can find it at: (Bk 4).  

MRAH Book 4:   

Activity A:  

Monday: P. 84 J.K Rowling 

Tuesday:  P.85 Titanic 

Wednesday: P. 86 Troy 

Thursday: P.87 Three Sisters 

Friday: P. 88 The Giant Under the Yard 

Activity A: Choose one of these options: 

  • Have you read any of the Harry Potter books or seen the films? Can you tell me about one of them? Write approximately one page telling me about it. 
  • List making- can you list all of the Harry Potter books? 


  • Sketch a picture of the Titanic and draw a word map of words that you associate with it: Ex: unsinkable, lifeboats etc. 


 Activity B: If you are using your Seesaw App, why not record yourself reading one of the stories from the My Read At Home book and upload it so I can listen to your reading! 

Writing: Fun With Words! 

Words can be fun! Have a look at the following words. First, guess what they mean and write it down. Next, look the word up and write the exact meaning. Finally, try and use the word in a sentence to show what it means. 









If you go to Ms. Kelly:  


*Please only complete these activities if you get a chance to do so *  


Hi girls. How are you all keeping? I see some fantastic work every day on Seesaw. Well done and keep it going!  


  • This week is Active School Week. I know you all are very active girls. I hope you can exercise every day. I know your teachers are planning lots of fun exercises and active schoolwork this week. Enjoy the fun! 


  • This week I want you to read a selection of recipes for yummy smoothies. I have added a picture of the recipes to Seesaw.  You can find the instructions on page 7 of the online book:


  • Maybe you might get an opportunity to make one of the smoothies with your parents.

You can also look at Ms. Dudgeon’s Video in the Active Home Week section. 


  • Draw a picture of your creation and draw the different ingredients needed to make it.
  • Maybe write a list of the ingredients and find out the names of the ingredients in your own language. 


  • I would love to see a picture of your tasty smoothies and creative pictures and words. Add a picture to Seesaw and tell me all about the process! Enjoy and keep healthy and safe!