Junior Infants

Suggested Activities 22nd-30th June

Hello Everyone!    It’s nearly Summer holidays! We have prepared special messages for you all, have a look at the videos below!  We know it has been a very different, busy, and stressful few months. So parents, thank you so much for engaging with home learning, providing feedback, and working with us as a team to ensure the continued […]

Suggested Activities 15th-19th June

Hello everyone, dia dhaoibh!     We hope you’re all keeping well and staying busy. Your teachers have been hard at work and went back to school this week to organise our rooms for September.    Thank you to everyone who has sent in photographs of their work to share on the website, it is fantastic to see what you’ve been doing at […]

Suggested Activities 8th-12th June

Hello everyone!   We hope you all enjoyed your week off and spent time playing outside in the sun!  We also hope that you had a great time on your virtual tour, and as always we would love to see the work you did. Please send us your photos to photos@scoilbhridcailini.ie   If you would like to send […]

School Tour Week 2nd-5th June

Infant Virtual Tours 2020    Hello Girls and welcome to our school tour. It is not as we expected but we hope you join us on this adventure and have lots of fun!    Our School Tours are to…    Antarctica   Let’s work with Ms.  Toomey as she tells us all about Antarctica –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3uT89xoKuc&t=61s  […]

Suggested Activities 25th-29th May

*****ATTENTION PARENTS***** Please click on the following links to read important updates about our new epayment system and Aladdin Schools Connect. It is important that all parents read these updates. New ePayment System         Aladdin Schools Connect   Hello everyone, We hope that you enjoyed Active Home Week last week and thank you […]

Suggested Activities 18th-22nd May

Hello everyone! Thank you all for the photos and feedback through your emails to photos@scoilbhridecailini.ie we are so happy to hear how you are getting on. If you would like to send us photos or an email, but do not want your photos posted on the website just let us know. We would still love to […]

Suggested Activities 11th-15th May

Hello everyone, well done on all the fabulous work going on at home! Have you checked out our Home Learning gallery? We know it’s a hectic time for lots of families so please don’t feel under pressure to do all the activities below. Every household is different and whatever you are doing as a family […]

Suggested Activities 5th-8th May

Maths:   Days of the week.  Watch Ms. Gilroy’s days of the week Video. Daily Practise of; What day is it Today? What day was it yesterday? And what day will it be tomorrow?  Draw seven boxes on a page, draw a picture of one thing you have done each day of the week.  Day and Night. […]

Junior Infants Home Learning Gallery

Look at all the great things Junior Infants have been doing at home! April 2020

Suggested Activities 27th April-1st May

  Maths:   3D shapes: Cube, Cone, Sphere, Cylinder and Cuboid (new)  Read our 3D shapes poem  This activity works best if you can find one example of each of the 3D shapes.   Can you count the faces on the 3D shapes?   Can you count the corners?  Can you find any 2D shapes on the faces of the 3D […]

Suggested Activities 20th April-24th April

Maths:  3D shapes; Cube, Cone, Sphere and Cylinder  Please watch the video   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guNdJ5MtX1A  Now, let’s see if you can find any of these shapes in your home!  Make a set of these shapes and count how many of each shape you found.  Once you have completed this, let’s see which 3D shapes can roll.  Have a […]

Suggested Activities 23rd March-3rd April

Maths Recognise 1, 2, 5 and 10c coins Use different coins to make totals of 1c 2c 3c 4c 5c Play shop and use coins to buy different items which cost 1c 2c 3c 4c 5c Practise counting 1-10 (up and down) Using household objects practise counting groups of up to five objects e.g. spoons, […]