Suggested Activities 18th-22nd May

This week is Active Schools Week, we encourage parents and children to be as active and to engage in as much physical activity and exercise as possible. 


Below are some ideas to support this: 


Elephant Breathing: Stand with your feet wide apart. Interlace your fingers in front of you. Inhale through your nose, raising your arms high above your head, like an elephant lifting up its trunk. Exhale through your mouth as you bend forward, swinging your hands down through your legs. 


Obstacle Course: Find a variety of materials, toys, games etc. to make a fun obstacle course at home. Encourage your child to design the obstacle course first, allow them to be creative as possible. You can even race your child to see who completes the course the fastest. 


Yoga: This is a fantastic activity that promotes strength, flexibility, energy and self-esteem. Here is a ‘Frozen’ yoga tutorial that your child is sure to enjoy. 


Play a new game or sport: Games like hopscotch, hide and seek, tag or Simon Says are simple and easy games that can be done with little materials. Try expose your child to a new sport like tennis, soccer, gaeilic football, camogie, basketball etc.   




  • Go on a nature walk/jog/run with your child. Encourage your child to be aware of the things she may see, hear, smell or feel. Ask her to look around the environment for flowers, trees, animals, insects or landmarks etc. 
  • Choose one thing you found in the environment E.g. Dandelion, Ladybird, Sycamore Tree or a local landmark. Draw a picture of your findings. 
  • Make a mini project about what you found in the environment, come up with some facts about what you have chosen. 


  • Letter Writing: Discuss the features of Letter Writing (Address in the right-hand corner, greetings, paragraphs, endings) 
  • Ask your child to write a short letter to a loved one, encourage her to be as creative as possible. She could write about all the things she has done during the lockdown and how she is feeling. 
  • While on your nature walk, you could walk to your nearest post box/office. 
  • Spellcheck – Week 31 – Practise 3 spellings each day and have a spelling test on Friday    
  • Reading – 2/4 pages of reader each day and any other books you have at home.  





First Class Maths Trail 

  1. Name something in your home that is shorter than your pencil


  1. Name something in your home that is longer than your pencil


  1. How many fingers and toes have you altogether?


  1. How many legs altogether have the members of your family?


  1. Name the people in your family that are taller/smaller than you


  1. How many windows in your home?


  1. What shape are the windows in your home?


  1. Make a circle using stones
  2. Make a triangle from twigs
  3. Make a square using twigs
  4. Name 3 things you can see outside that are in the shape of a cylinder


  1. Name 3 things you can see outside that are in the shape of a sphere


  1. Find two plant pots
  2. Find 10 flowers
  3. Write down five different places where you can find numbers in your home/outside
  4. _____________________________
  5. _____________________________
  6. _____________________________
  7. _____________________________
  8. _____________________________
  9. Find and draw four items in your home that are used to hold liquid
















Haka Gaelach 


Uilinn dheas, uilinn chlé (touch right elbow, touch left elbow) 

Bualadh bos! Bualadh bos! (clap hands, clap hands) 

Gualainn dheas, gualainn chlé (touch right shoulder, touch left shoulder) 

Bualadh bos, bualadh bos. (clap hands, clap hands) 

Lámha ar na glúine (hands on knees) 

Cromaigí! Cromaigí! (bend down, bend down) 

Lámha in airde (hands in the air) 

Éirigí! Éirigí! (wave hands) 

Síos ar na glúine (down on knees) 

Lámha sna cluasa (hands on ears) 

Bualadh bos! Bualadh bos! (clap hands, clap hands) 

Léimigí Suas! (jump up) 




  • Listening and responding to music: Have a brief chat about how music can make you feel.  Talk to your child about the different instruments they know. 
  • Play the composition ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’ to your child but don’t tell them the name. Ask your child to close their eyes and listen to music. Ask them what animal/insect they think the music is about and why. 
  • Ask your child about the instruments they hear and how it makes them feel, for example, fast music may make us feel exited. 
  • Then play the animated version of the video for your child and see if their guess was right. 
  • Play the composition again and ask your child to draw a picture about it. 



  • Visit the school website and practice our dance ‘Saturday Night’  
  • Visit the RTE Junior website and practice the 10 @ 10 exercises 
  • Search P.E with Joe on YouTube for a fun indoor PE session with the Body Coach.   



Grow in Love 1st Class – Theme 6 Celebrating Mass – Lesson 2: Do this in memory of me 

To access   

  1. go to    
  1. Sign in using the following details: Email: Password: growinlove   

Listen to the parable of the Lost Sheep  


Extra Activties  

Home School Hub on RTE 2 every day from 11a.m to 12p.m. Watch our very own Ms Ní Chíosain!  


If you have any pictures of any work or activities you have done, feel free to send them to our email  





If you go to Ms. Kelly:  


*Please only complete these activities if you get a chance to do so *  


Hi girls. How are you all keeping? I miss you all. Well done so far and keep the hard work going!  


  • This week is Active School Week. I know you all are very active girls. I hope you can exercise every day. I know your teachers are planning lots of fun exercises and active schoolwork this week. Enjoy the fun! 


  • This week I want you to read a selection of recipes for yummy smoothies. You can find the instructions on page 7 of the online book:    Get an adult to help you if you need some help reading the steps. 


  • Maybe you might get an opportunity to make one of the smoothies with your parents. 


  • Draw a picture of your creation and draw the different ingredients needed to make it. 


  • Maybe write a list of the ingredients and find out the names of the ingredients in your own language.  


  • I would love to see a picture of your tasty smoothies and creative pictures and words. You can send a photo of your pictures to 


  •  Enjoy and keep healthy and safe! Bye for now, Ms. Kelly 😊 




Ms O’Shaughnessy’s Group/Ms. McKeon’s Group: 

Hello girls, we hope you are all well and enjoying the good weather. Hopefully it will last so that you can get out and about during Active Schools Week. Here are some activities that you might like to do if you have time. You do not have to do them, only if you want to. 


Reading: My Read At Home Book 1 (Ms O’Shaughnessy’s girls should have this in your yellow folders) or go to 

Read the stories and answer the questions orally (you do not need to write the answers, this reading is just for enjoyment). You may need to ask someone to help you or to listen to your reading. 

Monday: p.73 Ben’s Parrot 

Tuesday: p. 74 The Farmer 

Wednesday: p.75 Supergirl and Ketchup Ken 

Thursday: p.76 Nip 

Friday: p.77 Rocket 

Activity: Re-read the story Supergirl. If you were Supergirl, what would you do? Draw a picture of you as Supergirl and write a sentence or two underneath it. 

Extra Activity: Click on this link to listen to the story  

Can you think of a time that you were in trouble? Write a few sentences about it. 


You can visit for an overview of the Jolly Phonics sounds. 

Do some, or all of the following activities. It can be a good idea to write the letters on a piece of paper or card and cut them out. Some of you may have a little bag of letters in your folders: 

Jolly Phonics Groups: 

Group 1: s, a, t, i, p, n 

Group 2: c, k (make the same sound), e, h, r, m, d 

Group 3: g, o, u, l, f, b 

Group 4: ai, j, oa, ee, or  

New: Group 5: z, w, ng, v, oo, oo 

Monday: z 

  • How many words can you think of that begin with the z sound? Can you write any of them down? 
  • Do you know any names that begin with the Z sound? Can you spell them? 
  • Can you make any 3 letter words with the z sound? 
  • Can you write the letter z correctly? It can be tricky! 

Tuesday: w  

Repeat the above activities for the new sound 

Wednesday: ng 

We hear the ng sound at the end of a word.  

  • How many words do you know that end in ng? Can you write any of them down? 
  • You should be able to use your letter groups to make some 4 letter words that end in ng, for example: sing. How many of these words can you make? 
  • Thursday: v

Repeat the above activities 

Friday-oo/ oo: 

  • Make a list of some oo words that have the same sound as in look 
  • Make a list of some oo words that have the same sound as in moon. 
  • Play a quick game- ask someone to write down the words and point to them. You must decide which oo sound the word has and read and pronounce it correctly. 


  Dolch Sight Words: 

How are you getting on with your Dolch words? If you have played the memory and matching games, you can try the Spelling game this week. and click on Dolch Primer Games. Go to Primer Spelling Game. You can move up or down a level as required. 


You can visit the website for some good revision games 


Monday: Hand Game:   

Pick a starting point, ex: 12. If “teacher (parent or guardian)” raises her/his hand up it means the child must count one digit more, if the hand faces down it means the child must count one digit less. So: The child or parent can pick a card, Ex: 12. If the parent raises his/ her hand, the child must show the 13 card, if they face their hand down, the child must show the 11 card. You can work in any number range: Ex: 1-20, 1-30, 1-50. It might be nice to have the numbers cut out in front of you. 

Tuesday: Counting On with Counters:  

Give your child a collection of 10/12 small counters that she can line up from left to right on the table. Tell her to count four counters and push them under a cup. Now put out some more counters on the table (keep the ones under the cup hidden). Say: How many counters are on the table? And how many are under the cup (child has to remember)? So how many is that altogether? Change the amount of counters to be hidden under the cup and the amount of counters to be added on. 

Wednesday: 100 Square jigsaws:  

A 100 square cut up into segments. Hand out the segments to the child and ask her to put it back together again. You can also visit this link to try similar activities. 

Thursday: There are 21 different ways to add up to 8. Write as many of them as you can. You may need to use a number line, your fingers or a hundred square. 

Friday: Why not check out this nice little Maths activity? It does some more work on making ten in a fun and interesting way