September 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

Fáilte romhaibh ar ais arís 


Welcome back to another school year in Scoil Bhríde Cailíní, albeit with a difference. Thankfully, all is going nice and smoothly and all pupils and staff are settling back in very well and are taking the new cleaning and sanitizing measures very much in their stride. The procedures in relation to the staggered school start and finish times are also working well and we thank you for your support and cooperation with these. We also remind you that the younger classes (Junior Infants to 2nd classes) should not arrive until the  8.40 to 8.50 slot to avoid congestion at the school gate and unnecessary waiting around, particularly as the weather disimproves over the coming months. 




The traffic situation has greatly improved since the school reopening and we thank you for your cooperation in the management of this. Please drive slowly and with caution in the vicinity of the school and remember that only drop offs are permitted. 


Junior Infants 


We would like to extend a particularly warm welcome to our new Junior Infants and their parents. The girls have coped extremely well with the transition to the ‘big school’ and can be heard happily singing their nursery rhymes and songs as we pass along the corridor. Maith sibh a chailíní! We are very proud of you all. 


Aladdin Connect  


It is extremely important to ensure that you are signed up to Aladdin Connect, as all communications with parents/guardians from now on will be via this platform. School messages will be accessible via your phone/computer.  


Unreturned rental books 


There are a considerable number of rental books from last year that have not yet been returned. If you do have some books still at home, please phone the school office to organise their return. 


Face Masks 


In the interest of  everyone’s safety, wrequest that all parents  please wear face masks when on or around the school premises.  



As per DES guidelines, pupil wellbeing is a priority focus for all classes during Term 1.  A limited amount of homework will be set using the Seesaw platform. This communication platform is for homework purposes only. Should you have any other queries or concerns, please direct them to the school office on 8201717 or email 


Le Chéile Online Learning Team 


There is a Seesaw webinar for parents on Thursday 24th of September from 8.30 -9.30pm. 

Registration details are on the link below. 


 Covid-19 Signage 


I would like to acknowledge and thank Marius Butnaruwhose two daughters are in the school, for his very generous sponsorship of the Covid-19 signage around the school. We are extremely grateful for this support. 


 Procedures re confirmed Covid-19 cases 

Should a case of Covid-19 be confirmed in the school, we will follow the directions of the HSE in relation to any pupils/staff that need to be contacted. The school is not  at liberty to discuss the details of any individual cases, as this is confidential information, but assure you that all correct contact tracing procedures and guidance will be followed. Please see further information in letter overleaf. 


Return to Educational Facility Parent Declaration Form 

If your child has been absent from school due to illness, you are required to fill  the above named form, before their return, which is available to download from the linkbelow. These forms will also be available for completion at the school office on your child’s return. facility-parental 




Dear Parents / Guardians 

The HSE has issued guidance for parents which addresses the following issues: 


  • Symptoms to look out for and when to contact your GP  
  • When to keep your child at home and phone your GP  
  • When it is okay to send your child to school. You can access this guidance on the  HSE website/ Covid-19 Advice for Parents  


  1. If your child becomes unwell at school and presents with symptoms associated with Covid-19, we will follow the procedure that is set out in  our school’s Covid-19 Response Plan. This involves bringing your child to a designated area within the school. This area is called an “isolation area” and every school is required to have such an area identified to deal with a potential case of Covid-19.  


We will contact you and ask you to collect you child as soon as possible. 


Please note that the school is not required to inform anyone that your child has been removed due to her symptoms. This procedure is purely precautionary.  


If you have other daughters in the school, they do not have to be removed from the school at this point.  


You are required to contact your GP to discuss concerns and we would ask that you keep the school updated on the advice given by your GP.  


The next steps will depend on the advice given to you by your GP.  


  1. If your daughter is referred for a test, all other members of the household that attend the school should remain at home. 
  2. If your daughter is confirmed positive for Covid-19, the HSE will begin the process of contact tracing. This will most likely mean that the school will be contacted to assess the Public Health Risk.   

From this point onwards, the process will be led by the Public Health HSE. 

  • The school cannot take any action in relation to exclusion, part closure or full closure, unless the Public Health HSE determine that the action is required.  
  • If any action of this nature is required, the HSE will liaise with the school to provide clear guidance to the school community.  


  • If the school has not been contacted by the Public Health HSE in relation to a confirmed case in the school community, then contact with the school has not been deemed necessary.  


It is a distressing time for families who are dealing with a suspected or confirmed case and all pupils and their families are entitled to confidentiality. The school cannot and will not make the name of a pupil with a suspected or confirmed case known to the public.  


Unfortunately, we have no control over exchanges on social media, where information based on hearsay is shared. We would respectfully request that parents do not communicate about this issue on social media and refrain from naming pupils and their families on these platforms.  


We will continue to implement the measures set out in the school’s Covid-19 Response Plan to provide a safe learning environment for our pupils and a safe and healthy workplace for all our staff.  


We thank you for your continued co-operation. 


Le gach dea-ghuí