Suggested Activities 25th-29th May


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Hello everyone,

We hope that you enjoyed Active Home Week last week and thank you to everyone who sent in photos and emails about how they kept active at home. We love seeing your work at home and are missing you all so much.

If you would like to send us photos or an email, but do not want your photos posted on the website just let us know. We would still love to hear from you!


Activities May 25th – 29th 2020

Section A


Continue to revise and write a letter each day, do this in your phonics homework book. What is the letter’s name? What sound does it make? Can you find something that starts with the letter?

Sound revision: Ms. Gilroy goes over our 26 sounds and practises saying the sounds and naming the letters. Can you write down your letters so you can practise too? Can you sing the alphabet by pointing to each letter as you sing?

CVC words (consonant vowel consonant) Ms Gilroy is working on two word families the -ap family and the –ag family. Can you practise writing the words? You might be able to draw some pictures too. If you would like to share your work please do email to

Rhyming words: Ms. Gilroy shows a reading game where she finds word that have the same ending and the one that doesn’t sound the same. Words that have the same ending or rhyme are called Word Families. Can you practise copying down the word families?

Story: this week have a look at the story The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Suess, it’s full of rhyming words. See if you can spot them!

If you enjoyed this story there are more Dr. Suess Living Books on the same YouTube channel.

Our Reader: Splash! Available online on you can set up a free parents account and see all the Reading Zone books there. If you have read Splash! There are two Supplementary Books ‘3A – Finn Jumps In!!’ and ‘3B – Little Zack” which practise all the words in ‘Core Reading Book 3 – Splash!’


Ten Little Mermaids – sing along with Ms. Meenagh’s maths song. Can you hold up the correct number of fingers as you sing along?

Hide and Peek – watch Ms. Meenagh explaining this maths game practise your estimating and counting skills.

Addition – Continue practising your number sentences with Ms. Meenagh’s addition video. How many different number sentences can you write?

Money – next week we will be looking at counting money and shopping. It would be great if you could look at 1c, 2c, 5c and 10c coins at home and practise matching with these coins and ordering by worth. You could play shop with items priced at 1c 2c 5c 10c and practise using the coins.


Music – sing along with Ms. Meenagh’s Ten Little Mermaid song (see above)

Art – can you draw a little mermaid yourself? If you would like help try watching this how-to video.



An Aimsir (The Weather)

Listen to and practise saying the vocabulary and phrases in Ms. Toomey’s video: An Aimsir.

· Fluich (wet)

· Fuar (cold)

· Te (hot)

· Tirim (dry)

· Gaofar (windy)

· Scamallach (cloudy)

· Cén saghas lae é?( What kind of a day is it?/ What’s the weather like?)

· Tá an lá _____. (It is a _____ day.)

· Tá an cailín ag an trá. (The girl is at the beach.)

· Tá uachtar reoite aici. (She has an ice-cream.)

· Is maith léi uachtar reoite. (She likes ice-cream.)

Listen to Ms. Toomey singing “Tá an lá fluich inniu”. Copy the actions and sing along!

· Tá an lá …. inniu. (It is …. today).

Suggested activities:

– Your child can draw weather symbols and use these to present “The Weather Forecast” in Irish every morning.

– Make two sets of flashcards for the above vocabulary and use them to play the Matching Game and Snap.

– Learn and sing “Tá an lá fluich inniu”.

– Do you know how to say any of these words in a different language?


· Watch Ms. Toomey’s video about the “Signs of Summer”.

· Can you think of any other signs of summer that were not mentioned in this video?

· Draw a summer picture and try to include as many signs of summer as you can.

· Write a sentence “My favourite thing about summer is ____.”

· Watch Ms. Toomey’s “Nature Walk”

· Scavenger Hunt: Write down or draw pictures of the following words on a sheet of paper.

– Daisy

– Buttercup

– Bluebell

– Ladybird

– Butterfly

– Bumblebee

– Green leaf

– Bird

– Spider

– Fuchsia

· Go for a nature walk or go out into your garden with your list and put a tick beside the things you find.

· Can you make your own scavenger hunt for someone else in your family?

Section B 

Please consider doing some of the following… 

  • If you like please keep a little diary of all your activity – we would be delighted to see this diary when we return to school.   

Thank you so much to everyone for sending photographs of your work. Send photos of any of these activities to us at Please include your child’s name, her teacher’s name and whether you’re happy for us to share the picture on our website.  We put photographs up every Thursday, so keep an eye out for you and your friends’ work! 

Missing you all and hoping all of you are keeping safe and happy.  

Le grá,  

Ms. Gilroy and Ms. Meenagh