Suggested Activities 25th-29th May


Dublin West Education Centre is running a webinar which may be of interest to parents/guardians who have children in 5th/6th classes.

 20SPR60 Transition to Second Level: An Adventure and a Challenge

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Hi girls,  

It was amazing to see so many of you getting involved with Active Schools Week. We enjoyed seeing you getting out and getting active with your families. Try to keep that up this week too.  

We love to see what you are getting up to at home. Ms Dargan has set up an email address . If you would like to send us photos of the great work you are doing please send them to this email address. Alternatively photos can be sent via Seesaw. This photos will be added to the school website each Thursday.  

Ms. O’Reilly  



Mental Maths: 

Continue to complete one mental maths activity each day. (Don’t forget about Problem Solving!)  



Daily 10: 

10 minutes each day. Level 4 activities. Set timers to an appropriate time for you! 

If you feel ready, move on to Level 5 activites! 

(Try a mixture of all activities each day – Addition, subtraction, ordering, partitioning, values, rounding, multiplication, division, doubles/halves, fractions) 


Shape and Space: 3D Shapes  

Mathemagic 5 : Chapter 36 (3D shapes)   

Maths book can be found online via the CJFallon online resource bank. Follow these steps to access the book. 

Primary > 5th class > Maths > MathemagicMathemagic 5 > Online Book.  


Complete the chapter in your own time. Pages 153- 15 

Shape Hunt: Try to find 10 examples of 3D shapes in your own home. Group them together and upload a photo to Seesaw.  


Create: If possible, print the nets of these 3D shapes. Which ones can you make? 

Alternatively make 3D models using spaghetti and marshmallows!  



Ms. Mc Keon’s Maths Group 


How many minutes altogether in: 

  1. a) 1hr. 15 mins = 75mins. mins b) 1 ½ hrs. mins= 90mins. c) 1 ¼ hrs = 75mins .
  2. d) 2hrs 20 mins =140mins. mins e) 2hrs 5mins=125mins. f) 3 hrs 20 mins=200mins.

How many hours and minutes in: 

  1. a) 100 mins = 1 hr. 40 mins b) 85 mins= 1hr.25mins c) 110 mins= 1hr.50 mins.
  2. d) 105 mins = 1hr.45mins e) 140 mins= 2hrs. 20 mins. f) 190 mins= 3hrs 10mins.

Problems of the Week 

1) A runner takes 43 minutes to run the first half of the race and 38 minutes to run the second half of the race. How long is that in hours and minutes? 

43 + 38 =81 mins. = 1hr 21 mins. 

2) A plane flies from Dublin to Knock in 53 minutes. How long is the journey there AND back in hours and minutes? 53 + 53= 106 mins. =1hr. 46 mins 

3) The Luas takes 37 minutes to travel the length of the line. The driver drives along the line 4 times a day. For how long is he driving the Luas each day? 

37 x 4= 148 mins. = 2hrs 28 mins. 


                                              Ms. Mc Keon’s  5th Class Maths Group 

Keep practising your tables. x÷ 6, x÷ 7, x÷ 8 

*** See how quickly you can do the number wheels on Seesaw*** 


Reminder : am is used for times in the morning 

pm is used for times after 12 noon 

1.Write these times using am or pm 

Examples: ½ past 2 in afternoon = 2.30 pm ¼ to 4 in morning – 3.45 am 

  1. a) 3 o’clock in afternoon= b) ¼ past 6 in morning
  2. c) ½ past 7 in evening = d) 20 past 8 in morning

e)10 to 11 at night f)1/4 to 5 in afternoon 

Digital watches and clocks often show time in 24 hour time. 

Examples: 2.15 am = 02.15 7.30 pm = 19.30 10.30 pm = 22.30 

(Remember to add 12 to pm times) 

2.Write these times using the 24 hour clock . 

  1. a) 6.15 pm b) 8.30 am c) 4.45 pm
  2. d) 1.20 pm e) 11.05 pm f) 6.10 am

3.Write these times using am or pm 

Example: 09.40 = 9.40 am 20.10 = 8.10 pm 

  1. a) 07.20 = b) 16.20 = c) 22.30 =
  2. d) 08.50 = e) 23.30 = f) 18.45=

Try more questions like this on p.136-138 Maths Matters 5. 

Try adding hrs and mins. Example: Hrs Mins 

1 30 

2 35 

3 10 

6 hrs 7 5mins = 7hrs 15mins 


1) 2 hrs. 15 mins + 1 hr. 30 mins + 3 hrs 25 mins. 

2) 3hrs. 35 mins + 2 hrs 40 mins + 1 hr. 30 mins 




This week we will be moving on to book three in the Famine Trilogy: Fields of Home by Marita Conlon- McKenna.   

I will upload a Read Aloud on Seesaw. There will be no follow on activities- the purpose of this is purely for enjoyment of the story. 

If you happen to have the book why not read along with me! There is no pressure on anyone to purchase a copy of the book.  


Read the following poem and complete the following activities:  


The Marrog  

My desk’s at the back of the class 

And nobody knows but nobody knows 

I’m a Marrog, from Mars 

With a body of brass 

And seventeen fingers and toes. 

Wouldn’t they shriek if they knew 

I’ve three eyes in the back of my head 

And my hair is bright purple, 

My nose is deep blue 

And my teeth are half- yellow and half-red. 

My five arms are silver and spiked 

With knives on them shaped that spears. 

I could go right back now if I liked—— 

And return in a million light years. 

I could gobble them all 

For I am seven foot tall 

And I’m breathing green flames from my ears. 

Wouldn’t they yell if they knew, 

If they guessed a Marrog was here? 

Ha ha they haven’t a clue – 

Or they would tremble in fear! 

“Look, look, a Marrog” 

They’d all scream – and smack 

The blackboard would fall and the ceiling would crack 

A teacher would faint, I suppose. 

But I would grin to myself, sitting right at the back 

And nobody, nobody knows. 

  1. C. Scriven



  1. Where is the Marrog during this poem? 
  2. How would the children react if they say the Marrog?  
  3. What would the teacher do if she saw the Marrog?  
  4. Why do you think the Marrog visited this classroom?  
  5. Can you find five sets of rhyming words in this poem? (tip: words at the end of each line)  
  6. Draw a picture of the marrog.  
  7. Describe the marrog in your own words.  
  8. What would you ask the Marrog if you met it in your classroom?  



Spellcheck: Week 27 

Each day:  Complete one box per day.  

  • Look up words in the dictionary to obtain meaning.  
  • Write synonyms (words that mean the same) 
  • Write antonyms (words that mean the opposite)  
  • Write your words in pencil, then  and trace all the consonants in red 
  • Write all the words in alphabetical order 
  • Write each word using 5 different writing tools (pencil, pen, marker, crayon, colouring pencil) 
  • Write your words in pencil, then  and trace all the vowels in blue 
  • Rainbow writing 



Just Handwriting: Complete one page each day.  


Grammar: Proof Reading 

Put your skills to the test. Read the following piece of text. Find all ten mistakes. Rewrite correctly in your copy.  


Last weak, the children in Scoil Bhríde Cailíní took part in active Schools Week. This year it had to take place at home. The children were asked to play games and complete challenges with there familys. Many children danced, rode bikes, walked in the park or skipping. The teachers got involved two. The children in fifth class writed poems about staying active. These can be found on hour school website. The teachers got involved two. They made dance videos, workout videos and healthy eating videos. From all reports it was a fun week were the families got active together in the sunshine.   




Find tougher challenges here: 


Pupils who go to Ms. Tiernan/ Ms. Mc Keon 

Read at Home Book 5 


If you don’t have the book at home with you go to: 

Primary > 5th class > English > Read at Home > Read at Home Book 5 > Online Book. 


***It’s great to see all the work you are doing on Seesaw. You can read some of these stories and when you’re ready, record yourself reading and upload to SEESAW. I’d love to hear you .You can also take a picture of the answers to your questions or the activities below and post them too.*** 


Monday: Lightning p.109 

Tuesday: D- Day P.111 

Wednesday: Slime p.112 

Thursday: The New Bike p.113 

  • Read each story twice. 
  • Write the answers to the questions in your copy . 
  • Choose one (or more of the following activities if you have time): 

1) If you have ever seen lightning and heard thunder as described in this story, write a few sentences describing what you saw and heard. 

2) Work out how long ago it is since D-Day. Write three sentences summarising what happened on D-Day. 

3) Read about making slime on p. 112. We will make some when we are back in school. 

4) If you have a bike, describe it and tell us about an interesting trip you had on your bike. 

Or Tell us ,do you agree with the Dad’s phrase , “Don’t sweat the small stuff”. Explain. 

( SNIP Spelling Programme Part 2 ) ) 

Session 6 

( split, hour, slight, where, want, cough, scald, warmth, quick ) 

Learn the spellings following LOOK, SAY, COVER, WRITE, CHECK 

Do one activity each day. Get someone at home to give you a little test on Friday.(or test yourself) 




Léigh sa Bhaile: Read a page each day and listen to the audio. Tell a parent/ sibling what the text was all about. 

Primary > 5th class > Gaeilge  > Léigh sa Bhaile>  Léigh sa bhaile Leabhar E > Online Book.  

Audio Clips of the reading can be found also.  

Primary > 5th class > Gaeilge  > Léigh sa Bhaile>  Léigh sa bhaile Leabhar E > Audio.  


Seesaw Task:  Choose a page from the book. Take a photo of it and further record yourself reading it aloud.  



Ríra: Aonad 7 lth 18 & 19.  

Irish book can be found online via the CJFallon online resource bank. Follow these steps to access the book. 

Primary > 5th class > Gaeilge  > Ríra>  Ríra 5 > Online Book.  


STEAM Challenge:  

This week I would like you to try and combine your skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math. 

Watch this story: The Mixed Up Chameleon by Eric Carle 

Create: I want you to design and make a 3D shape creature. Be as imaginative as possible!! 

Use the nets of shapes or shapes you found in your recyclable materials.  

You should include:  

  • A body and a head. (As many arms and legs as you like!) 
  • As many different 3D shapes as possible.  
  • A movable part (perhaps your creature can wave or maybe it can walk!)  

Decorate your creature however you like.  

Imagine: Write a character description of your creature.  


Share: Using the photo and video options on Seesaw, upload and share your creature with me! 


SPHE/ Science:  

Last week you read all about the human body. We need to keep our bodies healthy! Healthy eating is a really easy way to do this.  

Watch this series of videos to learn how foods can keep us healthy. These videos will show you the foods we should be eating most frequently. 


Draw up a menu for a café/restaurant wanting to promote healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. Pick a name for your café that lets customers know they can pick healthy options in your café/ restaurant.  


History/ Music: 

Small World History: Chapter 8 The History of Irish Music 

Read the chapter. Complete activities A B C on page 41.  

Research: Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann. 

Extra: Mrs O’Connor has uploaded music videos on our school website. Check these out if you haven’t already.  


Continue to engage with these activities also:  

  • Play a board game 
  • Create a new game and write the rules  
  • Play a game of cards 
  • Draw/paint a picture 
  • Help with the cooking and the cleaning.  
  • Go for a walk with your parents 
  • Take part in daily exercise 
  • Continue to enjoy the activities you love in the safety of your home- singing, dancing, playing and instrument, creating dramas, writing stories etc. 
  • Listen to interesting podcasts. 

  • Watch television that will help you to learn about the world around you. 
  • Read as much as you can!