Letter to Parents- 9th of January 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,
I hope that you are all keeping safe and well.
As you are aware, schools have been instructed to close for the rest of January. This now also
includes our special class, Seoda. I know that this is disappointing news for all in the school
community. We, as teachers, would prefer to be in a position to interact fully and deliver face
to face teaching to our pupils. This is the essence of the teaching role and the one which we do
best. However, this is not possible at the moment, but I would like to assure you, that we will
continue to do all we can to support all pupils remotely. The measures taken by the government
are necessary, to help safeguard and protect the lives of all in our community but our hope is
that we can return to normal school life as early as possible, once it is safer for all to do so.
The staff will now switch to our online learning plan and use the Seesaw learning platform,
that you are already familiar with. We purposely continued to use this in September, so that the
transition to online learning would be as smooth as possible for all, in the event of such a school
closure. I am confident therefore, that all students will be able to engage with their teachers
and continue their learning, albeit in a different manner.
The plan from next Monday will be as follows:
• All students will receive online work and instruction through Seesaw from Monday
. Work will be sent out daily at 9am and will be monitored and corrected by teachers
• Work set for Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th will not be dependent on textbooks, as
many of these are still in the school.
• A scheduled collection of textbooks is organised for Tuesday 12th and the timetable is
included here below. In the interest of the safety of all, we ask you to stick strictly to
your appointed time slot and not to delay or gather around the school premises.
Please ensure also that you wear a face mask and that only one member of a family
comes to the school.
• If you have more than one daughter in the school, please come to the school at
your older daughter’s appointed slot and you will be given the books for your
younger daughter(s) at the same time.
• Remember that the Seesaw platform is reserved for teaching and learning. If you have
a general query, it should be sent to the office email, office@scoilbhridecailini.ie
• All school communications will be sent out via Aladdin Connect. If you have any
difficulty using this app, please email the school office, so that we can assist you.
Le meas,
Paula Dargan

Book Collection Times for Classes, Tuesday 12th January
10:00-10:20 Ms. O’ Reilly – 6th
10.30 10.50 Ms. O’ Connell – 5th& Ms. Shine – 5th
11:00-11:20 Ms. Dudgeon – 4th& Mr. Maguire – 4th
11:30-11:50 Ms. Cusack – 3rd& Ms. Kilroy – 3rd
12:00-12:20 Mr. McCrudden – 2nd & Ms. Duffy – 2nd
12:30-12:50 Mr. Devlin – 1st & Ms. Bohan – 1st
13.00 -13.20 Ms. Gilroy – Senior Infants & Ms. Meenagh – Senior Infants
13.30-13.50 Ms. Toomey – Junior Infants & Ms. Mc Kay – Seoda