Suggested Activities 22nd-30th June

This week is our last week of the school year so once Tuesday arrives, you have officially finished 3rd class! Congratulations!! We both have thoroughly enjoyed teaching you this year and have loved looking at the work that has been uploaded on to Seesaw. We can’t wait to catch up with you all in September, and hear all your news! Even though you will be on your summer holidays, it would still be a good idea to do a little bit of reading everyday. Remember, the more reading we do, the better we become! 


Section A 



  • Mental Maths: Some of you may have finished this book already so well done if you have. If you haven’t finished yet, continue with the next Monday-Friday section.  
  • Tables: Division 8 and 9 

-Click on the link and choose the box saying multiplication and division. 

-Then choose the numbers you would like to work with (6 to 12 times tables, 2 to 12 times tables, etc.). 

-Once you click on the options, you will see blank boxes on the screen. Your job is to use the numbers on the right hand side to make different sums. Example, using 3,4 and 12: 

  • 3×4=12 
  • 4×3=12 
  • 12÷4=3 
  • 12÷3=4  

You will need to make 4 different sums each time. You can see clearly here that if you know your multiplication really well, it can help your division too!!  

  • Multiplication with cards: For this game, you need a pack of cards. You can play with a family member or it works perfectly by yourself too. Take the jokers out of the pack of cards, shuffle them and then turn them upside down. You need to take the top 2 cards and turn them over. Whatever 2 numbers you see, you need to multiply them together. (Ace is equal to 1, and the Jack, Queen and King cards are all equal to 11). If you are correct you get a point and then it’s the other person’s turn. If you are playing by yourself, just keep going and see how many you can get correct! Here is a link if you do not have cards. Click on the pack and you will see a card turn over. You will then need to drag and drop it elsewhere on the screen in order to get the next card.  
  • Number sentences: Most of you will now have your Maths Matters book after collecting it from school last week. Turn to page 168 and you will see that we are working with ‘Number Sentences’ this week. Sometimes when we are doing maths, you will need to read a sentence to be able to work out the question. For example, if it is says: ‘There are 30 girls in a class but four children are out one day. How many are in the class now?’ The sum for this would be 30-4=26. Give the Number Sentences a go on page 168. 


If you do not have your Maths Matters, give these questions a try (girls who have their book can also try these!!):  

  1. I have 20 green pencils and 15 red pencils. How many pencils do I have? 
  2. Mary has 4 books but Anne has 4 times as many books. How many has Anne got? 
  3. 13 people were on a bus but 7 people got off. How many people were on the bus then? 
  4. Mark had 30 sweets. He ate half of them. How many sweets did he eat? (Clue: this is not a subtraction sum) 
  5. If I have €11 and then double this money, how much money do I have now? 
  • Revision: As it is the last week of school work for you, it is a perfect time for you to revise the work you have done in 3rd class. These revision sections can be found on pages 22, 47, 67, 88, 108, 149 and 170 in your Maths Matters. Pick a page each day to do.  

If you do not have your Maths Matters, you can try revision work in Busy at Maths on the CJ Fallon website, as we have been doing. >> Click on ‘Parent/ Student Resources’, then click on ‘Student Resources’. Following this, you will see a list of options such as class level, subject, etc. 

Click on Primary > 3rd Class > Maths > Busy at Maths > Busy at Maths- 3rd Class > Online Book. You may be asked to put in your name and address to access the book. Once the cover comes up, enter page IV or V in the top right-hand corner and you will see all the options for revision pages 

  • Maths Game:  
  • Try this game where Eric needs your help to work out maths sums after his calculator breaks. Start at Level 1 to get used to the game and then you can try the harder levels. 


Spellcheck Some of you may have finished this book but if you haven’t, keep working through the next set of 16 spellings. If you are finished, pick one word from each week and then write these down on to a piece of paper. Your task is to write a short story using all of these words. Try to make the story as short as you can – this will make the task more challenging!  

Reading: Remember to read everyday. Try to get 20 minutes done. Reading before bedtime is a wonderful habit to get into. And like we said earlier, keep it up during the summer too! 

Please see the Parent’s Note in Section B about accessing reading books during the summer. 

Handwriting Book: Pick one page each day. If you have finished this book, make sure to spend some time practicing your wonderful joint handwriting on spare pieces of paper. The more practice you do, the easier it will become!! 

-Lessons from Lockdown: See your Seesaw account for this writing activity! 

-Opposites: Read the list of words below and write down their opposites: 

Hot, sunny, addition, tasty, awake, daughter, flat, true, day, freeze, after, adult, 

Wide, careful, start, fast, bumpy, enjoy, exit, up, close, correct 

-Book/Film Review: For this task, we would like you to pick any book you’ve read or any film you’ve seen during the time off from school, and to do a review on it. When doing a review there are a few things to remember: 

  • Give the book’s/film’s title and the name of the author/director. 
  • Write a few sentences on what the book/film is about. It is important not to give too much information away as the reader may want to read the book/watch the film. There is no point in ruining the ending! 
  • Write about any of the characters that you liked from the book/film. 
  • Write about the things you enjoyed and if there were any parts you did not enjoy, it is important to include them too. A review is your own opinion and if you did not like something, it is your job to say so! 
  • Lastly, give it a star rating out of 5 stars. 5 would mean that it would be the best book you’ve read/film you’ve seen and 1 star would mean that you weren’t a fan of it at all.  

-Roll the Dice Story Writing: For this, you will need a dice. If you do not have one, here is a link for an online dice: You will need to click on the dice each time for a new roll. If you look below, you will see 2 columns – character and problem. You will need to roll the dice 2 times. For example, if you roll a 3 the first time, your character will be a dragon. If you roll a 1 the next time, your dragon will be lost in space! Some of these may work out to be a little bit silly but that is okay. We are still practicing our writing and it makes the story more interesting too!! 


Character                               Problem  

  1. A princess                  1. Your character is lost in space  
  1. Yourself                     2. Your character is being chased by a tornado  
  1. A dragon                    3. Your character lost his/her memory 
  1. A dog                         4. Your character found an unlucky penny 
  1. Your friend                5. Your character was captured by pirates  
  1. Harry Potter               6. Your character ate a poisoned berry 




Dialann/Diary: Your task this week is to keep a little diary of your activity from Monday to Friday. You all have plenty of Irish so now is your chance to use it! We would like you to write just 4 sentences everyday about what you did. Try to not use the same sentences every day if you can. Here are some examples of what you might write: 

  • D’éirigh mé ag a _______ a chlog (I got up at ______ o’clock). 
  • Chuaigh mé go dtí an pháirc/siopa (I went to the park/shop). 
  • Bhí mé ag súgradh le mo chairde/mo dheirfiúr/mo dheartháir (I played with my friends/sister/brother) 
  • D’fhéach mé ag an teilifís (I watched the television) 
  • D’ith mé______/D’ól mé _________ (I ate_______/I drank ________) 
  • Chuaigh mé a chodladh ag a ________a chlog (I went to sleep at ______ o’clock). 

Most of you will have returned your Bun go Barr but you can access the book online on the CJ Fallon website, just like the maths above. Click on ‘Parent/ Student Resources’, then click on ‘Student Resources’. Following this, you will see a list of options such as class level, subject, etc. 

Click on Primary > 3rd Class > Gaeilge > Bun go Barr > Bun go Barr 3 > Online Book. You may be asked to put in your name and address to access the book. From page 132-140, there are phrases and words you can use for your diary. 

Spellings: Pick two each day to learn. 

Chonaic mé (I saw), Chuaigh mé (I went), D’ith mé (I ate), Dúirt mé (I said), Rinne mé (I made/I did), Thug mé (I gave), Chuir mé (I put), D’ól mé (I drank), Dhún mé (I closed), Léim mé (I jumped) 




Exercise: For this week’s exercise, your target is to improve your score everyday. You will see a list of challenges below that you can try each day. For example, if you balance for 30 seconds on one leg on Monday, try to do 35 seconds on Tuesday. 

  • Number of squats you can do in 30 seconds 
  • How long can you balance on one leg for 
  • Number of push ups you can do 
  • Number of jumping jacks you can do in 1 minute 
  • Number of air punches you can do in 20 seconds 
  • Number of high knees you can do in 1 minute 
  • Number of bunny hops you can do in 1 minute 

Art: Have a look at this video on YouTube where it shows you how to draw different things by starting with a number. See how you can get from the number 1 all the way to a boat, and many more. We would love to see some of your work on Seesaw too!! 


Science Experiment: Give this experiment a go….all you need is an egg and some vinegar!  


Helping at home: Remember it is very important to help out at home. Pick a job each day to make your parents’ lives easier! Make sure to continue this during the summer as well!! 

  • Take your dog for a walk if you have one and if you are allowed! 
  • Sweep the kitchen floor 
  • Tidy your room 
  • Water the plants 
  • Fold the clothes in your room 
  • Play with your younger brother/sister if you have one 
  • Ask your Mammy or Daddy for a special job you can help with 
  • Help to make the lunch or dinner 
  • Tidy up after lunch or dinner 
  • Give you Mammy or Daddy 5 minutes peace! 


Our very own Ms.  Chiosáin can be seen teaching on RTÉ’s SchoolHub everday from 11am. Make sure to tune in to see some great lessons! 


Section B 

Summer Stars Reading Challenge Programme Click on this link to find out more about the reading programmes that are available to all children for free in libraries. They offer an online BorrowBox service, where children can browse online through books that interest them. The Call and Collect Service means that you can ring the library ahead of time and collect them in a safe manner at an allotted time. For those children who are not members of a library yet, follow this link to join for free: They are running a story competition too, with all the details available here:  


Please consider doing some of these activities also: 

  • Play a board game 
  • Make a fruit salad 
  • Read a book 
  • Draw a picture of something that happened in a book you have read 
  • Make a ‘Thank you’ card for someone 
  • Sing along to some music 
  • Listen to some music  
  • Go for a walk  


Ms O’Shaughnessy’s Maths group:  

Hi girls, I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Here is the last batch of work from me, remember, only do what you can! Well done girls on all your hard work over the last 3 months, it is not easy to work from home and you have been super hard workers! We’re all very proud of you. 

This work is optional so only do it if you have time on your hands. If you can’t do any part of it, do not stress, just do your best 

  1. Table Challenges:You have done really well revising your Tables over the past 3 months. I posted a Table Revision activity on Seesaw last week and I’ll post another one this week, so you can test yourselves. Why not leave me a little voice recording on Seesaw telling me what the hardest Table was and why? I’d love to hear from you. 
  2. Last week of fun with cards: Risk Taker!

 This is a game for 2-3 players. You do not remove the Jacks, Queens and Kings this time. If you do not have a pack of cards, you could always write out the numbers on squares of paper (you would have 52 numbers, 4 of each). A Jack =11, Queen=12). You also need a pencil and paper for adding and recording the points. A calculator/ Hundred Square may be helpful 

How to play:  

  1. The aim is to score as many points as possible 
  1. The cards are shuffled and the first player turns over the first card. She or he may continue to turn cards over, scoring points according to the value of the cards. The player may decide to stop at any given point and they then keep the points for that round. If, however, an Ace or a King is turned over, the player loses all of his/ her points accumulated for that particular turn and it is the other person’s go. 
  1. Ex: 7+3+J+2= 23. This player has turned over 4 cards and scored 23 (Jack=11). She may decide to stop here and then she keeps 23 points from this round, or she may continue turning over cards. If she turns over an Ace or a King in this round, she will lose all her points from this round and the next player takes his/her turn. 
  1. The first player to reach 100 points wins the game! 
    3. As you are all on Seesaw, I will add the extra problem-solving activity there. Well done to you all for all the hard work you are doing on Seesaw. I’m so impressed! 
     Ms. Tiernan’s Group:

Hi Girls,

Well done to you all. You have all worked very hard over the last few months. I have loved hearing from you and seeing your work on Seesaw. You should all be very proud of yourselves because I am very proud of you.

I have uploaded some activities for you on Seesaw. Looking forward to seeing you all in 4th Class.


Ms. Tiernan