Suggested Activities 25th-29th May


Dublin West Education Centre is running a webinar which may be of interest to parents/guardians who have children in 5th/6th classes.

 20SPR60 Transition to Second Level: An Adventure and a Challenge

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  • Continue with Mental Maths (1 more week) 



  • Try these activities on TIME. Follow these links. If you are stuck click “learn with an example” at the top of the screen in blue writing. It will explain how to do each question.  



  • Using this video, answer these questions  
  • What is the ratio of books you have read to television shows you watched this week?  
  • What is the ratio of time you spent doing homework to doing housework? 
  • What is the ratio of time spent on your phone to talking to your siblings? 
  • What is the ratio of board games you have played to video games you have played?  


  • Follow the link Do unit 12 pg 67-72 



  • Follow the link and access the book ‘A Way With Words 6’. 


  • Do Unit 6 ‘Live it Up’ and the activities from the story.  


  • Continue with Spellcheck 


  • Write an explanation of how chocolate is made Write down what you already know about the topic. Research the topic. Use the links I provided and do some of your own research 



  • Use these headings to plan/organise your thoughts 
  • Title 
  • Definition: What is chocolate made from 
  • Cause and effect: The how, why, where and when chocolate is made 
  • What else do I Know? Any other interesting facts 
  • Include pictures and diagrams to help to explain the process.  




  • Follow the link: 


  • Scríobh na difríochtaí idir an maidin agus an oíche. Write the differences between the morning and night-time. 



  • Bí ag féachaint agus ag éisteacht. Just watch and listen to this video. 
  • Bí ag úsaid do chuid  Gaeilge and Bain taitneamh as (Enjoy using your Irish at home)  



  • Follow the link. Scríobh cúpla abairtí faoin Spásaire. Write a couple of sentences about space/astronauts.  



  • Deánaigí leathanaigh 14 agus 15 ‘Comhrá Beirte’ agus ‘Léarscáil na hEireann’/ Do pages 14 and 15 ‘Comhrá Beirte’ agus ‘Léarscáil na hEireann’.  




Ms McKay’s Class 


  • Small world History Do Unit 20 pg 106 Mary Robinson 

Do part A, B, C and D 1,2 and 4 


Mr. Devlin’s Class  


  • Choose an Irish historical period and do a project on it. It could be Viking Ireland, Norman Ireland, Early Christian Ireland, Stone Age, 19th Century Ireland etc. Share your project on Seesaw if you like.  





Follow the link: Guardians of the Rainforest 

Write a recount of Beshey’s life in the Gola Rainforest in Sierra Leone.  


  • Do some research on rainforests 
  • Write up a fact file/mini project about the rainforest  
  • Draw some images to go with your fact file/mini project 
  • Upload a photo of your mini project to See Saw if you like 

Grow in Love 

              Follow the link. Find the Old testament. Story 3. Noah and the great Flood 

             Read and write a short recount 

  • Write a short reflection/prayer on how we can be kind and show love to one another and ask God to help us to be kinder each day to everyone in our lives.  


  • Write a piece about your time in Scoil Bhríde Cailiní. Write about all the lovely memories you have of your time in the school. Include your friends, teachers, trips, tours etc. Write down all your memories and then read back through your piece and pick your favourite one. Share your favourite memory (just 1) with us on See Saw. We are going to try to compile as many as we can and put them together to make a poem. So, get thinking of all the fun and laughs you have had at SBC!!!! 


  • Create an image of the rainforest. You can include animals of the rainforest or plants/trees of the rainforest etc. Use any materials you like. You can sketch using a pencil. You can paint a picture. You can create a collage using coloured paper. You can upload a photo to See Saw if you like. 



  • Mr. Devlin’s Class: Look up the notes of the song Ode to Joy on tin whistle, piano, harp or whatever instrument you have at home. Record yourself playing the song (just audio is fine) and upload it to Seesaw. 



Sixth class work, week 25th-29thMay: 

Hi girls, I hope you all had a lovely weekend. It was really nice to see some of your work up on Seesaw. Remember to ask me any questions if you are stuck. Could you please add the title “Ms O’Shaughnessy’s work” if you are uploading anything for me to correct so I can see that it is for me? Thank you, have a good week!: 


  1. Last week we focused on V.A.TThis week we are going to learn about Interest. Interest is what must be paid to use somebody else’s money. If you borrow money, you pay interest. If you save money in a bank, post office or credit union, it is as if you are lending them your money and they must pay you interest. Interest is calculated as a percentage (called the interest rate) of the amount owed to the lender. 
  • Question: A bank charges a higher interest rate on borrowings (loans), than they will pay on savings.Why do you think this is? 
  • Mentally calculate the interest owed on each of these amounts borrowed, after 1 year, if the interest rate payable on loans is 10 % per year: 
  • €600 
  • €1,000 
  • €20,000 
  • €850 
  • €6125 
  • Now calculate the interest owed, if the interest rate was 5%.  (Think: How can we mentally calculate 5 %?)? 


  1. €500 was lodged to a savings account that paid 4% interest each year. How much money was in the account after 3 years?  


First, try it using the percentage/fraction method. 

Now, have a look at the decimal method: 100% + 4%+4% +4%= 112%= 1.12. 1.12 x €500= ?? 

Or, try this way: Interest =€500 x 0.04 x3=? So the total amount =??? 
Now, calculate the total amount of each of these: 

  1. €300 @ 5% interest for 4 years. 
  2. €800 @ 6 % interest for 3 years. 
  3. €1,200 @ 4% for 5 years. 

Work it out: The Bank: 

  1. A cashier in the bank is dividing coins among some bags. She puts 30 coins in the first bag, 45 coins in the second bag, 60 coins in the third bag and 75 coins in the fourth bag. If this pattern continues, how may coins will be put in the sixth bag? 
  2. A customer withdrew €40 from the bank on Monday, €55 on Tuesday and €70 on Wednesday. If he continued this pattern, how much would he withdraw on Saturday? 
  3. Another customer had €340 in her account. If she withdrew €100 every second day starting on 28 June, on what date would the account be overdrawn? 
    Maths language revision: 
    Can you explain the following terms? If not, look them up. You might like to add them to a “dictionary” (back of your copy, A4 page etc). Be as specific as you can when giving your definition. 
  • Equilateral triangle: 
  • Equivalent fractions: 
  • Estimate: 
  • Expanded form: 
  • Exponential form ( you might have to look this one up): 

Challenge time: I will post your challenge on Seesaw this week as you need to see a picture of it. 


Ms O’Shaughnessy’s English group:   

If you are in my English group, have a look at these activities. Do the activities that apply to you. Not all of the suggestions will apply to each girl that comes to the group so if it doesn’t make sense to you, don’t worry! I’ll put a new activity up on Seesaw during the week. Also, if you would like to upload any of the work you have done for my group, I’d love to see it. 


  • Continue with My Read at Home Book (MRAH) if you have it – Read one each day and answer questions orally. Some of you may have different books and that’s ok, just read the one you have! Look up any words that you don’t know or that you find interesting and add to your copies. You can also find the books online at the following links: (Bk 6) 
  • (Bk 4).  

MRAH Book 6:  

Monday: p.92 A pun My Word! 

Tuesday: p. 93 The Colosseum 

Wednesday: p. 94 The Cat that kills Alligators 

Thursday: p. 95 When the Earth Shakes-Seismology 

Friday: p.96 Best Potato Cakes Ever! 

Activity A: Have a look at the text “A pun My Word” again. Can you pinpoint the word in each joke that is being punned? Can you explain it? You might like to leave me a voice recording on Seesaw explaining one or two of them to me.  

Activity B: With adult permission and supervision, why not make the Best Potato Cakes Ever! Take some pictures and send them to me on Seesaw. Write out the procedure. 

MRAH Book 4:   

Activity A:  

Monday: P. 89 Rip 

Tuesday:  P.90 China 

Wednesday: P. 91 Bully 

Thursday: P.92 Irish English 

Friday: P. 93 Jackdaw 

  • Create a Factfile about China. Include the following information: Population, Language, Capital City, Language, Main Religions, Food, Landmarks/ Landscape, Important Feasts and Festivals. You could upload your work to Seesaw if you like! 


  • The poem “Bully” shows just how damaging bullying can be. Write a diary entry from the point of view of the person being bullied, describing a day in school. Again, you can upload this on Seesaw if you like. 

Activity B: Continue with English workbook if you have it- do one page a day (this applies to some girls only)  

For all girls attending the group: Word of the Day- look up the word and add to your dictionary  

 (This can just be a page at the back of your copy). Use the word in a sentence:  

  1. Monday:  treacherous
  2. Tuesday: fraudulent
  3. Wednesday: meagre
  4. Thursday: salvage
  5. Friday: nominate