Suggested Activities 18th-22nd May

Hi girls,  

This week is Active Home School Week. The weather forecast looks very good, so I encourage you to get out and get active as much as possible. Try to have 60 minutes of physical exercise every day. This weeks work also has an active schools theme. 

Check out the Active Home Section of our website for ideas, challenges and reward charts. 

We love to see what you are getting up to at home. Ms Dargan has set up an email address . If you would like to send us photos of the great work you are doing please send them to this email address. Alternatively photos can be sent via Seesaw. These photos will be added to the school website each Thursday.  

Ms. O’Reilly  


Physical Education:  

Try some of the Extra Challenges on the school website.  

Get your family involved in a morning Wake Up Shake Up. Try dancing along to the teacher’s video! 

Try a home workout with Joe Wicks on Youtube: 

Try a yoga class: 

Create your own family game. You will need to include any equipment needed and also the rules of the game. Use procedural writing to complete this. 




Mental Maths: 

Continue to complete one mental maths activity each day. (Don’t forget about Problem Solving!)  



Daily 10: 

10 minutes each day. Level 4 activities. Set timers to an appropriate time for you! 

If you feel ready, move on to Level 5 activites! 

(Try a mixture of all activities each day – Addition, subtraction, ordering, partitioning, values, rounding, multiplication, division, doubles/halves, fractions) 


Measures: Time.  

Time challenges for Active Schools Week.  

  1. You will need a stop watch (on most phones) and some space.  

How many ___________ can you do in one minute.  

  • Jumping jacks  
  • Desk push ups 
  • Frog jumps  
  • High knees  
  • Lunges  


2. Design a timetable for active schools week.  

Use the sample timetable in your maths book. How long will you spend doing activities? What activities will you take part in every day? At what time will you take part in activities?  

Mathemagic 5 : Chapter 21 (Time)  

Maths book can be found online via the CJFallon online resource bank. Follow these steps to access the book. 

Primary > 5th class > Maths > MathemagicMathemagic 5 > Online Book.  


Complete the chapter in your own time. Pages 93- 96.  

Tips to remember:  

  • There are 60  minutes in an hour  
  • There are 24 hours in a day   
  • AM refers to times in the morning.  
  • PM refers to times after 12 noon.  


Ms. Mc Keon’s Maths Group 

Answers to Last Week’s Work( 11-15 May) 


1.Change these decimals to percentages . 

a) 0.80 = 80% b) 0.06 = 6% c)0.25 = 25%

d) 0.20 = 20% e)0.10= 10% f) 0.18=18%


2.Change these percentages decimals: 

a) 15%= 0.15 b) 19%= 0.19 c) 35%=0.13

d) 56%= 0.56 e) 87%= 0.87 f )9%= 0.09


3. Change these decimals to percentages and then to fractions in lowest terms. 

a) 0.50 = 50% = 50/100 =1/2 b) 0.60= 60%= 60/100 = 6/10= 3/5 c)0.1=10% =10/100=1/10

d) 0. 25 =25% =25/100 =1/4 e) 0.9= 90%=90/100=9/10 f) 0.85=85% =85/100 =17/20


4) Finding percentages of a number 

Find a) 25% of €80 25/100 =1/4 ¼ of 80 =80÷ 4 =20 

b) 10% 0f 70 10% =1/10 1/10 of 70 =70÷ 10 =7

c)50% of 120 50% =1/2 ½ of 120 =120÷ 2=60 

Problems of the week. 

1)Mary had €60. She spent 50% of it in Zara. How much had she left? 50% =1/2 ½ of €60 = €30 so She spent €30 and had €30 left. 

2) A farmer had 80 pigs. He sold 25% of them. How many did he sell? 

25% =1/4 ¼ of 80 = 80÷ 4= 20. He sold 20 pigs. 

3)The 64 children in 5th class are divided into teams of 8. How many teams are there? 64÷8 =8 teams 

4) In 6th class there 60 children. ¾ of them bring in a healthy lunch to school. How many bring in a healthy lunch? 60÷4 = 15 15 x 3 = 45 

5) A plane carries 125 passengers when full . How many passengers altogether travel on 6 full flights? 125 x 6= 750 



                                              Ms. Mc Keon’s  5th Class Maths Group 


1.Revise your tables x÷ 3, x÷ 6, x ÷ 9 

  1. Practise saying yourmultiples .eg 6, 12, 18 .Time yourself. How quickly can you say your multiples? 


Remember : 60 mins= 1hour 15mins =1/4 hour 2hours = 120 mins 

30 mins = ½ hour 45mins = ¾ hour 3hours =180 mins 

Example: How many minutes are there in I hour 10 mins = 60 +10 = 70 minutes 

How many minutes altogether in: 

a) 1hr. 15 mins = mins b) 1 ½ hrs. mins c) 1 ¼ hrs = mins

d) 2hrs 20 mins = mins e) 2hrs 5mins= mins f) 3 hrs 20 mins= mins

Example: How many hours and minutes in 70 mins? 

1hr = 60 mins 70 mins – 60 mins = 10 so 70 mins = 1hr 10 minutes 


How many hours and minutes in: 

a) 100 mins = b) 85 mins= c) 110 mins=

d) 105 mins = e) 140 mins= f) 190 mins=


Time Challenges: 

Use a watch/ phone to time yourself. 

1) How long does it take you to tie your two shoelaces? 

2) How long does it take you to run upstairs and back down again? 

3) How long does it take you to do 10 scissors jumps? 

4) Jog on the spot for 2 minutes. 

5) How many skips can you do in 2 minutes? 


Problems of the Week 

1) A runner takes 43 minutes to run the first half of the race and 38 minutes to run the second half of the race. How long is that in hours and minutes? 

2) A plane flies from Dublin to Knock in 53 minutes. How long is the journey there AND back in hours and minutes? 

3) The Luas takes 37 minutes to travel the length of the line. The driver drives along the line 4 times a day. For how long is he driving the Luas each day? 

**** Post your work on Seesaw**** 




This week we will be moving on to book three in the Famine Trilogy: Fields of Home by Marita Conlon- McKenna.   

I will upload a Read Aloud on Seesaw. There will be no follow on activities- the purpose of this is purely for enjoyment of the story. 

If you happen to have the book why not read along with me! There is no pressure on anyone to purchase a copy of the book.  



Read the following poem and complete the following activities:  

Morning Sports  

While Colin and Casey are practicing catch, 
Victoria’s calling a volleyball match. 
Brianna and Braden are batting a ball 
with racquets and whacking it off of the wall. 


While Thomas is doing his Tae-Kwon-Do kicks, 
a hockey game’s going with ice skates and sticks. 
Roberto and Robin are having a race 
and Desmond is dancing all over the place. 


Belinda is bouncing a ball on her head. 
Fernando and Felix are fencing with Fred. 
Jamahl’s playing jump rope with Jasmine and Jack, 
and Ricky is running with Bree on his back. 


We’re having such fun as we jump, kick, and duel, 
we’ve just now discovered we’re all late for school. 
We’ve suddenly noticed we’re still not there yet, 
and, boy, is the bus driver ever upset. 

— Kenn Nesbitt 




  1. Make a list of  the activities are being played by the children in this poem?  
  1. What do you notice about the children’s names and the sport they are playing? DO you think this is an effective poetry technique? 
  1. Where are the children while they are taking part in these activities? 


Check out more Kenn Nesbitt poetry on this website.  

Write your own poem inspired by Active Schools Week. You could write about your favourite sport, how you like to stay active or staying active at home. Use your imagination!  

Upload your poem to Seesaw. All entries will be added to the school website! 



Spellcheck: Week 26 

Each day:  Complete one box per day.  

  • Look up words in the dictionary to obtain meaning.  
  • Write synonyms (words that mean the same) 
  • Write antonyms (words that mean the opposite)  
  • Write your words in pencil, then  and trace all the consonants in red 
  • Write all the words in alphabetical order 
  • Write each word using 5 different writing tools (pencil, pen, marker, crayon, colouring pencil) 
  • Write your words in pencil, then  and trace all the vowels in blue 
  • Rainbow writing 



Just Handwriting: Complete one page each day.  


Grammar: Singular and Plural 

Become a member on this website and complete the following activities. Once you become a member you can access these and many other activities as often as you like. 


Pupils who go to Ms. Tiernan/ Ms. Mc Keon 

Read at Home Book 5 

If you don’t have the book at home with you go to: 

Primary > 5th class > English > Read at Home > Read at Home Book 5 > Online Book. 

Monday: Back Off, Pal. P.102 

Tuesday: What a Load of Rubbish! P.107 

Wednesday: School Days p.107 

Thursday: White Soda Bread p.108 

Read each story twice. 

Write the answers to the questions in your copy . 

Choose one (or more of the following activities if you have time): 

1) There are some very interesting facts about wild animals on p.102. 

Choose the 5 facts which you found most interesting and write them down 

2) If you can , make the soda bread from the recipe on p. 108 

3) School is very different now to what it was in the past. From what you read on p.107, what did you find most interesting about school in the olden days? 


When you have signed up to Seesaw, choose at least one of the stories above and practise reading it (or part of it) aloud. Record yourself reading and upload it to Seesaw. I’d love to hear you reading. You could also take a picture of some of your work and post it on Seesaw too. 

I’d love to see the great work you’ve done. 

( SNIP Spelling Programme Part 2 ) ) 

Session 5 

( goes, said, huge, squad, sour, urge, cause, talk, size ) 

Learn the spellings following LOOK, SAY, COVER, WRITE, CHECK 

Do one activity each day. Get someone at home to give you a little test on Friday.(or test yourself) 



Léigh sa Bhaile: Read a page each day and listen to the audio. Tell a parent/ sibling what the text was all about. 

Primary > 5th class > Gaeilge  > Léigh sa Bhaile>  Léigh sa bhaile Leabhar E > Online Book.  

Audio Clips of the reading can be found also.  

Primary > 5th class > Gaeilge  > Léigh sa Bhaile>  Léigh sa bhaile Leabhar E > Audio.  

Seesaw Task 1:  Choose a page from the book. Take a photo of it and further record yourself reading it aloud.  



Ríra: Aonad 6 lth 16 & 17.  

Irish book can be found online via the CJFallon online resource bank. Follow these steps to access the book. 

Primary > 5th class > Gaeilge  > Ríra>  Ríra 5 > Online Book.  


Seesaw Task 2: You will be sent a postcard on Seesaw. Write a reply to you showing off as much Gaeilge as you can.  



History Project: Famous Female Athletes 

WILF: Research any female athlete and create a project all about her achievements in sports.  

Choose from the list below or choose your own! 

  • Billie Jean King 
  • Olga Korbut 
  • Megan Rapinoe 
  • Katie Taylor 
  • Omara Durand 
  • Michelle Kwan 
  • Yusra Mardini 
  • Bebe Vio 


Geography: Research the country of origin of your famous female athlete. Complete a Mini Project about this country. Mini Project can e written in Atlas Hunt on the corresponding page. If you have used this page use your copy.  


Science: Small World Science: Chapter 7 The Amazing Human Body.  

Read the chapter and complete the activities. If you can try some of the experiments.  

Primary > 5th class > SESE > Small World>  Small World Geography and Science > Online Book.  


Visual Art:  

Shadow Art: Using a large sheet of paper or chalk on the pavement create some shadow art with a household member. When the sun is high in the sky, hold a sporting pose. Have a household member draw around the shadow. You can then decorate your shadow as much as you like! 



Continue to engage with these activities also:  

  • Play a board game 
  • Create a new game and write the rules  
  • Play a game of cards 
  • Draw/paint a picture 
  • Help with the cooking and the cleaning.  
  • Go for a walk with your parents 
  • Take part in daily exercise 
  • Continue to enjoy the activities you love in the safety of your home- singing, dancing, playing and instrument, creating dramas, writing stories etc. 
  • Listen to interesting podcasts. 

  • Watch television that will help you to learn about the world around you. 
  • Read as much as you can!