Letter to Parents 15/1/21

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I hope you are all keeping safe and that home schooling is going well for you all. Please remember, that you can only do your best and that you, as the parent/guardian, are best placed to judge, on any given day, the amount of work, that your daughter can engage in. It is important that neither you nor your daughter feels under pressure to complete all the work assigned, all the time. There are many other valuable learning activities and opportunities, from which your child will also benefit.

We have uploaded new webinars from the Parents’ Council to the school website (under Parents’ Tab) and I would encourage you to check these out. The webinars are part of the ‘Let’s Talk’ series, given by Dr. Colman Noctor and they will help you further support your child.

Have a good weekend!

Kind regards,

Paula Dargan