Suggested Activities 15th-19th June

Hi girls! Hope everyone is well. We hope you enjoy the activities this week! Don’t forget to keep washing your hands 😊  

Have a good week. 

Ms. Kilroy and Ms. Cusack 



Spellcheck: p. 80-81 

The Green Genie: P48-51 

Handwriting: p. 44-45 

Reading: Keep up your reading log and read any other books you have at home.  

– Logon to for free access to Children’s Newspaper Ireland. 

– Levelled Readers for Junior infants – 2nd 

Collins Big Cat Ebooks and worksheets (levels 1-7) are now available online at the following link: 

Login on the teacher portal with the following: 

Password: Parents20! 


Visual Literacy: Have a go at Ms Mc Geough’s Visual Literacy challenge in the ‘Extra Challenges’ section on the school website. 

– Keep a diary of what you’re doing every day! This will be so interesting in 20 years time! 



Cúla4 ar Scoil on TG4 @10am every morning, or even watch a cartoon as Gaeilge  

Cúla4 app- You can download it for games on the different themes. 

Laethanta na Seachtaine: Revise your days of the week. Write the daily news each day. 

An Luan, An Mháirt, An Chéadaoin, Déardaoin, An Aoine, An Satharn, An Domhnach. 

Mar Shampla: 

Inniu an Mháirt   (Today is Tuesday) 

Inné an Luan   (Yesterday was Monday) 

Amarách an Chéadaoin (Tomorrow will be Wednesday) 

Tá an aimsir grianmhar/ fliuch/ scamallach/ te. 


An Zú/The Zoo 

  • Parents can download Bua na Cainte to use at home. Go to Username: trial Password: trial. We are following the 2nd Class programme. 
  • Use the word mat to help you learn some of the zoo animals names 

-Play Bingo using the animal words from the word mat. 



Mental Maths: p. 72 + 73 

Tables: Revise all take away tables 

Busy at Maths: Capacity: Busy at Maths P144 + 145 

                           Have a go at filling different sized containers with water. Are they full or empty? Which holds the most/ least? 



PETry Mr Maguire’s Workout in the Active Home Week section on the school website.  



SESE: Bird Watching Activity on Seesaw. 



Art: Draw/Paint your favourite bird. 




Grow in Love: To access- go to 2. Sign in using the following details: Email: Password: growinlove 

Select 2nd Class/P4 

Theme 8: We can live as Jesus asked; Lesson 3Go and Share the Good News 

  • Learn about the Society of Missionary Children 


Home School Hub on RTE 2 every day from 11a.m to 12p.m. Watch our very own Ms Ní Chíosain! 






If you go to Mrs Kearney/Ms. O’Connor/Ms.McKeon 


 Hi Girls, Well done on all the fantastic work some of you are doing on Seesaw. 


Keep reading, girls. Read for at least 15 minutes each day.  Practise reading a page  or more and upload to Seesaw. We’d love to hear you reading. Look out for other activities on Seesaw too. 




If you go to Ms. Kelly:  

*Please only complete these activities if you get a chance to do so * 


Hi girls. How are you all keeping? I hope everyone is doing well. Well done with all the work so far. Keep it going!  Missing you all. 


  • This week we are going to listen to another story from Storyline Online.   
  • The story is called No More Noisy Nights. You can access it through the link below.   
  • Listen to the story and chat with your family about the story.   


  1. How do you feel in the morning when you don’t get enough sleep?
  2. Imagine that a monster lives under your house. What does it do at night? 



  • Draw three pictures to show what happened at the beginning, middle, and end of the story. 
  • Write a sentence to tell about each picture. 
  • I would love to see your pictures on Seesaw. Please record yourself telling me about the story and your pictures. 


Have a lovely week everyone. Ms. Kelly