Suggested Activities 15th-19th June


  • Poem: ‘Anabel’s Lunchbox’ read and do questions (SEE-SAW). 
  • ‘Switching Channels’ TV timetable. Read and do the questions (SEE-SAW). 
  • You are in charge of a TV station plan your perfect TV day (SEE-SAW). 



  • Chapter 19: Cen saghas lae ata ann? (SEE-SAW) 
  • Ar an Tra; Read and complete questions. (SEE-SAW) 



  • DATA: Complete graph activities on See-Saw. There will be one activity a day Monday-Friday. 



  1. Watch Video no 2 in Rubbish Series and complete worksheet on SEE-SAW.  

  1. Sun Safety: See Poster Design Challenge on See-Saw. Talk to members of your family about the importance of staying safe in the sun. What are the best measures to take to stay safe in the sun? Write a few lines about Sun Safety and send it to us on See-Saw. 


Mrs O’Connell’s Fourth Class: Ms O’Shaughnessy’s Group. 


Hi girls, I hope you are all keeping well. I can’t believe that we are half way through June already. I’d love to see or hear a little message from you on Seesaw letting me know how you are getting on.. 



This work is optional so only do it if you have time on your hands. If you can’t do any part of it, do not stress, just do your best 



  1. Table Challenges: This week your class are focusing on the
    ÷ 6 and ÷ 7 tables. Remember, one strategy for division is the “Think multiplication strategy”. So, if you know your multiplication tables, you will be able to do your division tables! Complete the following activities:



Monday: Skip counting: 6, 12, 18 etc. Count forwards and backwards. Play with a partner. Ask them to say a series of numbers but leave one out: Ex: 6, 12, _, 24 “Which one did they leave out? Exactly: 18”. Take it in turns to be “on”. 


Tuesday: Repeat above activities, skip counting in 7’s.  


Wednesday: What’s my table? Ask a partner to play with you. He or she chooses a number from the x6 tables. Ex: 44. You must give the multiplication and division table for this number. Ex: 6 x 4=24, 4 x6=24, 24 ÷ 6=4, 24 ÷4=6. 


Thursday: Repeat the above activities for the x7 tables. 


Friday: Write out the multiples for the x6 and x7 tables on pieces/ squares of paper. Place them face down on the table. Turn one over and say the corresponding table for that number: Ex: If you turn over 49, you can say 7 x 7=49, 49 ÷7=7 You could “race” each other, one of you turning over the multiples of 6 and the other turning over the multiples of 7. Have fun! 


  1. More fun with cards: Highest Wins!

 You need: A pack of cards with the Jacks, Queens, Kings and Jokers removed. If you do not have a pack of cards, you could always write out the numbers on squares of paper (you would have 40 numbers, 4 of each, Ace-10, Ace=1). This is a game for 2 players. 


How to play:  

  1. You can play this game with 2, 3 or 4 cards being dealt out each time, depending on the experience of the players. For players with little experience, two cards would be dealt to each player. 
  2. Players are dealt 2/3 or 4 cards. They then arrange their cards to make the highest number they can. Ex: If dealt a 5 and a 2, you would make 52. If dealt a 2, 7, 9, you would make 972. 
  3. The number is recorded and the cards returned to the pack. The same number of cards is dealt again and another largest number is made and added to the first number.  
  4. The winner is the player who reaches 100, 1,000 etc first (you decide). 
  5. The game can also be played in reverse by subtracting scores from a starter number (Ex: Start with 100), the winner being the first person to reach zero. 


Problem-Solving/ Practice:

Monday: What numbers come next in this sequence: 479, 484, 489, ___, _____, _____. 

Tuesday: What is ¾ of 400? 

Wednesday: 1 metre and 50 cm = how many cm? 

Thursday: 20 people got on the bus at the first stop. At the second stop, 5 people got off and 5 people got on. At the third stop, no-one got off but 3 people got on. How many people are on the bus now? 

Friday: Which number is the odd one out and why? 12, 24, 36, 42, 48. 

  1. Look out for an extra challenge on Seesaw!




Continue with My Read at Home Book (MRAH) if you have it – Read one each day and answer questions orally. Some of you may have different books and that’s ok, just read the one you have! Look up any words that you don’t know or that you find interesting and add to your copies. You can also find the books online at the following link: (Bk 4). 

Monday: P. 99 A Close One 

Tuesday:  P.100 Idioms 

Wednesday: P. 101 The Wedding Cake 

Thursday: P.102 Seeing Stars 

Friday: P. 103 The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World 

Activity A: Choose one of the Seven Wonders of the World and write a report about it. Remember the structure of a report: Classification (What is it?), Description (What does it look like, where is it?) and Summarising comment. You might like to upload your report to Seesaw so I can see it!). You might like to visit this website to find out some more:  

Activity B: Why not record yourself reading your favourite text out of the ones above and upload it to Seesaw so that I can listen to it? I’d love to hear your voices. 


Writing: New Words! 

It is very useful to add new words to your vocabulary! Look up these words in your dictionary and then use them in a sentence to show what they mean! 

  1. Glutton:
  2. Loiter:
  3. Jittery:
  4. Opt:
  5. Kestrel:






If you go to Ms. Kelly:  

*Please only complete these activities if you get a chance to do so * 


Hi girls. How are you all keeping? I hope everyone is doing well. Well done with all the work so far. Keep it going!  Missing you all. 


  • This week we are going to listen to another story from Storyline Online.   
  • The story is called Trombone Shorty. You can access it through the link below.   


  1. Do you play an instrument?
  2. What type of music do you like to listen to?
  3. Have you ever wanted to learn to do something so much that it was all you could think of?



–       Record a piece of your favourite music and share it on Seesaw. 

–       If you play an instrument or would like to sing, I would love to hear you perform. Record yourself on Seesaw. 

–       I look forward to hearing from you all. 

Have a lovely week everyone. Ms. Kelly