Letter to Parents- 11/2/21

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Important Notice

  • Please ensure that you have read all the school rules attached to Zoom meetings before giving your permission on Aladdin Connect- See below.
  • Please read through these rules with your daughter also. If you have not discussed these rules with your daughter, it is essential that you do so before joining any further meeting.
  • When entering your daughter’s name, please enter her first name only. Otherwise the teacher will need to change this, which will delay the meeting.

Thank you,

Paula Dargan

Rules for Zoom Participation

  1. Zoom call must be within sight of a parent/guardian. No other person in the house should be on screen
  2. Screenshots or recordings of any part of the Zoom call, on any device, including a secondary device, are not permitted.
  3. Appropriate clothing must be worn by everyone who can be seen on camera.
  4. Normal school rules apply. Be kind and respectful to all participants in your words and actions.
  5. The class teacher will only admit students that have entered their names (first name only) and that he/she recognises. This is to ensure the safety of all.
  6. An appropriate background/room should be chosen for the video call. We suggest children have their back to a wall.
  7. Please be punctual, so that the call can start on time.
  8. Any breach in the above rules will result in the pupil being removed from the Zoom call immediately and contact being made with the child’s parent/guardian, outlining the reason for the child’s removal.