Suggested Activities 22nd-30th June

Hi girls,  

You are nearly there! This is the last list of work that I will be uploading for this school year. It will cover from Monday 22nd of June until our last day Tuesday 30th of June. I will also continue to add work to seesaw each day.  

This has been a very strange last term of fifth class and it certainly is not how I would have liked it to go. However, in these strange times you have risen to new challenges, adapted to new routines, and coped extremely well. This is a time I’m sure you will never forget. Next year you will all be in Rang a 6. You will be the leaders in the school community. This challenging time will have prepared you for the new challenges and experiences to come. I look forward to see how you all flourish in sixth class, but for now I want to say how proud I am of all of you for your tremendous effort all year long. Fifth class was a wonderful year and even in our shorter than usual time we did so much! This week I want you to focus on reflecting on this past year and looking forward to your own futures.  

Keep up the momentum of great work for this final push toward the summer holidays.  

Ms. O’Reilly  




Mental Maths: 

Continue to complete one mental maths activity each day. (Don’t forget about Problem Solving!)  




Look out for revision activities on seesaw each morning.  


Pupils who go to Ms. Tiernan/ Ms. Mc Keon 


Hi Girls,  

Well done on all the fantastic work you have been doing at home . We hope you have a lovely summer and enjoy the holidays. We look forward to seeing you back in school in September when you will be in 6th Class.  

 Try and keep up the reading during the holidays . The libraries are open again and there are  so many lovely books there for you to borrow.  


Here are a few stories from My Read at Home 5 for you to read . We will put them up on Seesaw for you.  


  • Machu Picchu p115  
  • All Fall Down p.116  
  • Metric Measurement p.118  
  • Pizza p.119  


Read the story yourself first and then record yourself reading and post on Seesaw. You can read the questions and record your answers also.  






Oral Language:  


Create an Oral Report and upload a video/ voice recording to seesaw.  

Title: My Time in 5th class.  

Introduce yourself 

Tell me about your self and your family at this current time.  

Tell me your likes and dislikes 

Tell me your favourite memory of 5th class.  

Tell me your biggest achievement of 5th class.  

Tell me what you are looking forward to in 6th class.  




Four poems will be uploaded to seesaw. Read each poem carefully. We are going to compare them.  


  1. What are all four poems about?  
  2. Does each poem discuss the summer holidays?  
  3. Are all of the poems positive?  
  4. Who do you think wrote the poems? Could a similar kind of person have written them all?  
  5. In each poem the poet is speaking to someone? Who do you think that could be?  
  6. What similarities do these poems have?  
  7. What differences can be found between the poems?  
  8. What message do you take from these poems?  


Write your own End of Year poem.  




Write a letter to a fourth class student. In your letter you need to explain “How to be in 5th class” to them.  


  1. Your own address in the top right hand corner 
  2. “Dear_____” and a short opener to explain why you are writing to them  
  3. The main paragraphs ( 3 – 4 paragraphs!) on how to be a fifth classer.  
  4. A conclusion wishing them luck next year.  


Upload your letter to seesaw.  



Just Handwriting: Complete one page each day.  


Grammar: Revision 

Write at Home book: Week 29. Complete pages 113, 114, 115, 116 





I have been so impressed with all the girls who are uploading the reading of Irish each day. This will benefit you hugely. Keep up the great work. Remember the audio clips are also available via the link below.  

Léigh sa Bhaile: Read a page each day and listen to the audio. Tell a parent/ sibling what the text was all about. 

Primary > 5th class > Gaeilge  > Léigh sa Bhaile>  Léigh sa bhaile Leabhar E > Online Book.  

Audio Clips of the reading can be found also.  

Primary > 5th class > Gaeilge  > Léigh sa Bhaile>  Léigh sa bhaile Leabhar E > Audio.  


**Seesaw Task:  Choose a page from the book. Take a photo of it and further record yourself reading it aloud.  

**Seesaw Task 2: You will be sent a postcard on Seesaw. Write a reply to you showing off as much Gaeilge as you can.   



Ríra: Aonad 21 : lth 58 & 59 

Sos Beag F : lth 66 & 67 

Irish book can be found online via the CJFallon online resource bank. Follow these steps to access the book. 

Primary > 5th class > Gaeilge  > Ríra>  Ríra 5 > Online Book.  


SESE:  These books can be accessed online. 

Small World Geography/ Science:  Unit 6 The Burren 

Many people will holiday in Ireland this year. This is called a staycation. When you have a vacation while staying at home. Read the chapter all about the Burren in Co Clare. Create a travel brochure / advertisement persuading people to holiday there this summer.  


SPHE/ Visual Art 

Reflect on your time in Rang a Cúig. Upload to seesaw when finished.  

Draw an outline of your hand. Decorate your hand with lots of colours and patterns.  

In the background write about your time in 5th class.  

Fill the background with all the lovely memories you created this year.  



At the end of any school year we try to have as many fun days as possible. Try some of these activities with your family at home.  

Movie Day;   

  • Set up a home cinema.   
  • Write a movie review to share on See-Saw.  
  • Design a poster advertising this movie.  


Book Day  

  • Design a bookmark.  
  • Choose your favourite story and design a new book cover for it.  
  • Read a page from your favourite story to your teacher on See-Saw.  
  • Draw your favourite book character.  


Nature Day  

  • Have a picnic.  
  • Search for each colour of the rainbow in your garden/ local park.  
  • Plant some flowers if you can.  
  • Have a scavenger hunt outdoors.  
  • Take photos of nature and share them with us on See-Saw. Can you name what you have found. Make a booklet describing some of these.  
  • Create a piece of art using sticks, stones and leaves you have collected from your garden/ the park.  


Cookery Day   

  • Share a family/favourite recipe with us on See-Saw.  
  • Cook something and record you making it/ take photos and share on See-Saw.  
  • Bake and decorate cupcakes (if you can).  
  • Write a menu of all your favourite foods.  
  • Make a piece of art using dried pasta.  



  • Virtual Talent Show – send a picture or video of you performing a song/ dance/ other talent.   
  • Dress up day for the last day of school and send in a picture to us on See-Saw.