Third Class

Suggested Activities 22nd-30th June

This week is our last week of the school year so once Tuesday arrives, you have officially finished 3rd class! Congratulations!! We both have thoroughly enjoyed teaching you this year and have loved looking at the work that has been uploaded on to Seesaw. We can’t wait to catch up with you all in September, and hear all your […]

Suggested Activities 15th-19th June

Hi girls! We are nearing the end of Third Class and we hope that you have been enjoying learning from home. Keep up all the great work you are doing! Don’t forget to post any work you would like us to see onto Seesaw for the rest of June. We absolutely love getting pictures and […]

Suggested Activities 8th-12th June

  We are both delighted with the work that has been uploaded over the past few weeks girls! The writing, reading and creativity on show has been terrific and we’re looking forward to seeing more and more wonderful work uploaded this month too!    Maths  –Mental Maths: This is a perfect way to start your […]

School Tour Week 2nd-5th June

This week’s work is a little different to our usual weekly work and is something that you will definitely like! Due to the school being closed, we unfortunately could not go on a tour this year. However, we have two virtual tours below for you to enjoy. Click on the links and you will be […]

Suggested Activities 25th-29th May

*****ATTENTION PARENTS***** Please click on the following links to read important updates about our new epayment system and Aladdin Schools Connect. It is important that all parents read these updates. New ePayment System         Aladdin Schools Connect   Hi Third Class! Well done everybody for taking part in our ‘Active Home Week’. We […]

Suggested Activities 18th-22nd May

Hi girls! Well done for all your hard work on Seesaw the past couple of weeks. Both of us are delighted with the wonderful writing, drawing and reading that has been uploaded for us to see. For anyone that has not managed to sign up just yet, you can email and we will provide […]

Suggested Activities 11th-15th May

Hi girls! We hope that everyone is keeping well and enjoying some of our home learning activities. We were delighted to see so many of you taking part in our SEESAW activities through the app. If you have not logged onto SEESAW yet, don’t worry, a new code will be sent to your parent’s phone […]

Suggested Activities 5th-8th May

Maths  -Mental Maths: (Continue with the following weeks activities Monday to Friday review, including problem solving section)  -Shapes: Can you remember the names of the 3-d shapes that we have learned about in school this year? They are  Sphere  Cone  Cube  Cuboid  Traingular prism   Cylinder  Square based pyramid  Can your remember what these shapes look […]

Suggested Activities 27th April-1st May

Maths -Mental Maths: (Continue with the following week’s activities Monday to Friday review, including problem solving section)   -Puzzles: Click on the following link [] and try the following puzzles in your copy: How many siblings? Handshake puzzle How old is Lucy? How many texts? World cup puzzle Try to figure these out in […]

Suggested Activities 20th-24th April

These activities should be spaced out over the week (Monday to Friday). You can have a rest on Saturday and Sunday!! If you have finished your copy from school, all this work can be completed on extra sheets you have at home. Remember to keep these sheets safe for when we go back to school.    […]

Suggested Activities 23rd March-3rd April

Maths  Mental Maths (Continue with the following weeks activities Monday to Friday review, including problem solving section) Some maths activities you could do at home with your children to get those brains working – See activities: Dice Train Magic V Teddy Town School Fair Necklaces English  Spellcheck (Complete blocks 1-4 and linked activities for […]