Suggested Activities 18th-22nd May

Hello everyone!

Thank you all for the photos and feedback through your emails to we are so happy to hear how you are getting on.

If you would like to send us photos or an email, but do not want your photos posted on the website just let us know. We would still love to hear from you!

This week is active school week, so make sure to be as active as you can be!

We know it’s a hectic time for lots of families so please don’t feel under pressure to do all the activities below. Every household is different and whatever you are doing as a family is great. If you can even pick a few of the activities to complete that would be great. Our main work is to keep practising our ABCs and 123s.


Number – Counting and making 5 

  • Miss Gilroy is showing us how to count to ten while doing ten different exercises. Can you try to count with her? Can you think of any other exercises? Can you count to ten in another language?  
  • Watch Ms. Gilroy’s video “ Making 5” here, and try to play this game at home. 
  • For this game you will need; one cup per player, a dice, some paper and sticky-tape and counting objects (counters, lego, lollypop sticks or anything you can find!) 
  •  How many different ways did you make five? – 2 and 3 make 5 
  • Try to complete these number sentences: 

  • Can you think of any more number sentences? Try to write your own! 

Time – days of the week 

  • Keep practising your days of the week. 
  • Using your flashcards that you made last week practise ordering the days – singing our song might help with this, the last day of the week is Sunday and the first is Monday. 
  • Can you find…? With the days of the week in the right order say different days of the week and ask your daughter to point to it. 
  • “If today is…” – choosing different days of the week, ask your daughter if today is Tuesday what day was it yesterday? And what day will it be tomorrow? 


  • Continue to revise and write a letter each day, do this in your phonics homework book. What is the letter’s name? What sound does it make? Can you find something that starts with the letter? 
  • Revise your letter sounds – Can you sing the alphabet by pointing to each letter as you sing? 


  • This week Ms. Meenagh is reading us a story called “My Family”. Is there any family like yours? Are there families that are different to yours? Who is in your family? 
  • Write a sentence telling us who is in your family. You might need help when practicing writing names. Complete this sentence “ In my family there is________________”(Mam, lucy etc.)  
  • Draw a picture of your family. 
  • We are learning the poem “Families” 


Families are big, 

Families are small, 

Families give love and care to us all, 

People in families work and play too,  

I belong with my family and so do you! 


  • Can you find any words in this poem that sound the same? 
  • Practice saying this poem with someone in your family. 
  • Watch Ms. Meenagh saying the poem – try to join in with actions! 


  • Our Reader: Splash! Available online on you can set up a free parents account and see all the Reading Zone books there. 
  • Revise each word we have learned so far!  


Mo Theaghlach (Family) 

Listen to and practise saying the vocabulary and phrases in Ms. McGeough’s video.

  • Ag siúl (walking) Phonetically pronounced – “egg shool”   
  • Ag rith (running) – “egg rih” 
  • Ag léim(jumping) – “egg lame” 
  • Ag snámh (swimming) – “egg snawv” 
  • Ag dámsha (dancing) – “ egg dow sa” 
  • Ag ithe (eating) – “egg igh ha” 
  • Teidí(Teddy)  
  • Caitheamh aimsire (hobbies) – “caw hiv am shira” 
  • An bhfuil Teddy ag______?  ( Is Teddy _____ing?)  
  • Tá Teidí ag _____. ( Teddy Is ______ing) 
  • Níl Teddy ag _____. ( Teddy is not _______ing)  
  • Tá mé ag _____. ( I am _____ing) 
  • Níl mé ____. ( I am not____)   


Suggested activities: 

  • Draw pictures of each of these words and make your own flashcards. 
  • Ask your child to act out the action when shown a picture and say the word. 
  • Mím (mime) – in pairs or in a group, mime the action and the other person must guess (in Irish) what they are doing. 
  • Cluiche Kim: line the flashcards up in a row. Point to each card and say the word. Tell your child to close her eyes and then remove one card. When she opens her eyes again she must guess which card is missing. 
  • Simon says – Simon says “Bí ag _______(rith/running, ithe/eating).” Bí ag pronounced “Bee egg” 
  • Do you know how to say any of these words in a different language? 


Once you know these words really well, listen to Ms. McGeough saying the rhyme: “Is Féidir Liom Rith” ( I can Run) 

Suggested activities: 

  • Draw a picture of Teddy doing these activities. What activities can you do that Teddy can not do? 
  • Don’t worry if your child does not understand every word in the rhyme. It is only important they understand they main vocabulary.  
  • TG4 an Irish Broadcaster on television has a version of RTÉ’s home school hub. Here is the timetable of programmes below… 

  • Naíonáin is Infant level. Dé Luain(Monday), Dé Máirt (Tuesday) , Dé Céadaoin (Wednesday), Déardaoin(Thursday), Dé hAoine (Friday) 





  • Watch Ms. Toomey’s Music Videos where you will learn the song “Ickle Ockle” 


Ickle Ockle blue bottle, fishes in the sea, 

If you want a partner, please choose me! 

  • Practise clapping the rhythm of other songs and nursery rhymes you might know, for example, “Twinkle, Twinkle”, “Mary had a Little Lamb” 
  • Make your own traffic lights and play the Traffic Lights Game with the rest of your family. 


  • It’s Active School’s week! 
  • Practise dancing to “Saturday Night” with all the teachers in their new video!  
  • Do your ten exercises daily with Ms. Gilroy while practising your counting! 
  • Go on a nature walk, and look for signs of summer! 
  • Try RTÉ’s operation transformation’s 10@10 challenges 
  • Please send us pictures of any other way you have been keeping active! 



Section B 

Please consider doing some of the following… 

  • If you like please keep a little diary of all your activity – we would be delighted to see this diary when we return to school.   



Thank you so much to everyone for sending photographs of your work. Send photos of any of these activities to us at Please include your child’s name, her teacher’s name and whether you’re happy for us to share the picture on our website.  We put photographs up every Thursday, so keep an eye out for you and your friends’ work! 

Missing you all and hoping all of you are keeping safe and happy.  

Le grá,  

Ms. Gilroy and Ms. Meenagh