School Tour Week 2nd-5th June

Tuesday 2nd June – Friday 5th June 

Hi girls! Here are two school tours that we chose for you to explore this week. The first tour is in Ireland and it is the Titanic Museum in Belfast. The second tour is in a country in Africa. It is Samburu National Park in Kenya. There are some activities for you to try out too. We hope you enjoy them. 

Have a good week. 

Ms. Kilroy and Ms. Cusack 


Tour 1– Titanic Museum, Belfast 

There is a lot of interesting information on this tour. You can look at as much of it as you like but we have picked out some parts that we think you will find interesting. 

Part 1 


Part 2 

The Build, The Fit Out, A Ship Like a Palace, Better than Home, The Maiden Voyage, An All Sound Letter, Hot House and Fresh Peaches 

Part 3 

The Sinking, The Great Loss of Life and The Discovery. 

Titanic Activities 

Fun Titanic activity sheet: 

A fun experiment where you can make your own tinfoil boat: 


Tour 2– Samburu National Park, Kenya 

We’re heading to Kenya in Africa! It’s a hot country, so make sure you’ve got your hat on, sunglasses and some sun cream! 


As you’re going through the tour, make a list of the animals you see. Remember to number them: 

For example: 

  1. Elephant
  2. Giraffe etc

Try out this quiz to test your knowledge on African Animals:,-112.010821,1838a,2269637d,35y,0.00000182h,0.4t,0r/data=ClMSKRIgNGRjMDhkYzcwM2RhMTFlOWFjNGI1NzM5YjYxZGQ0NDEiBXNwbC0wIiYKJAkAAAAAAAAAABEAAAAAAAAAABkAAAAAAAAAACEAAAAAAAAAAA 

-Make up 5 questions that you can ask your family about your tours! See can they answer them!