Suggested Activities 8th-12th June


  • Recount Writing: Imagine you had physically gone on the school tour from last week. Write a recount detailing your trip. Remember the golden rules of recounts. Who? Where? What? When? And Why?  



  • My time in Scoil Bhríde Cailíní: Upload your piece from two weeks ago about your time in Scoil Bhríde to Seesaw and your teacher will correct it. Later in the year we’ll post them on the School Website. It would be great to have a piece from everybody in the class so try to prioritise this work.  


  • Look up these words in the dictionary related to theme of animals/zoos and find their meaning. 1. Endangered 2. Captivity 3. Enclosure 4. Extinction 5. Appreciate 6. Ethically 7 Habitat 




  • Osclaígí an suíomh seo agus téigh go dtí an leabhar ‘Léigh sa Bhaile F’. Déanaigí leathanaigh 16 agus 17 ‘Ag Ordú Bia’ agus ‘Dinnéar i ngach Áit’. Open the link and go to the book ‘Léigh sa Bhaile F. Do pages 16 and 17 ‘Ag Ordú Bia’ agus ‘Dinnéar i ngach Áit’.  


  • Scríobh síos liosta do na hainmhí a chonaic tú i Zú San Diego. Faigh na hainmneacha dóibh sa foclóir. Scríobh scéal beag ar Seesaw faoi ainmhí amháin. Write a list of the animals you saw in San Diego Zoo. Find the names of those animals in the dictionary. Write a short story on Seesaw about one of these animals.  


  • An Samhradh (The Summer): Déan abairt le gach focal. Look up the meaning of the words and put each word into a sentence.  


  • Caisleán gainimh 
  • Uachtar reoite 
  • Duilleoga glasa 
  • Nóininí 
  • Féileachán 
  • Trá 
  • An ghrian 
  • An fharraige 
  • Speaclaí gréine 
  • Lús na gréine 



  • Follow the link and access the book ‘Brain Teasers 6’. Do one test each day between Monday and Friday from test 1-5. There is an answer book where you can correct your work. Post your score from each day on Seesaw if you like.  


  • Watch this video Make a short recording (voice only) retelling what happened in this video. Remember if you can explain it, you know it.  



  • Continue with mental maths 



  • Follow the link. Try these games based on probability 







  • When you have finished with Ireland choose another country to do a 3-D map of. Upload a picture of one of your creations to Seesaw.  



  • Go to the Website Learn about how Dublin developed over the last 1000 years.  Create a visual timeline of Dublin and add in some of the important events from this time. Add in 3-D effects to your timeline to make it really stand out. Upload a picture to Seesaw if you are happy to.  




  • Ms Mc Kay’s Class. Follow the link: See if you can identify what instruments are playing. The pieces of music represent the theme of “Summer”. Listen to the pieces and respond to them through drawing or writing. What summer image does it create in your mind. 


  • Language Project: Next year you will study a new European language in secondary school. Choose a word that sums up your time in Scoil Bhríde. Create a little picture with that word on it and decorate it to express your feelings about your time in school. We can use some of these to make a little end of year slideshow.  


  • World Religions: Pick a religion that you may not know much about. Some of them include Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism etc. Try and research and find out some facts about it. You can use books and the internet. Perhaps you know someone who is of that Faith and with your parents’ permission, you could write them a letter or email asking them about it. For example, the Islamic faith, have recently celebrated the festival of “Eid”. Perhaps you could find out more about that.  

Ms O’Shaughnessy’s Maths Group,Sixth Class work, 8th-12th June 

Hello girls, 

I hope you enjoyed your “week off” and had fun on your virtual school tours. I can’t believe that you are in the last month of Sixth class already. Here is some work to keep you going over the next week if you have some time on your hands. Remember, you can upload it to Seesaw if you like and ask me any questions about it. I’ll also add some optional extras during the week. Don’t forget to put my name on any work that you upload. 


This week, we are going to look at Averages:  

Ex: Jack decided to re-organise his bookcase so that there was the same number of books on each shelf. There were 10 books on the first shelf, 5 on the second, 13 on the third and 4 on the fourth shelf. How can he re-organise them so that there are the same number of books on each shelf? 


  • So, what is the total number of books involved and how many shelves are there? There are 32 books and 4 shelves. We can divide the 32 books into 4 even groups so there will be 8 books on each shelf. This number is called the average- therefore the average number of books on each shelf is 8. 

 So: To calculate the average, we add the values and divide by the number of them.  

  1. Mentally calculate the average of each of the following:
  • 5,7,8,4. 
  • 60,10,80. 
  • 200,400,550,250. 
  • 0.9,0.5,0.8,0.6. 
  • 49,53. 
  • 76,82,88. 


  1. Calculate the totals when given the average. 
  • Ex: The average of 4 numbers is 16. What is the total of those 4 numbers? 
  • Average: 16 
  • Total: 16 x 4= 64. 
  • Calculate the total of each of the following: 
  • The average weight of 3 pieces of meat is 3.54kg. 
  • The average cost of 4 books is €12.50. 
  • The average height of 5 children is 167cm. 
  • The average weekly wage of 6 workers is €423 
  • The average monthly rainfall (for a whole year) is 54mm. 
  • The daily average number of books checked out of the library for Monday-Saturday is 209. 


  1. Calculating missing values when given the average:
  • Ex: On a bookcase, the average number of books on four shelves is 11. If the first three shelves have 12, 10, and 14 books respectively, how many books are on the fourth shelf
  • Average no. books on each shelf: 11 
  • Total number of shelves: 4 
  • 11 x4=44. 
  • Actual no. books: 12 +10+14= 36 
  • Think: What must be added to 36 to make 44? 8. 
  • So, there are 8 books on the fourth shelf. 


Solve these: For each of the bookcases below, work out the missing number. You can draw a diagram to help you if you need to: 

  • Average books on each shelf:                       Actual number of books on each shelf: 
  • 15                                                                  14, 15, 20, _____? 
  • 32                                                                  25, 44, 34, _____? 
  • 143                                                              150,165,200, _____? 
  • 308                                                              201,432,299, ______? 
  • 199                                                            200,206,183, _______? 


  1. Work It Out!
  • 1. The average cost of 5 different bars of chocolate was €1.05. Bar 1 cost 95c, bar 2 cost €1.10, bar 3 cost 99c and bar 4 cost €1.10. How much did the fifth bar cost? 
  • 2. The average height of Jill, John and Pat is 1m 70 cm: 
  • If Jill is 1m 75 cm tall and John is 1m 55 cm, what height is Pat? 
  • Who is taller than the average height? 
  • Who is smaller than the average height? 
  • How much taller than John is Pat? 
  • 3. The average cost of 6 footballs was €16.55. Footballs A and B were the same price at €15.00 each, football C cost €19.99, football D cost €17.50 and football E was priced at €21.55. 
  • What was the cost of the sixth football? 
  • Which footballs were dearer than average? 
  • If €100 was given to the shopkeeper to pay for all 6 footballs, how much change was returned to the buyer? 
  • What would the total cost of the 6 footballs be if there was a 20 % sale? 



Maths language revision: 

  • Can you explain the following terms? If not, look them up. You might like to add them to a “dictionary” (back of your copy, A4 page etc). Be as specific as you can when giving your definition. 
  • Expression: 
  • Factors: 
  • Fraction 
  • Isosceles triangle: 
  • Kilogram: 

Challenge time:  

  • Averages: The average of 3 numbers is 20. When a fourth number is added the average increase to 21. What is the fourth number? 
  • Briona walked 2/5 of the distance Ailbhe walked and Cormac walked 2 6/10 of the distance Briona walked. If Ailbhe walked 2.85 km, what did Briona and Cormac each walk in m and km? What distance did the 3 children walk together? 
  • In Russell’s Restaurant, a 10% service charge is added to every bill, with a 15% service charge for parties of 8 people or more. Calculate the final bill for each of the tables in a-e: 
  • Table 1 ( Party of 4): €74.40 
  • Table 2 ( Party of 10): €243 
  • Table 3 ( Party of 2): €47.20 
  • Table 4 ( Party of 8): €223.20 
  • Table 5 ( Party of 6): €127.50 
  • Since each meal was approximately the same cost, the people at each table divided the bill equally among their group and then rounded this amount up to the nearest €5. Work out what each individual at the various tables had to pay towards the bill. 
    Look out for an optional extra on Seesaw! If you did the matchstick challenge the week before last and would like to show me how you did it, I’d love to see! 
    Ms O’Shaughnessy’s English group:   
    If you are in my English group, have a look at these activities. Do the activities that apply to you. Not all of the suggestions will apply to each girl that comes to the group so if it doesn’t make sense to you, don’t worry! I’ll put a new activity up on Seesaw during the week. Also, if you would like to upload any of the work you have done for my group, I’d love to see it. 
  • Continue with My Read at Home Book (MRAH) if you have it – Read one each day and answer questions orally. Some of you may have different books and that’s ok, just read the one you have! Look up any words that you don’t know or that you find interesting and add to your copies. You can also find the books online at the following links: (Bk 6) (Bk 4).  

  • MRAH Book 6:  
  • Monday: p.97 Backseat Sat-Nav 
  • Tuesday: p. 98 A Good Impression 
  • Wednesday: p. 99 Oh, I wish I’d Looked After Me Teeth! 


MRAH Book 4:   

  • Activity A:  
  • Monday: P. 94 Storm 
  • Tuesday:  P.95 The Story of the Sandwich 
  • Wednesday: P. 96 The Perfect Sandwich 
  • Thursday: P.97 Oscar 
  • Friday: P. 98 Parrots 
  • Activity A: You have read 2 pieces of texts about sandwiches. Describe your favourite sandwich to me. Think about the ingredients, what utensils you need how you make it  method), what it looks and smells like. You might like to make it, take a picture of it and upload it to Seesaw so I can see it! 
  • Activity B: Continue with English workbook if you have it- do one page a day (this applies to some girls only)  
  • For all girls attending the group: Word of the Day- look up the word and add to your dictionary  
  •  (This can just be a page at the back of your copy). Use the word in a sentence:  
  • 1. Monday:  gibberish 
  • 2. Tuesday: arid 
  • 3. Wednesday: hypocritical 
  • 4. Thursday: quota 
  • 5. Friday: formidable