Sixth Class Passport to Secondary School

Dear Parents/Guardians, 
We hope that you are keeping safe and well at this very challenging time. Below are two documents that are mandatory requirements as part of your daughter’s 6th Class Passport for secondary school. This passport consists of three documents- 
  • 6th Class School Report (filled by class teacher)
  • ‘My Profile’ document (filled by the child)  
  • ‘My Child’s Profile’ document (filled by the parent). 
These three documents will help to enable a smooth transition for your daughter to secondary by giving  her new school a better picture of her individual talents, gifts, feelings, personality and challenges. We therefore request that  you download them from this page please and return them to the school  at by May 29th. We will then send them on to the appropriate school.
In addition, your child’s 6th class teacher will liaise with her new school in the coming weeks. This is standard practice and a requirement under the Department of Education  guidelines  to further support your daughter’s smooth transition. 
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your wonderful engagement with the work on the website and with Seesaw. It is obvious that the children have been making a big effort and that they have been receiving great support at home. We hope that you will all continue to be safe and well and that we may all get a chance to meet in person at some stage in the not too distant future. 
Warmest regards and best wishes, 
P. Dargan, A. McKay, S. Devlin. 

Please click on the links below to access documents

My Profile 

My Child Profile