Active Schools Week   “Our thoughts and poems” 



Active School Week  

It’s active school week  

Stay home and stay safe 

There’s lots to be doing  

To keep us safe  

We can skip 

Jump and run 

These are all fun  

Fall in love with your garden  

And get your gloves on  

We can climb a mountain 

Using the stairs 

Who cares! 

Remember it’s active week  

Stay off the sofa 

And stay active this week.  


By Aimee  



Active week  

It’s active week hooray! 

We’ll be dancing,  

We’ll be prancing,  

We’ll be skipping 

We’ll be jumping,  

As we go to school each day! 


It’ active week hooray! 

We’ll be running  

We’ll be jogging 

We’ll be walking,  

To school today! 


We’ll be active today,  

We’ll be running all the way! 

We’ll have fun in the sun each day,  

It’s active week hooray!! 


By Alicia  


Playing Outside  

It’s sunny outside,  

All the kids are playing,  

Some are racing and some are skating,  

Afterwards they played 

Football and enjoyed their day.  


By Amanda 


My Favourite Sport 


We are stuck at home and really bored with nothing to do.  

I miss my friends and my school and going outside every day.  


My brother and I were thinking, there must be something to do  

We were thinking and thinking  

Until we decided to search around the house 

When we were searching, we found a tennis ball and a racket in the corner of the attic.  


It was a nice and sunny day 

So we decided to go outside and play  

We went outside and played for a little while. 

It was a lot of fun 

We didn’t want to stop playing.  


After playing we noticed that we weren’t bored at home anymore 

We played morning and evening 

And it was a lot of fun 

Our favourite tennis game kept us active 

During our stay at home.  


By Aoife 




Let’s stay active, let’s have fun  

We’ll have games for everyone 

Soccer, football, rugby too  

We’ll find the one that’s for you  

What about hockey, judo, karate and swimming too 

Now come on, there’s lots to do! 


Tennis, ping-pong, bowling too 

There’s so much more that we can do 

Tag, baseball and kung fu 

What about gymnastics?  

Hey! That’s the sport for you  

Handstands, cartwheels, flips for you 

Are so much fun for you and me! 

Now don’t you see we found your sport? 

So now will you help me?  


By Emma 




A is for acrobats for flips and tricks 

C is for car racing ready set go  

T is for tennis tournaments 

I is for ice hockey a game played on ice 

V is for volleyball a sport I was taught 

E is for equestrian horse racing  


By Hadja 




Swimming and Splashing through watery waves 

Prizes and Points for various games  

Obstacle courses and some jumping jacks  

Running s fact as you can on the track 

Tennis and rugby and games of all sorts 

So many different and wonderful sports.  


By Isabel  


The Ball  


So many people look at that rounded shape 

A sphere it is, and it’s so very faint 

But many people know the importance of this ball 

For it sparked many sports, it may be all  

But still very impressive for it’s oh so dull shape,  

It can be played in the countryside or a cityscape 

This sphere sparked tennis and football 

And ping pong and golf 

It sparked basketball and badminton 

And volleyball and cricket 

Sparking hurling and rugby 

And hockey and pool 

So as you can see 

This shape 

Brings to all 

In just one simple ball.  


By Julie Anne 


Staying Active 


Staying active is really fun,  

Take my word an join the fun,  

From playing games to riding a bike,  

From jumping to running and having fun,  

It’s a challenge that you will not repent,  

So hop, skip and join the fun.  

By Nicole 




It was a very lovely day,  

The kids went out to play 

Played some volleyball,  

And a couple of games. 


By Pauline  




Energy is key for  

Exercising, it’s important! 

Exercise can reduce body fat 

It can also build muscle mass! 

It improves your breathing 

Strong is what it makes you! 

Exercising makes you happy! 


By Sasha 


Active at Home 


I love staying active 

I hate staying home 

And although I am active 

I am bored to the bone! 


By Zofia  


Active Home Week  


Now we are stuck  

At home but 

We can get active with skipping ropes 

And outdoor games 

Get up and get active 



By Riya 




Sport oh sport  

What kind of sport am I doing today?  

I could run around the park 

Or run on the spot 

As long as I do it all day  

Sport of sport 

What kind of sport am I doing today?  

As long as I don’t slouch 

Or sit on the couch 

I’ll be fit all day  



By Kayla C  


Active School Week  


It’s active school week,  

Come on get up on your feet 

What sports do you like?  

Hockey or hike?  

Or maybe you’d prefer football 

If you do, it’s your call 

If you do running, your as quick as a streak  

Get up! It’s Active School Week  


By Kymi 




A-ctive is  

C-ool like swimming in  

T-he pool 

I am active at home and school  

V-igourous activity 

E-xercise is fun! 


By Hannah  


A Recipe to be Active at Home 


To be active at home 

You don’t need a bow 

Just dollops and pinches of active things 


A pinch of a sprint,  

A dollop of skips with some fancy magic tricks,  

To make being active even more attractive,  

For people who are inactive,  

A piece of lunges,  

And a pinch of a drink to keep us going,  

A bit of jogging,  

Will lift our spirits,  

And keep us all fit,  

During this active week! 


By Carla  


The Trainer 


The trainer is playing football 

Go play with him, don’t forget your ball 


If you don’t like it try tennis 

But don’t forget your racket.  


Try shoot with a ball  

Inside a bucket 


Since you have to keep two metres away  

Go to a room to do some exercises 

But don’t forget to get the door locked.  


By Maya 


The Boy Who Aced All Sports

There once was a boy who truly despised

Every form of exercise

He refused to do any sport

Of any kind, of any sort.


The boy woke one day to see

He’d been gifted the ability

To excel in hockey and dodgeball

Cricket, tennis any sport at all.


He decided to try swimming first

And after a day, found himself immersed

In football, parkour, basketball

(He aced rugby, for he was quite tall)


He took a rest after a day

That consisted of mostly play

And thought “Perhaps I don’t despise

Every form of exercise”.


By Lexi