Student Council 2019-2020

Hi, my name is Mabel and I am the outgoing Chairperson of the Scoil Bhríde 

 (Cailíní) Student Council. The Student Council meets up to discuss other students’ suggestions and upcoming school events. For example, last year the Student Council arranged a Christmas Jumper Day to raise money for the Laura Lynn Foundation. We also speak at school Assemblies and talk about what the Student Council has been doing. You don’t just do things for the Student Council in school, sometimes you might get a job like making posters that you have to do in your own time. 


To be part of the Student Council, you have to put yourself forward for a class election. I was in Fifth Class when we did the election. All the girls that put themselves forward had to come up with a speech about why they thought they would be good at it and one thing that they would do to improve the school if they were a part of the Student Council. Then the class voted for the two girls that they thought should win. 


Being a part of the Student Council was so much fun. The Student Council makes sure that every student has a voice and I think that is great! I can’t wait to see what things the next Student Council get up to. 


Mabel Sweeney,  

Chairperson , 

Sixth Class, 2019-2020.