Suggested Activities 22nd-30th June

Girls, well done on all your hard work on See-Saw over the last few weeks! Looking forward to seeing you all again in September!  


Movie Day;  

  • Set up a home cinema.  
  • Write a movie review to share on See-Saw. 
  • Design a poster advertising this movie. 


Book Day 

  • Listen to extracts from stories posted on See-Saw. 
  • Design a bookmark. 
  • Choose your favourite story and design a new book cover for it. 
  • Read a page from your favourite story to your teacher on See-Saw. 
  • Draw your favourite book character. 


Nature Day 

  • Have a picnic. 
  • Search for each colour of the rainbow in your garden/ local park. 
  • Plant some flowers if you can. 
  • Have a scavenger hunt outdoors. 
  • Take photos of nature and share them with us on See-Saw. Can you name what you have found. Make a booklet describing some of these. 
  • Create a piece of art using sticks, stones and leaves you have collected from your garden/ the park. 


Cookery Day  

  • Share a family/favourite recipe with us on See-Saw. 
  • Cook something and record you making it/ take photos and share on See-Saw. 
  • Bake and decorate cupcakes (if you can). 
  • Write a menu of all your favourite foods. 
  • Make a piece of art using dried pasta. 



  • Virtual Talent Show – send a picture or video of you performing a song/ dance/ other talent.  
  • Dress up day for the last day of school and send in a picture to us on See-Saw. 
  • See daily See-Saw Science experiment.  
  • See daily task/ puzzle on See-Saw. 



Ms O’Shaughnessy’s Maths group:  

Hi girls, I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Here is the last batch of work from me, remember, only do what you can! Well done girls on all your hard work over the last 3 ½  months, it is not easy to work from home and you have been super hard workers! We’re all very proud of you. 


This work is optional so only do it if you have time on your hands. If you can’t do any part of it, do not stress, just do your best 

  1. Table Challenges:You have done really well revising your Tables over the past 3 months. I posted a Table Revision activity on Seesaw last week and I’ll post another one this week, so you can test yourselves. Why not leave me a little voice recording on Seesaw telling me what the hardest Table was and why? I’d love to hear from you.
  2. Last week of fun with cards: Risk Taker!

 This is a game for 2-3 players. You do not remove the Jacks, Queens and Kings this time. If you do not have a pack of cards, you could always write out the numbers on squares of paper (you would have 52 numbers, 4 of each). A Jack =11, Queen=12). You also need a pencil and paper for adding and recording the points. A calculator/ Hundred Square may be helpful 

How to play:  

  1. The aim is to score as many points as possible 
  2. The cards are shuffled and the first player turns over the first card. She or he may continue to turn cards over, scoring points according to the value of the cards. The player may decide to stop at any given point and they then keep the points for that round. If, however, an Ace or a King is turned over, the player loses all of his/ her points accumulated for that particular turn and it is the other person’s go. 
  3. Ex: 7+3+J+2= 23. This player has turned over 4 cards and scored 23 (Jack=11). She may decide to stop here and then she keeps 23 points from this round, or she may continue turning over cards. If she turns over an Ace or a King in this round, she will lose all her points from this round and the next player takes his/her turn. 
  4. The first player to reach 100 points wins the game! 


  1. Problem-Solving/ Practice:

Monday: What numbers come next in this sequence: 100, 98, 94, 88, _____, _____, ___, ___, ____. 

Tuesday: What is 2/5 of 500? 

Wednesday: 1 litre and 250ml = how many ml? 

Thursday: 1/6 of Matthew’s money is €14. How much money does he have altogether? 

Friday: (62-27) +9= 

Monday 29th June: What numbers come next in this sequence: 620, 611, 602, ____, ___, ___, ___, ___. 

Tuesday 30th June: I thought of a number. I multiplied it by 7 and my answer was 175. What number did I think of? 

Look out for an extra challenge on Seesaw!




Continue with My Read at Home Book (MRAH) online – Read one each day and answer questions orally. Some of you may have different books and that’s ok, just read the one you have! Look up any words that you don’t know or that you find interesting and add to your copies. You can also find the book online at the following link: (Bk 4). 

Monday: P. 104 T.V Channel Guide 

Tuesday:  P.105 Big Shot 

Wednesday: P. 106 The Sahara Desert 

Thursday: P.107 Flapjacks 

Friday: P. 108 The New Seven Wonders of the World 

Monday 29th June: P.116 Tongue Twisters 

Tuesday 30th June: P.118 Chocolate 

Activity A: You may have watched some or a lot of t.v. over the past 3 months!!! What has been your favourite programme to watch? Write one copy page telling me about your favourite t.v. programme, what the plot is, who the main characters are, who your favourite character is and why you like it. 

Activity B: Why not record yourself reading your favourite text out of the ones above and upload it to Seesaw so that I can listen to it? I’d love to hear your voices. 

Activity C: If you get adult permission and supervision, why not try your hand at making the flapjacks? I’d love to see a picture of them on Seesaw. 

Activity D: Did you enjoy saying the tongue twisters? Do you know any more? Why not record yourself saying a tongue twister and upload it for me to listen to on Seesaw? I might even record one myself!! 

Have a great summer girls and I’m really looking forward to seeing you all in September, 

Ms O’Shaughnessy. 






4th Class: 

If you go to Ms. Kelly:  

*Please only complete these activities if you get a chance to do so * 


Hi girls. Can you believe it’s the last week of the school year? What a different and strange few months we have just had. I can’t wait to see you all again in September. Well done with all of your hard work. Missing you all. Have a wonderful summer and a well deserved rest! 


–     This week I have selected a reading task from a website called 

–     This is a fantastic website with lots of free eBooks that you can read online over the summer. 

–     You may need to ask a parent to register their email with the website. 

–     I have selected two stories for you to read. 


–     1: ‘Winnie and Wilbur Stay at Home?’ 


–       This story is about our favourite witch Winne who has to stay at home during Covid-19. 


–       2: Fresh Start: Anthology 7 – ‘A Terrible Day in Pompeii’ (pg. 11) 


–       This fact piece details the events which you have studied about Pompeii. 

–       There are also other stories and poems in the book to read over and enjoy! 


–        If you can, I would love to hear you reading. Upload a recording of your reading onto Seesaw.  

–        Have a wonderful summer and see you all soon!