Fourth Class

Suggested Activities 22nd-30th June

Girls, well done on all your hard work on See-Saw over the last few weeks! Looking forward to seeing you all again in September!     Movie Day;   Set up a home cinema.   Write a movie review to share on See-Saw.  Design a poster advertising this movie.    Book Day  Listen to extracts from stories posted […]

Suggested Activities 15th-19th June

English  Poem: ‘Anabel’s Lunchbox’ read and do questions (SEE-SAW).  ‘Switching Channels’ TV timetable. Read and do the questions (SEE-SAW).  You are in charge of a TV station plan your perfect TV day (SEE-SAW).    Irish  Chapter 19: Cen saghas lae ata ann? (SEE-SAW)  Ar an Tra; Read and complete questions. (SEE-SAW)    Maths  DATA: Complete […]

Suggested Activities 8th-12th June

Hi girls we hope you enjoyed the week off. Maths · Complete all of Chapter 25 – Length. Omit p140 Q6. · Ms Shine’s class – continue with Mental Maths. · Keep an eye om See-Saw for extra challenges during the week! · Check the website for Maths Problem of the week.   Gaeilge · […]

School Tour Week 2nd-5th June

Hi girls we hope you enjoy the week off. Have a look at the following 2 virtual school tours. Enjoy!  Natural History Museum  Take the 3D virtual visit.  Complete the worksheet.     We studied Italy earlier this year. Have a look at the following:  The Vatican City   The Sistine Chapel is in The […]

Suggested Activities 25th-29th May

*****ATTENTION PARENTS***** Please click on the following links to read important updates about our new epayment system and Aladdin Schools Connect. It is important that all parents read these updates. New ePayment System         Aladdin Schools Connect     Hi girls, we hope you enjoyed active week! Well done on all of your […]

Suggested Activities 18th-22nd May

Hi girls. This week is Active School Week… the focus on the work this week therefore is active! Please share with us on See-Saw whatever you get up to 🙂    Maths:  Tables – continue revising.  Answers to last week’s questions on time are available on SEE-SAW  See SEE-SAW for some new addition and subtraction […]

Suggested Activities 11th-15th May

  Maths:  Tables – continue revising. Maths Matters: Addition of hours and minutes p121- 124 Remember there are 60 minutes in one hour. See SEE-SAW for extra tips. Ms Shine’s class – Mental Maths – next unit. See school website for “problem of the week”.   English:  Spellcheck: unit 31 School website – click extra […]

Suggested Activities 5th-8th May

Hi girls we hope you are keeping well at home! Here is this week’s suggested work:    Maths:  Tables – continue revising.  See last week’s Maths Matters answers on SEE-SAW.  Maths Matters: chapter 22 TIME: p117, 118, 119 and 120.  Ms Shine’s class – Mental Maths – next unit.  See school website for “problem of […]

Suggested Activities 27th April-1st May

 Maths:  -Continue to practice division and multiplication tables  -Have a look at this site for some Maths games. Choose 4th grade.   -See-Saw: login and try the weight activity. Send back a photo or a note with your answers.  -Maths Matters: complete page 112.  -Page 116 – complete.  -Ms Shines class – Mental Maths – next […]

Suggested Activities 20th-24th April

Hi girls, we hope you are keeping well. Here is suggested work for the week April 20th – 24th     Maths:  Tables:   – Continue to practise division and multiplication.   – Play Bang! and tables games on    Mental Maths (Ms Shine’s class):  – next unit.    Weight:  – page 110 and 111  – page 112 – […]

Suggested Activities 23rd March-3rd April

Maths Keep practising all your multiplication tables Maths Matters pg 95, pg 96, pg 97 Do a shape search in your house. List all the 2D and 3D shapes that you can find! English Spellcheck Week 26 + 27 Reading Zone – Unit 21 – Read a number of times and do all the exercises […]