Suggested Activities 25th-29th May


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Hi Third Class! Well done everybody for taking part in our ‘Active Home Week’. We hope you enjoyed all the activities posted on the website. Thank you so much for all your wonderful videos and messages telling us how you were keeping fit and active at home. Remember: Being active is not just for active week. It is important to get outdoors and be as active as you can at this time.  


If anyone has not yet signed up for Seesaw and they would like to, you can email and we will provide you with a new access code. 


This week’s activities for Home Learning: 




-Mental Maths: Continue working through Mental Maths each day. (Monday- Friday, Problem Solving and Friday Review). Get someone at home to help you to correct it.  


-Tables: Division! Have a look at ÷2, ÷3  

Some important facts to remember about division:  

-Always start with the bigger number. 

Division is multiplication backwards. 

-Practicing your skip counting will help you with division. 


Click on the following link and select ‘Division Facts’ for some fun practice! 


-Maths Games Online: 


-Capacity: (We know this is a tricky topic to cover at home so just do what you can!) 

  • Have a chat about this vocabulary – capacity, container, millilitre, litre, estimate, measure, liquid 
  • List objects measuring in ml’s and l’s. 
  • If you have a jug at home with measurement on the side- have a look and try to spot the millilitres. Use some water and see can you fill the jug up to 200ml, 500ml, 800ml. 
  • Question: How many millilitres are there in one litre? How many millilitres are there in half of a litre? 

-Busy At Maths: You can complete some Capacity pages in your Busy at Maths pages 165-168. Choose two to complete. 


Have a look at the 3rd class online Busy at Maths Book on the following link>> Click on ‘Parent/ Student Resources’, then click on ‘Student Resources’. Following this, you will see a list of options such as class level, subject, etc. 

Click on Primary > 3rd Class > Maths > Busy at Maths > Busy at Maths- 3rd Class > Online Book. You may be asked to put in your name and address to access the book. Once the cover comes up, enter Page 165/166/167 or 168 in the top right-hand corner. 





-Spellcheck: Continue with your spellcheck work, doing 2 pages each week (16 spellings and the related activities). Parents can test these words on a Friday if they wish. 


-Reading: Keep reading as much as you can girls! It is the best way to improve your English skills. If you like story podcasts you can also listen to a story on Story Time. 


-Taboo Game: This is a fun descriptive game you can play with your family at home. One player is given a noun which they must describe to their family. However, there are certain words which you cannot use in your description.  

For example; The noun your family must guess is ‘apple’ but you cannot use the following ‘taboo’ words in your description; ‘red’, ‘fruit’, ‘healthy’. So, you cannot say ‘It is a red fruit’ because you cannot say the three taboo words. You must find another way to describe the noun. Try the following nouns with your family at home. See how many you can describe in a minute. Remember not to say the taboo words! 


guitar‘music’, ‘strings’, ‘instrument’ 

flower‘garden’, ‘colourful’, ‘daisies’ 

pencil‘write’, ‘school’, ‘pen’ 

cup- ‘drink’, ‘tea’, ‘mug’ 

book- ‘read’, ‘pages’, ‘story’ 

dog- ‘pet’, ‘animal’, bark’ 

money- ‘euro’, ‘coins, ‘spend’ 

car- ‘drive’, ‘travel’, ‘wheels’ 

mother- ‘parent’, ‘care’, ‘love’ 

party- ‘birthday’, ‘fun’, ‘cake’ 

zoo- ‘Dublin’, ‘animals’ ‘school tour’ 

teeth- ‘brush’, ‘chew’, ‘bite’ 



-Using the word because to explain… 

Sometimes we use the word ‘because’ to add more information to a sentence or to explain your sentence further.  


Examples of sentences with ‘because’: 


  1. The squirrel climbed up the tree because he was looking for nuts. 
  2. Hansel and Gretel ate the sweets because they were very hungry. 
  3. Jim was feeling sad because his new toy was broken. 
  4. The family went for a picnic because it was a beautiful day. 

*Write 10 of these sentences yourself.  


Describing emotions: 

Choose one story from the Talking Horse. Focus on one character from that story. Describe how that character is feeling at different stages of the story. Try and use different words to sad/happy/angry. Think of all the synonyms of that word. For example, rather than saying ‘He was happy’, you could say ‘he was delighted/ elated/ over the moon’. Write a paragraph (5 sentences) describing how that character is feeling throughout the story and why? 


-Handwriting Book: Keep working your way through this book. If you are finished, practice your joint handwriting on pieces of paper and this will make it easier when it comes to writing this way in 4th class next year. 




-Comhrá as Gaeilge: Look at page 4 in your Bun go Barr. Tá Neasa agus Dónal ag caint. This is an example of a comhrá as Gaeilge (a conversation). Read the conversation between Neasa and Dónal. Now we would like you to create your own conversation with someone. You can use the same questions on page 4 if you like. Remember to keep it short and simple.  

If you don’t have your book, you can access it on the cjfallon website, just like the maths book above. Click on ‘Parent/ Student Resources’, then click on ‘Student Resources’. Following this, you will see a list of options such as class level, subject, etc. 

Click on Primary > 3rd Class > Gaeilge > Bun go Barr > Bun go Barr 3 > Online Book. You may be asked to put in your name and address to access the book. Once the cover comes up, enter Page 4 in the top right-hand corner. 



-Cómhrá as Gaeilge: Have a look at SEESAW for a Gaeilge activity! There is another example of a conversation here.   



-Spellings: Pick 2 each day to work on and then you can test yourself on all 10 of them on Friday. 

Ar scoil (at school), ag léamh (reading), ag caint (talking), ag éisteacht (listening), ag gáire (laughing), ag scríobh (writing), an rolla (the roll), i láthair (present), as láthair (absent), obair bhaile (homework) 


-Cúla4 ar Scoil on TG4 @10am every morning, or even watch a cartoon as Gaeilge. 

– Cúla4 app- You can download it for games on the different themes.  




Nature Art: Have a go at this fun and easy Art lesson. 

If you do not have paints at home, don’t worry, you could use crayons or twistables.  

Have a look at SEESAW to see another way you can do your Nature Art. 😊  

We would love to see some pictures of your finished product! 


Science: Have a look at the ‘Extra Challenges’ section on our school website. Try Mr. McCrudden’s science experiment ‘Making a lava lamp’. It’s a lot of fun! 


P.E: Check out The Body Coach on YouTube. He does live lessons every Monday – Friday at 9am.  


Ag Múineadh: Watch our very own Ms Ní Chíosain on Home School Hub on RTE 2 every day from 11a.m to 12p.m. 


Section B 


Give some of these a try if you like: 


  • Create an ‘all about me’ board. 
  • Act out some ads on TV. 
  • Make an alphabet scavenger hunt. 
  • Compliment someone at home.  



3rd  Class 25th -29th   May 

Ms. Mc Keon’s  English Group 

Well done on all the fantastic work you’re doing on Seesaw, girls. I love to hear you reading and see your work. Keep it up. 

  •  Seesaw Activity 

“A Trip to Grant’s Farm”   


  •  Keep reading . Read for at least 15 minutes a day 

You can practise reading a page from any book and post it on Seesaw. I’d love to hear you read.  


If you have   My Read at Home Book 2 at home you might like to read the following stories. 


  • Strange but True p.74 
  • Sam’s Spec’s p.75 
  • Iceland p.76 
  • Digging p.77 

Write the answers to the questions in your copy. Take a photo and upload to Seesaw. 



Ms O’Shaughnessy’s Maths group:  

Hi girls, I hope had a good weekend. I really enjoyed seeing you take part in all the Active Home activities. Well done to you all for completing the Seesaw Maths activities and for uploading some of your other maths work. Have a good week ahead! 

This work is optional so only do it if you have time on your hands. If you can’t do any part of it, do not stress, just do your best!  


  1. Table Challenges: This week your class are focusing on the
    ÷ 2 and ÷ 3 tables. Remember, one strategy for division is the “Think multiplication strategy”. So, if you know your multiplication tables, you will be able to do your division tables! Complete the following activities:

Monday: Skip counting: 2, 4, 6. Count forwards and backwards. Play with a partner. Ask them to say a series of numbers but leave one out: Ex: 2, 4, 8. “Which one did they leave out? Exactly: 6”. Take it in turns to be “on”. 

Tuesday: Repeat above activities, skip counting in 3’s.  

Wednesday: What’s my table? Ask a partner to play with you. He or she chooses a number from the x2 tables. Ex: 24. You must give the multiplication and division table for this number. Ex: 2 x12=24, 24 ÷2=12. 

Thursday: Repeat the above activities for the x3 tables. 

Friday: Write out the multiples for the x2 and x3 tables on pieces/ squares of paper. Place them face down on the table. Turn one over and say the corresponding table for that number: Ex: If you turn over 18, you can say 2 x9=18, 18 ÷9=2. You could “race” each other, one of you turning over the multiples of 2 and the other turning over the multiples of 3. Have fun! 



  1. Add Snap:

A change from Target Numbers this week! You need: A pack of cards with the Jacks, Queens, Kings and Jokers removed. If you do not have a pack of cards, you could always write out the numbers on squares of paper (you would have 40 numbers, 4 of each Ace-10, Ace=1). This is a game for 2-4 players. 

How to play:  

  • The dealer turns over the top two cards. The first person to add the two numbers together and cal out the answer wins the two cards. 
  • The person with the most cards at the end is the winner and becomes the dealer for the next round. 
  • You could also play “Sub-Snap”- subtracting the smaller number from the larger number or “Times Snap”, multiplying the two numbers. 
  1. As you are all on Seesaw, I will add the extra problem-solving activity there.