Suggested Activities 11th-15th May

Hello everyone, well done on all the fabulous work going on at home! Have you checked out our Home Learning gallery?

We know it’s a hectic time for lots of families so please don’t feel under pressure to do all the activities below. Every household is different and whatever you are doing as a family is great. If you can even pick a few of the activities to complete that would be great. Our main work is to keep practising our ABCs and 123s.



  • Watch Ms. Meenagh’s maths videos, the activities are described below.
  • Write numbers 0-5 Junior Infants (0-10 Senior Infants) and colour the back pink. Draw pictures of fruits for each numbers 0-5 Junior Infants (0-10 Senior Infants) and colour the back blue. Cut out your two sets of cards. Now you’re ready for some games!
  • Matching – can you match the pictures of fruit to the corresponding number card. See how quickly you can do this.
  • Ordering – order the number cards and pictures of fruit from 0 up.
  • Memory game – turn the cards upside down and take turns choosing one blue card and one pink card per turn. Do they match?

Time – days of the week

  • Listen to Ms. Gilroy’s Days of the Week song
  • Please write the seven days of the week out on a page and cut them into flashcards. Use a colouring pencil or crayon to highlight the first letter of each.
  • Ordering the days of the week – singing our song might help with this, the last day of the week is Sunday and the first is Monday.
  • Can you find…? With the days of the week in the right order say different days of the week and ask your daughter to point to it.
  • “If today is…” – choosing different days of the week, ask your daughter if today is Tuesday what day was it yesterday? And what day will it be tomorrow?


  • Continue to revise and write a letter each day, do this in your phonics homework book.  What is the letter’s name? What sound does it make? Can you find something that starts with the letter?
  • Revise your letter sounds – look at the Eric Carle alphabet picture. Can you name all the letters? Do you know what sound they make? Do you know the name of the animals? Do you know the alphabet song?