Dance Takeover Day

On Friday 3rd May the whole school took part in a Dance Takeover day as part of our Active School Campaign. We started off with a Wake Up, Shake Up Extravaganza featuring all our favourite dances each led by a different class- Saturday Night, Reach for the Stars, I’m Still Standing, Wellerman Song, Cha Cha Slide, Cotton Eye Joe to name just a few. 

Ms. Dudgeon’s 6th Class taught their Synchro Bounce Dance to the 4th and 5th Classes while Ms. McKay’s 6TH Class organised a variety of musical games and dances for the junior classes. Musical Chairs and Musical Statues were among the favourites.  

Everyone enjoyed the music on the yard at break time and some classes even had time for some active drumming also. 

A great day of music and dance was enjoyed by all.