Dear Parents/Guardians, 


Thank you all for your amazing on-going response to our online activities and for the wonderful photos and videos you are sending in to us. It brings a smile to my face to see all the girls, trying out recipes, painting, doing fitness activities, doing project work, practising writing, sums, writing lovely poems and so much more. I’ve learned facts about the earth, about the orchestra and even brushed up on a little Irish with one of our Senior Infants and her Teddy. Do check out all the videos that have been sent in by our girls. They are worth seeing! We have such a lot to be proud of in Scoil Bhríde Cailíní. Of course, the quality of the work being returned is a huge tribute to you, our parents, who have supported, encouraged and supervised this work, in what we realise may be very challenging circumstances. A huge thanks to all of you from all of us.  


Aladdin Connect & Online Payments: 


We have included two important notices on the Home Page of our website, which will update you on new school developments. Please read these notices carefully. One relates to Aladdin Connect which will enhance our communication with you in the future and the other relates to the online payment system we have now put in place to allow you to easily pay for your daughter’s books for next year. All you need to do is click on the link in the text message already sent to you. This will allow you to make the payment due for your books and also for the school pupil insurance, if you wish to avail of this cover. We will then look after the rest and have your books waiting for you in September. There has been a great uptake on this already and we really appreciate this. 



Transition to Secondary Webinar: 


We have also added a useful link on our website to a ‘Transition to Secondary’ webinar. You will find this link at the top of the 5th and 6th class work. This will help to guide and support parents and pupils as they prepare for the next stage of the education journey. We would encourage all parents of 5th and 6th class pupils to check out this webinar. 



Collection of Pupils’ Items & Rental Book Drop Off: 


Later in June, we will organise a time slot for a member of every family to come to the school. We will have a bag ready for you containing any materials belonging to your daughter, a booklist for next year, insurance form and your child’s report. In turn we ask that you organise a bag containing all the school rental books that your daughter has at home (excluding workbooks). This is most important as these books are required for pupils for next year and if they are not returned, it will impose an unnecessary replacement cost on the school finances. As you know, the rental book system allows schools to keep school book costs as affordable as possible, so it is in all our interests to support this school policy. I would therefore ask for your cooperation in ensuring that you have all these books identified and ready for the return date, which will be given to you at a later point. 



Finally, I hope that you are enjoying the additional freedom granted under the 1st phase of the release from lockdown, whilst also being very mindful of observing the guidelines attached to this phase. We all need to work together to ensure that we fully observe the guidelines and thereby support the frontline workers, who have risked and continue to risk so much on our behalf. We cannot allow that through our negligence or impatience, that their sacrifice, will have been in vain. Ní neart go cur le chéile. There’s strength in unity!  

Take care and I hope you all have a good week. 


Le gach dea-ghuí, 


Paula Dargan