Dear Parents/Guardians, 


I hope that you are all keeping well and that you’re managing to get some time to enjoy the lovely sunshine we have at the moment. 


The staff and myself are very aware of all the hard work that the girls have put in since the school closure in March and of their wonderful engagement with the website activities and Seesaw. We have therefore decided to give both you and them a little break for this week and so have focused all the assigned work this time on virtual school tours. We are conscious that all pupils would normally have been starting to enjoy the wind down to the summer now and would have been taking part in sports days, fun days and school tours. Therefore, we’d like to recreate this in some, small way.  


Each class has received two virtual tours which can be accessed through the Learning from Home section of the website. These tours have been specially chosen for them by their teacher because of their appeal to their age group or because they relate to a topic they have studied in class. Appropriate follow up work, based on the tours, has also been set for each class. We really hope that the girls enjoy these virtual tours.  


We appreciate all the submissions that you have made to date via Seesaw and the dedicated photo email. These submissions have added greatly to our website and have helped to unite us all in some small way during the current crisis. We would welcome any more submissions you would like to make and will respond to all of these next week. 


I would also like to inform you that, having been very pleased with the response to Seesaw from the 2nd to 6th classes, we have now decided to introduce it also to our 1st classes from next week. Parents of pupils in 1st class will receive a code and when you do, please follow the instructions outlined below to download the Seesaw app. The code is only valid for a limited period of time, so it is important that you download the app and enter the code as soon as you receive it. 


  1. Open the Seesaw Class app on iPhone or Android or go to  on any computer.  
  2. Click ‘I’m a student’ 
  3. Enter in the code you will receive. You will have a week to use this code to set up your account for your child. If you did not receive a code you can e-mail 

4.Create account-Use your child’s first and last name and your own email address.  

To learn more about the app, you can watch the video below.  

How to get started on Seesaw with home learning:  

More information can be found on  

We hope the girls enjoy this new platform for engagement with their teachers.  


Finally, sincere thanks to everyone who has already made the online payments for books/school insurance for next year. Apologies also for the slight confusion that arose as we were rolling out this new service. Thankfully, it’s all running smoothly now and we are delighted with this new payment method. It has made the whole process so much easier for both you and us. We would strongly encourage you to avail of this service and would like to remind you that in order to do so, you need to have paid for your books by Tuesday, 23rd June. 

Have a good week and take care of yourselves. 

Le gach dea-ghuí, 

Paula Dargan